iPhone Apps Everybody Should Have

Your phone is arguably the most important gadget you own right now. Unlike in the past, when the phone was predominantly a communication gadget, technological advancements have made them more diverse. If you own an iPhone, you will not get the best of it if you don’t have the necessary apps to help you do that. Read on to discover the iPhone apps you should have. 

Google Maps – Navigation

Well, you already have the iPhone navigator app “Maps.” However, if you want an effective app, Google Maps is necessary. This is because Maps has been guilty of causing navigation challenges, and many people don’t have the patience or time to deal with the challenges. 

Dashlane – Online Shopping

Everyone loves the convenience of buying things online. If that is you, Dashlane is an app you must have. The app saves payment and confirmation information automatically. This is information that would typically get lost in your email. 

Dashlane allows you to keep track of your online expenditure, making it effortless for you to find your receipts. Moreover, the app is free with a premium option, especially for individuals who spend a lot online. 

Buffer – Social Media Management

Social media is a big deal in the current world. This makes everyone want to be a social media whiz. In this sense, Buffer is an excellent app. It allows you to schedule posts on different social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. As a result, you can make the posts based on when they will be most effective. 

For example, you might want to tweet something when most of your followers are listening. Buffer measures this and assigns the most appropriate time for that. The app also lets you see the stats of your posts so that you know how they performed. 

Fooducate – Health (Food & Nutrition)   

In an era when everyone is conscious about their health, it is essential to have a health app on your iPhone. When you head to the local grocery store, you usually try to determine an item’s health value based on what you see on the label. 

The challenge is that most people don’t know what the ingredients and terms really mean. As a result, you end up gambling on food that may not be beneficial for you. 

Fooducate comes in handy as it allows you to scan an item’s barcode and check its “grade.” The app’s database grades food items based on factors such as calories and controversial ingredients. This gives you a clear picture of the item you are buying. Additionally, it explains why the item has a particular grade and educates you on its health benefits. 

Zillow – Real Estate

Finding a nice place to live is not as easy as it sounds. Real estate is a competitive sector, and many people are at the mercy of websites. The problem is that these websites hide the best properties from users for their own interests. 

Fortunately, you have Zillow. This app combs through every property and real estate in your locality. It links you to properties for renting and buying. Moreover, the app gives you details you need to communicate with the property owner or leasing office. It’s simple design also makes it effortless to use.  

MyFitnessPal – Health & Fitness

As mentioned earlier, the global population is more interested in their health now than ever before. In this sense, you need MyFitnessPal to keep track of the calories you gain and those you burn. 

The app helps its users to set realistic goals for their fitness objectives. It also gives you strict boundaries to stick to. To achieve this, it allows you to keep track of your meals and count calories based on the food you consume. 

On the other hand, the app will also show you the calories you burn through exercise. The MyFitnessPal app is an excellent app that will enable you to use your phone to stay in shape. 

Spotify – Entertainment

Entertainment is a vital component of human life. Therefore, an entertainment app is a must-have. In this regard, there is no better app than the best music app in the market- Spotify

Many apps are in this niche, but Spotify delivers the best premium service overall. When you install the app, you will gain access to millions of songs and a massive friend network. 

What’s more, the app is free, but users must have the premium version to access the playlists. The cost of the premium services is a standard 10 USD per month. Moreover, the fee is much easier to accept when you consider that you can access the playlists offline.  

Final Thoughts

There are many apps available that make your iPhone more useful. It is essential to find the right app based on your needs. This piece has revealed to you seven top iPhone apps to get you started. 

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