Top Audiobook Apps For iPhone To Use In 2021: Narrate The Heard Words!

Audiobooks are the recorded narrations of a particular book that you might have read instead of listening to. They have been preferred for the ease they provide to your mind of not taking the load of seeing and but merely hearing. The hearing of narrations gets expanded into imaginations and soon the world that you are reading (or hearing) unfolds. 

Audiobooks are best for those situations when carrying a book in hand might not be possible. Either the place is dark or too thronged to focus yourself on. Therefore, having the audiobook app on your iPhone can help you thrive through these situations. All you have to do is merely plugin your earphones or headphones into your device, and let the particular book you have chosen play. 

Seeking some recommendations on audiobook apps for iphone because the conventional method of reading has dried the enthusiasm out of you? Here are some to make use of in 2021!

1. Apple Books

A good news ride to the house of all iPhone and iPad owners because their iOS is already blessed with the advantage of the Apple-owned Apple Books audiobook apps. 

Provided freely and sort of inbuilt for all the iPhone and iPad users, the Apple Books is provenly sufficient for all the iOS users due to the following benefits offered by the app:-

  • It comprises a well-organised and after its redesigning, a better managed library
  • It provides an easy to use interface by offering thoroughly accessible facilities to the audiobooks purchased
  • It extends CardPlay support allows in-app shopping itself for purchasing the audiobooks

2. Overdrive

An entirely free to use audiobook app, the Overdrive is a media management app that constitutes an impressive library from where iOS users can easily borrow the books they wish to hear. It extends the following support to all iphone users:-

  • It offers extensive flexibility to users
  • 24 X 7 support has been generously provided 
  • The app is a seamless source of convenience due to the well-managed system

PS. If there are any android users on the board, dance with the merry blows in the shire because the Overdrive audiobook app is also available for android users.

3. Librivox

Storing around 15,000 books in its nooks and crannies, the Librivox audiobook is a free to avail app that is readily provided to iOS users. The public domain centered app might not be providing the bestsellers of the latest releases, Librivox holds the aroma of classic content in abundance. 

Hence, along with enjoying the old vibes with 69 wine, leisures tap onto the following features of the app:-

  • It allows easy leaving in mid-way and picking it up later by providing accessible saving options
  • Allowed to set unlimited bookmarks and even sleep timers
  • The user can listen to a plethora of audiobooks without any breaks or restrictions, even though the quality can be below the expectations on a few occasions. 

4. Libby

The next-gen audiobook that can be quite cost-effective for all the iOS users, Libby alters the notion of relying on buying audiobooks by introducing a newer angle to it– the users only have to rent or borrow the books instead of buying it in entirety. 

Apart from allowing the user to register with more than one library card, here are the features you must check out:-

  • The process of signing up is quite simple and the user can easily get books to borrow without much hassle
  • The ebooks and audiobooks are entirely available for download to get offline access
  • Surprisingly, this public domain platform offers you hot books of the day!

5. Oodles

Astonishingly providing more than 50000 books, the Oodles audiobook app for iOS users can be considered to be one of the largest public domain platforms open to everyone. Following are the features that are offered to the lucky users of the platform:-

  • English tracks and Hindi tracks both are available to play
  • The control settings included are: 30 seconds of skip time, and timeline monitoring of the playing audio
  • Easy import of books and offline access
  • Personalise the reading space as well as easily share them with friends

However, the app cannot promise to provide the topmost qualitative or choicest content but books from all genres are there. Also, the app is ad-supported but hopefully does not plague the users. 

6. Google Play Books

Open to not only iOS but all android users as well as viewers from a variety of platforms, the Google Play Books is a highly compatible audiobooks app that allows free access to its library for the users looking for quality content. 

The magnanimity and popularity of Google Playbooks remains unrivalled due to its given aspects:-

  • It comprises all: ebooks, audiobooks, textbooks, comics. 
  • Plus, the genre of the books range from anything to everything to provide the most diverse segment to the users. 
  • No subscription needed to buy audiobooks
  • It offers an easy signup process from any device and OS by deploying the Google account and Google email. 

7. Hoopla Digital

Evidently proven to extend the best local library content, the Hoopla Digital audiobook app is available to iOS users for providing the given services:-

  • A combo of both audio and video content readily present
  • Entirely free to use and no fees charged with 24 x 7 support for access
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface. 

Happy Reading!

Another benefit that can make you latch on to the audiobooks is that it can prove more effective to improve your pronunciation (of any language that you are reading or hearing the book in). You can read the book while hearing the audiobook of it side-by-side. 

And if the mesmerizing voice of the voiced narrations of the book does not make you fall in love with audiobooks even though they are far cheaper and even free to avail unlike the hardcopy manuscripts then we do not know what will!

Get your imaginations running with these above-mentioned Audiobook Apps and let us know in the comments which one is your favourite? (Then She Was Gone, anyone?)

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