How to Use Spotify in India and other Countries

Spotify has garnered millions of fans around the world. It offers multiple services such as video streaming, music and podcast contents for free. On the off chance that you need, you can purchase the bundles like platinum cards.

In any case, the issue is the accessibility of Spotify in other countries. If you are outside of USA and UK where Spotify isn’t accessible, at that point you may feel baffled. The issue also develops for those, who travel to outside nations. Indians too attempted to even think about accessing Spotify however fizzled on the grounds that the Spotify benefits in India are not accessible as there are no servers for Indian customers.

So, the question is how to use Spotify in other countries where it’s not accessible.

Spotify is available for Indian Users

Yes, you heard it right. Spotify has set up its branch in India and soon the services will be available for users here. The price point of services is a subject of discussion and consideration.

If you have sought on the web to find an answer of “how to utilize Spotify in India”. We will definitely assist you in this regard. You can use this approach to download and use the application until they announce their services in India.  You can use below methods to use the application on any platforms like Android, Windows or iOS.

How to use Spotify in India and other countries: Access Spotify through a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

First and the most ideal approach to use Spotify is to use a VPN server. All you have to do is select a VPN server that incorporates those countries where the Spotify service is accessible. In this regard Opera browser has its very own VPN administration and it is free. You can likewise check Chrome augmentations and applications for the free VPN services for Spotify. Also, you can purchase premium VPN service for an uninterrupted and high-speed server.

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  1. Install the VPN application and connect the server to either USA or UK.
  2. Once the server gets connected, go to the Spotify website.
  3. Click on the login and use your credentials to get into the application (If you do not have a foreign account then you can purchase a virtual card for Spotify.

Similarly, you can use VPN to access Spotify in Android and iOS as well. For that, you need to install the Spotify app in offline mode as it is not available on the Play Store in your country.

The important thing is, you need to mention the valid pin code from the USA otherwise, your account will not be activated. In iPhone, you can create a new id to use the Spotify. However, this new id should include the location of a city in the USA. You can even use ZenMate to log in using the same procedure.

Can you use Spotify through modded applications

Yes, you can use the modded applications to get to Spotify in Android and iOS enabled devices. Be that as it may, there is a risk of identity theft, criminal case and so forth. You should be cautious in that matter.

Access Spotify Through Extension

There are a few extension like Spotify augmentations, which enables you to specifically connects with Spotify. These extensions are free however they are insecure. You should simply scan for any dynamic Spotify extension and use it for immediate access.

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Above mentioned are some of the possible ways to use Spotify in India and other countries where it is unavailable. Do share your thoughts using below the comment section. We will be happy to even answer your queries if you face any issue.

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