Top Cybersecurity Companies in 2021

The increasing demands for reliable and robust security defense results in the cybersecurity technology market also being on the rise now. The number of accessible and available solutions also increases. To narrow down your choices and help you end up with the best choice, the following top cybersecurity companies are worth considering:

1. Fortinet

This company has built a credible reputation as one of the leading cybersecurity companies. The company is also known for its increased revenue and a consistent spot in eSecurity Planet’s list of top vendors. Fortinet is also noted for its high rate of customer satisfaction and also performs well based on its high analyst rating. The company is on the top spot in terms of Unified Threat Management or UTM, a recognition given by Gartner. Fortinet was also acclaimed as the Leader in next-gen firewalls or NGFW.

2. KnowBe4

This is another trusted cybersecurity company that is now on its way to reaching a billion value. One of the major highlights of KnowBe4 is security training. This is quite the feat. Consistent breaches of organizations and an increasing number of victims of ransomware have paved the way for massive opportunities. The company started as a niche player a few years back to being the top in terms of security training.

3. Perimeter 81

This company deserves to be part of the list of the top cybersecurity companies. For years, Perimeter 81 has been providing businesses the peace of mind and security that they deserve. The company is your one-stop shop for all your security solution needs. 

4. CrowdStrike

The CrowdStrike Falcon is famous among both users and analysts. The company nears the top when it comes to security scores. The detection score above other vendors or service providers included in this list. CrowdStrike also gained a high score in terms of ease of use, overall support, management, and response. Many users prefer this cybersecurity company because of its outstanding capabilities along with technical support, Linux, cloud-based management, and implementation.

5. Malwarebytes

This is also one of the top cybersecurity companies serving residential and commercial clients and offering products and services that can protect clients from malicious sites, ransomware, malware, and other online threats. Among the company’s wide range of cybersecurity products, EDR solution is among the top ones that significantly delivers feature offerings. The Brute Force Protection pays close attention to weaknesses of Window machines resulting from the increased number of remote employees at the majority of enterprises.

6. Netsparker

This cybersecurity company offers an intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible interface for identifying vulnerability and scanning websites. The company is also known to provide solutions at the enterprise, team, and SMB levels. On-premise deployment is an additional option offered to clients.

7. Cisco

The original nature of Cisco’s is networking, but eventually, this expanded to storage and security. Through the years, the company has established a wide range of reliable security products such as cloud protection, malware protection, UTM, Intrusion Prevention Systems, or IPS.

8. Splunk

This is one of the top-rated companies in the IT Service Management or ITSM market. But eventually, Splunk has successfully expanded to operations and security management. The company’s platform is utilized by many when performing analytics and also for SIEM.

9. IBM

IBM provides lots of effective cybersecurity solutions, including cloud security, incident response platform, orchestration, Security Information, and Event Management or SIEM, and more. The company is not really the fastest when it comes to adding updates, and the ratings from customers are not that high, but the analysts gave the company a good rate. IBM was also given good grades by the Cybersecurity Ventures and consistently included in the eSecurity Planet list of top products.

10. Microsoft

This company has established a larger and more impressive security portfolio. This includes Windows Defender, Azure cloud security services such as Key Vault, Security Center, Azure Information Protection and Application Gateway, and Azure DDoS Protection for web applications protection.

11. Palo Alto Networks

This company may not record the highest total revenue just like the other big cybersecurity companies out there, but just like Fortinet, the company is also on the rise. Palo Alto Networks provides cloud access, endpoint protection, firewalls, and more. This company also boasts around 50,000 customers.

12. Sophos

Sophos offers endpoint protection that harnesses Artificial Intelligence or AI, cloud security, firewalls, and network products. Sophos provides an all-in-one solution. If you are looking for one of the top cybersecurity companies delivering outstanding security, malware detection, ransomware protection, and other reliable cybersecurity solutions, Sophos is the company you are searching for.

13. McAfee

McAfee is a major player in the field of cybersecurity. The company does not completely dominate the market, but this provides plenty of products that perform well in different areas. This wide array of products includes SIEM, identity protection, antivirus, secure web gateways, and endpoint protection.

14. Broadcom

Another leading cybersecurity company is Chipmaker Broadcom. This has been on the top list with the CA technologies acquisition and the enterprise security business of Symantec. There have been plenty of evolving and emerging threats these days, as well as increased risks associated with digital transformation and compliance and privacy regulations. Broadcom is now here to help businesses overcome these challenges by offering a wide range of solutions and effective tools. This company will surely end your cybersecurity dilemma.

15. Trend Micro

Another big name in the cybersecurity industry is Trend Micro but unfortunately dropped in terms of market dominance and brand appeal. However, Trend Micro still boasts a solid revenue base and a wide range of security solutions protecting millions of organizations and countless endpoints.

16. Proofpoint

You can rely on this company for cloud protection, security awareness training, network sandboxing, and email protection. Proofpoint delivers highly effective compliance and cybersecurity solutions to protect people on each channel, including mobile and social media messaging, the cloud, the web, and email.

17. Imperva

Imperva’s profile and ranking are continuously growing. Gartner actually ranks this above competition, and scores are good in terms of web application firewalls and clients’ satisfaction. If the company can manage to sustain these, then there is no doubt that its standing will move higher.

18. RSA (Dell Technologies)

RSA is a subsidiary of Dell for long years. The company probably suffers from a lack of attention in the expansive Dell empire. The company made it to leader caret gory and is now part of the list of top vendors.

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