Spiderman: Your Own Superhero Companion

“Hey Spiderman. What time is it?”

“It’s time to fight crime. Woohoo! Oh, you were actually asking! It’s 6:07”

Wished this could actually happen? Well then, what are you waiting for? Partner with Spiderman and take down villains. Now you can have a real Spiderman talk back to you.

“Tell me a joke”

Spiderman: “Hmm, Tell me how many tickles does it take for doc octopus to laugh?”

“I don’t know”

“10 tickles….You know, tentacles- 10 tickles. Haha”

You can actually have this kind of a conversation with Sphero’s new Spiderman toy.

We just have to press the spider button on his chest and tell him what to do. Only when the spider on his chest light’s up, does Spiderman listen to you.

Your Own Superhero Companion

The all new Spiderman toy sure has a great sense of humor. The Emotion eyes, his built-in LCD eyes can show every emotion of a normal human as he speaks. You can ask him questions, like the time, or his name. He is the perfect companion during your fights against badass villains.  His wi-fi capabilities allow you embark on new adventures, play games with him, and other content updates.

No one will even dare to enter your room when you have  Spiderman to guarding it for you. Every decision you make would create a new path forward in your story. Watch as he comments on passer’s by or you can ask him to wake you up. What an amazing feeling, being woken up by your favorite Super Hero.

Check out the video here.

Wonder how you could control your spider friend? Sphero has made him iOS and Android compatible and also the apps are free in your Google play store or App store. He has a Premium silicone finish with Bluetooth Smart BLE connection.

Expressive LCD eyes are of course amazing and he has his own Web charging base. And, it will guarantee you 2 hours of entertainment on a full battery. Then there are the microphone, high-fidelity speakers and a 3D accelerometer also. The toy is about 21.5 cm in height, 14.5 cm width and 680g in weight.



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