SEO Tools to Improve Your Online Business

Since the invention of the first website in 1991, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come a long way. As the search engines algorithms change, so did the use of SEO keywords. While in the past websites wanted a flow of traffic in their sites regardless of relevant content, current SEO search results show high-quality content on fast running websites.

Online businesses that need high ranking must, therefore, invest in SEO training online to learn the contemporary trends, the applicable algorithms and how it will affect their websites. As an online business investor, you need the right SEO tools to help make your business visible on the first page of the search engines.

On this article, you’ll learn the benefits of using SEO and the various tools you can incorporate to skyrocket your website’s visibility using the existing search engines.

What is SEO and Why is it Popular?

SEO is a set of guidelines, rules, and controls that you have to apply in the website content to increase the number of traffic from the search engines organic or natural searches. Although it helps with visibility, it also helps with the general performance of the website.

To improve the quality of search results, search engines algorithms look into content’s relevance, speed of the website and the security to the users. They are also a free route for sites to get exposure to the millions of users worldwide.

Due to the stiff competition, online businesses must, therefore, have SEO strategies in place that will touch on the frequent user questions. Appearing on the first five suggestions is highly likely to get you free traffic and also a high chance of a conversion.

List of SEO Tools That Are Beneficial For Companies

1. Google

No matter the size of your online business, you’ll never go wrong using the leading search engine and SEO giant, Google.  Some of the most helpful Google tools that can optimize your page are Google Analytics, Adsense, Google Search Console, and Google Trends. 

  • Google Analytics: Most of the online marketing campaigns hardly take place without Google analytics. It gives you all the essential information regarding your page, the competition and where the traffic is coming from.
  • Search Console: Like analytics, it shows you your website rankings and how it’s interconnected to other similar webpages. Besides, you get to see where you rank compared to the competition and what you can do differently.
  • Google Trends: This is one of the oldest Google tools in the market. It shows the current topics, the frequently searched words either globally or per geographical zone.

2. Screaming Frog

The screaming frog helps to optimize your online page by identifying broken links, SEO errors and other issues on your page that could cause search engines to consider your site unsuitable for user results. There’s a free version that has a limited number of uses compared to the paid version.

The free version of Screaming Frog has a limit of up to500 URLs while the paid version optimizes a large number of webpages.

3. Rank Sense

Ranksense helps businesses that are struggling to keep up with SEO metrics while focusing on the sales of their products. Once installed, the tool is completely automated to offer all the SEO support your online store needs. It also provides suggestions for errors as soon as they appear. If you’re having problems with conversions, it offers alternatives for a better call to action phrases. The tool is not free; nevertheless, there’s a free trial and a free demo on the site that you may want to look at before taking it up for your e-business.

4. SEOptimer

This tool is helpful if you’re looking for free SEO tools especially those that run for at least two weeks. It helps you with a basic understanding of SEO and offer on-page suggestions that help to increase your ranking. The SEO grading is easy to understand even for non-techy online investors. It has three payment packages that have a free trial period each.

Benefits of Using SEO Tools For Online Business

  • Targeting Quality Traffic

Quality traffic refers to people who are interested in what you’re selling. SEO targets the inbound traffic that is searching for solutions that you already have in place. Unlike the traditional method of advertising, SEO makes what you’re offering much easier to find for those who are looking.

  • You Get Advertisement For Free

The SEO keywords help to communicate to the search engines that you have the relevant content for particular searches. They, therefore, give you a higher ranking than those who don’t have SEO. As an online business, you’ll need to make an initial investment in time and an SEO course if you wish to do the optimizing on your own. After upgrading your website, there will be no further charges.

  • Higher Brand Credibility

Creating an optimized online business is hard work; however, the results are worth it. You get a top slot from credible search engines like Google without having to pay for it. People trust top tier results than those at the bottom or other pages. Appearing at the top gives your business credibility not only from customers but from competitors as well. Your business becomes an off the head brand for customers and competitors become curious about what you’re doing differently.

  • Organic Searches Get More Clicks Than Paid Advertising

Search engines classify results and paid advertising appear at a particular place while the rest appear naturally depending on the algorithms. Although PPC is one of the best modes of advertising, the users opt for other results over the advertised ones because of the trust they have on the search engine. If the page ranks higher because of advertising rather than the organic search, the users automatically opt for the organic results.


Online businesses have a bigger chance of gaining clients from search engines than anywhere else. To help the people find you better, you need to invest in the best SEO tools that can give you the support you need to rank higher. The reason behind ranking is that most people trust Google and they’ll take an interest in your product immediately if you appear among the first suggestions.

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