How To Record Whatsapp Calls on Android & iOS

Whatsapp, developed in 2009 initially but reached its point of popularity after 2010, is a cross-platform app that allows messaging, calling (both voice calls and video calls in groups as well as one-to-one), sending media and sharing documents.

Now, with the latest updates, payments can also be made via this. Like Facebook and Instagram, there is a feature of updating status too. Even though Whatsapp messenger (or Whatsapp) had faced a huge backlash in terms of its privacy policy updates, the popularity of the app shares its fame amongst other topmost apps like Facebook and Instagram

The quality of calling on WhatsApp is also a figment of appreciation by its users. Both the audio and video calls have good connectivity and communication aspects. Whatsapp needs data usage for utilising its features. 

Why To Record WhatsApp Calls?

Recording the calls might seem like an insignificant aspect but certainly sounds profound when it comes to how the modern world has developed. Especially when privacy and safety are the biggest issues, recording the calls shall help to work as proof. 

Also, during the conversation, there could be some important points that should have been noted. Recording a call ensures that no such detail is missed as the recording will be stored in the local storage system of your device. You can easily listen to them anytime you need. 

But, certainly, there is no inbuilt feature of recording the calls offered by the Whatsapp app. Therefore, some workaround methods and third-party tools have to be utilised. 

Whatsapp is a cross-platform app; it means that it is compatible with almost all kinds of devices. So, all the methods incorporated in the following shall be based on Android and iOS devices that can be easily run on laptops or PCs by using an emulator (either android or iOS, depending upon the system requirement you are using).

How To Record Whatsapp Calls?

Here are some of the methods to record the audio and video calls on WhatsApp:-

(Recording the audio calls on iPhone)

The iOS users might be flooded with good news because for WhatsApp calls, some inbuilt features are available on the device. Only some settings have to be toned and toggled and soon the recording feature will be enabled. Here are the steps to follow as listed below:-

  1. As there is lack of an app for recording the audio calls of WhatsApp on iPhone, the iOS users are left with the workaround method of getting the call recorded by starting to connect the iPhone device to the Mac laptop (know that for this, Mac laptop is essential). 
  2. The iphone has to be connected to the laptop with the lighting cable and then enable the option of ‘Trust this computer’ on the screen of the iphone. 
  3. Click open the QuickTime app on the Mac computer and then open the file option from it. In that, there will be a New Audio recording option available. Click on it. 
  4. Select the iphone, the one you connected with the Mac laptop, and then click on the record button present in QuickTime. 
  5. Now, bring yourself out of those patches and move to the WhatsApp application. Make an audio call to the person you wish to speak to. 
  6. Whenever the call gets connected, click on the icon of add user. Then, the call begins to be recorded in audio. 
  7. When the call is done, cut it and stop the recording in QuickTime. Save the recorded audio file that will now be present in the local storage space of your iphone device. 

You can also perform this activity when you are on a video call if you only wish to record the audio instead of both audio and video. 

(Recording the video calls on iPhone)

The iPhone users should be further elated because the easy recording of video calls on the mobile phone is also available. The feature is ingrained and can be activated after following a series of steps. Therefore, seek the given steps to get your video call recording on your iOS device:-

  1. The inbuilt feature introduced in the iOS 11 is actually an ingrained screen recorder. In order to activate this, go to settings and then click open the Control Center tab. 
  2. Find Custom Controls and click on it. Then, in the list of active controls, add the given option of screen recording to it. 
  3. Then, manoeuvre yourself out of the settings app and move to WhatsApp. Click to open. 
  4. Now, dial the call to the person you wish to speak to (do video call). 
  5. The screen recording feature is active. Keep the call volume to the maximum level and set the microphone switched on for better recording.
  6. After the call is done, you only have to switch the recording off. You will see that the call has been recorded as a screen recording format and the recorded video file is already stored in the local storage space of your device.

(Recording the WhatsApp audio calls on Android)

Android users do not enjoy the benefit of ingrained features. Therefore, the only way to get the calls of WhatsApp recorded is by utilising a third-party app. 

You can use the Google PlayStore app for getting the app you need (there are plenty of apps available to choose from) and then activate the widget while recording the call. Here are the given steps of recording the audio calls on an android device:-

  1. Visit the Google PlayStore and search for the app that you want to download and install for recording the audio calls (say, Cube Call application).
  2. Download and install the application on your device. 
  3. Click and open the application (say, Cube Call app) and then immediately move to WhatsApp and click it open. 
  4. Make a voice call from WhatsApp to the person with whom you wish to speak and record the call. When the call connects, see that there is a Cube widget at the side of your android mobile phone screen. Switch it on when the call rings and connects with the other side. The audio recording shall begin immediately. 
  5. Cut the call after completion and switch the widget off. Then, move to the app and then you will see that the recorded file exists there. It shall also be present in your local storage system.
  6. (if the widget does not appear at the side of your screen, go to the Cube app again to seek and click on Fore VoIP. If the widget still refuses to surface, it means that your device might not be compatible with the app)

(Recording the WhatsApp video calls on Android)

The video call recording on android is also not possible without the intervention of another third-party app. You, as an android mobile phone user, have to download and install an app from the Google PlayStore that can record video calls. Mostly, screen recorders are used for this (say, AZ Screen Recorder).

Here are the given steps of recording the video calls on an android device:-

  1. Visit the Google PlayStore and search for AZ Screen Recorder. Download and install it on your device when you find it. 
  2. Find and click open the app upon installation to move ahead for toggling on ‘Enable audio recording’ and ensuring that a pop-up widget is there on the side of the mobile phone screen. 
  3. Open the WhatsApp application and make a video call to the person you wish to speak to. Enable the widget for beginning recording. End the recording when the call is done. 

The video file will be stored both in the app and in the local storage space of your device. 


Recording calls on normal calls is far easier than tracking WhatsApp calls. So, these were some of the methods to record the calls on WhatsApp (be it audio call or video call). These are compatible with group calls too. 

What do you think about these methods? Let us know in the comments! 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Here are some of the commonly asked questions regarding the recording of WhatsApp calls (for both audio and video calls):-

  1. Are whatsapp calls safe?

Yes, WhatsApp calls are absolutely safe. Even though it has faced a tremendous backlash for its privacy policies, it has been assured that no information of the user shall be circulated to social media platforms without their knowledge. 

Also, in order to assure the users of the same, the ‘end-to-end encryption’ is always mentioned during calls to prove its authenticity. 

  1. Why does my call say Connecting in between?

If the call is saying connecting, it means that there are probably some internet issues from either side. If it happens continuously, cut the call, check your internet connections and call again. 

Also, when you see Ringing after Calling, it means that the call has reached and rings to the user on the other side. Calling signifies an internet issue and that the call does not ring on the other side.

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