How to Know if Someone has Blocked You on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a secure and widely used platform for exchanging instant messages and chatting with friends or family. The application allows users to send messages to other users simply by their phone number.

While this feature adds a lot of features, it also means that there will be some who will misuse or abuse the service to spam and harass users. WhatsApp has already thought about this and comes with a block feature that lets you block a particular user from messaging or contacting you in any way.

By blocking a user on WhatsApp, you disable any communication and the user will not be able to see your WhatsApp profile picture or status, thereby protecting people’s privacy and preventing unauthorized users from invading privacy. Help is available.

If your messages on WhatsApp are not reaching a user or if you are unable to contact them using voice or video call, they may have uninstalled the application from their smartphone or blocked your account. Have given Here are some steps you can follow to check if you have been blocked.

How To Know If You Are Blocked by Someone On WhatsApp?

While there is no guaranteed way to find out if you have been blocked by a user, WhatsApp clearly states that it is important to check if you have been blocked to protect user privacy. A little unclear. However, you can try the steps given below to check if you are blocked on WhatsApp:

1. Check for “Last Seen” or “Online” in the Chat Window of that user

The first and easiest way to check if you’ve been blocked is if you can see a user’s last seen or online details so you can rest assured that they haven’t blocked you. However, this is a very vague move as there is no confirmation that he has changed his last seen settings to hide details from others. While the last seen details are showing in the chat window, it clearly means that you are not blocked, it cannot be taken as a conclusive step to know whether you have been blocked or not.

2. Look for the updates in the Contact’s profile

If a user has blocked you on WhatsApp, the user’s profile picture and user’s status will never change, it will remain the same forever as when the user blocked you.

If you notice that a user’s profile picture and status about it is the same for an unusual amount of time, it may be a sign that your account has been blocked by the user. While this is an official indication of the user being blocked, it is not conclusive as it may be because the user hasn’t updated their profile picture in a while.

3. Try Sending a Message to the Contact

If you have been blocked by the user, you will not be able to reach the user via instant messaging. Any message you send to a blocked person will only show a single tick, indicating that the message was sent on your behalf but was never updated to a double tick mark, which means the message was not delivered to the receiver.

This is a more concrete indication that the user may have blocked you on WhatsApp. If your messages consistently fail to reach the user, either the user has uninstalled the application from their smartphone or has blocked you from their contacts and thus you are unable to send messages.

4. Try Performing an Audio Call to the Contact

Any attempt to make a voice call or video call to the user will be in vain, if the user has blocked you then the user will not receive any communication from you. If you have been blocked, you will either not be able to make calls, or the call screen will simply show “Calling” instead of “Ringing”.

While it may simply mean that the user is offline at that time if this continues several times it can be concluded that the user has blocked you on WhatsApp and thus you are unable to call or Can’t do any kind of communication.

5. Try Creating a WhatsApp Group with the Contact

You will not be able to create a WhatsApp group with the user or add the said user to an existing group. This may be more conclusive proof that you have been blocked by the user. Perhaps the best way to confirm that you have been blocked by a user is if all of the above methods prove to be true.

That’s all folks. Do you know any other tricks that we have not covered in this article? Do share your thoughts and views via the comment box below.

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