How to make decent money online through UC News

There are many people who talk about using shortcuts to make decent money online. Truth be told, there are no shortcuts. But there are avenues using which you can earn good money. Creating a UC News account is one of those avenues.

Now, it is not going to make you super rich, but if you are looking to make quick money online while working from home, UC News is the perfect platform for you. All it needs is some effort a.k.a quality content. 

So, how will you do it?

The Internet has for long been used as a lucrative medium to make money with a little amount of time and effort. UC Web’s UC News programme is one of the best mediums online to make money for bloggers of all hues.

UC News

If you are a blogger who has an account on UC News, you can make money and simultaneously promote your blog or website easily, and thus gain more visibility.

You can publish your website’s articles and do away with SEO optimisation hassles too. Wait, how? Yes, the blogger/publisher with the best title or headline on UC Browser will be able to get more visibility.

Even if you publish at least one news article per day you can make good money through the UC news program.

What is UC News?

UC News

UC News is a news feature of UC Browser owned by the Alibaba Group. Its sole purpose is to show the latest news feed on UC browser. UC has its own Android and iOS apps where anyone can write and publish their articles and reach out to many, many people.

Now, there is a monetization or earning programme that has been integrated into UC News where publishers can earn decent money online simply by publishing their articles. Publishers can simply enable monetization on their profiles and start earning!

The best part is anyone who can read and write in English and Hindi can make an account on UC News and start making money online.

Benefits of using UC News programme

There are many benefits of being a part of UC News programme and if you are a blogger, it is doubly good for YOU!

Firstly, your post will be promoted for free and you can even share your post on UC News’ platform to make more money. And those who want to make money online but don’t have a blog can also publish their articles directly on UC News and earn well.

UC News

To register on UC News you don’t have to invest any money since you can register for free.

Moreover, creating an account on UC News is very easy and you can sign-up quickly in minutes.

All you need is a PAN Card to verify your UC News account because it requires your PAN Card Number and its scanned copy.

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Here are some interesting facts about UC Browser and its prime feature, UC News-:
1) UC browser has more than 100 million active users in India alone so if you publish any news on UC news you can get instant viewers easily and quickly who can further share your post(s) with others.
2) You can also increase the traffic on your website by publishing the articles of your blog/website on UC News.
3)There won’t be any copyright issues since Google doesn’t crawl any content posted on UC News.
4)You can start monetizing your content exactly 7 days after your account gets verified after successful signup.

How to create an account on UC News? Step-by-step guide.

UC News

You must have understood that UC News is a great option to make decent money online. The volume of money may differ based on how much valuable articles you post, but it is a good medium to make some good online money. Now, let’s come to the most important point.

How to create an account on UC News?

Registration and signup is an easy process if you own a blog/website. If you don’t have a website, relax! You can still simply create an account using your email ID.

Remember, after signup, UC News can take up to 25-30 days for approval based on your website. And, email approval can take 30-40 days, but don’t worry it will definitely get approved within this time frame.

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UC News

Follow the below mentioned steps to create an account for free!


To create an account you will have to visit Then click on the ssignup button on bottom right of the screen.

UC News


After clicking on the signup button you will have to enter your registered Email id and UC Web account’s password.
  1. Enter your email id
  2. Enter new password
  3. Confirm new password
  4. Enter invitation code
  5. Enter the correct captcha as displayed on your screen
  6. Read and accept the terms and conditions
  7. Click on continue button after putting in all the correct details

UC News

As soon as you click on continue, you will be notified that a verification message has been sent to YOUR email id. Now, as soon as you open your mail account just click on the link to complete the verification process of your UC News web account.

UC News


If you are directly logging in to your email, check your email’s inbox for a “Verification Email for Registration” email from UC Web. Cross-check your email’s spam folder as well. Use the same procedure of clicking on the link for verification.


UC News

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As soon as you click on the verification link, a new tab will pop up that will ask you to furnish your name and PAN Card details.
  1. Your account name: Your real name
  2. Account type: Select personal
  3. Categories: Select your preferred category based on what type of content you want to share on UC web news.
  4. Account operator’s name: Enter your name
  5. Enter your PAN card number
  6. Upload scanned ID proof or a copy of your PAN card.
  7. Enter your phone number
  8. Select desired language
  9. Enter your blog/website URL or your email address
  10. Accept terms and conditions and click on CONTINUE

UC News


UC News

Once you have clicked on continue, your form will get submitted and your account status will be pending for a review.

UC News

Now you will have to wait for the approval of your UC News web account which generally takes 25-30 days. But that depends on your website and if you have entered your email address, the process will take 30-40 days.

Once your UC news web account gets approved, you can start publishing articles. However, you can only activate monetization after 7 days from the date of approval of your UC news web account. Remember, monetization is important if you want to earn money on UC News.

So, this is the process of successfully creating an account on UC News. If you have any questions, sound off in the comments section below.

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