Watch2gether Alternatives: 10 Best Sites Like Watch2gether in 2022

Watch2Gether website allows you to watch videos and other content in sync with others. The streaming service can be availed through web browsers on Android and iOS-based smartphones as well as you can use the W2gSync 946 app which can synchronize external sources with the help of Google Chrome browser extension.

The platform offers some great features however it has certain limitations due to which many users look for an alternate option. In any case, if you are looking for sites like Watch2gether then stay tuned here. We will further explore some of the Watch2gether Alternatives which are available on the market today.

10 Best Watch2gether Alternatives in 2022

  1. Rave
  2. Metastream
  3. AndChill
  4. Syncplay
  5. Sharetube
  6. Kast
  7. SyncPlay
  8. Twoseven
  9. Parsec
  10. AnimeParty

As mentioned above, there are many alternate options Watch2gether which offers similar services however, we have picked the best Watch2gether alternatives for you.

1. Rave

Rave is a new way to watch videos and tune in to music in flawless sync with companions. Regardless of whether it’s the most recent film or the most sizzling music video on YouTube, everything is progressively enjoyable with companions via Rave.

How to Stream Movies and TV Shows using Watch2gether, Alternatives and more

It allows you to stream and watch video content from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Viki, Google Drive, and Reddit.

Furthermore, you can share content or upload videos and manage them in real-time. It can be also shared with other users via Dropbox or Google Drive. It is available for web browsers as well as iOS.

2. Metastream

Metastream, an open-source platform that allows you to watch internet videos with friends in sync. It is as simple as you just need to start a session and invite your friends by sharing your friend code with them. Once you got connected to your friend, start browsing for your favourite media and add the URL to the queue.

There are a number of popular websites like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc are already supported for playback.

3. AndChill

AndChill offers hassle-free video streaming and watching tougher with your companion in sync. Using AndChill, you can create your own private or public chat room and start watching videos with anyone around the world. It has a simple user interface, including the ability to share videos and audio files with one click. 

At the point when you first visit the site, you can browse a list of currently open public chat rooms. It allows you to see what individuals are watching before joining the room. It supports a number of streaming websites like YouTube, Twitch and etc.

4. Syncplay

Syncplay allows individuals to enjoy a virtual streaming viewing experience with peers and groups. You can watch anime, movies, TV shows and other media together.

The way of working Syncplay is straightforward and it requires an internet connection. Once the media players successfully connect, Syncplay empowers users to enjoy all features of pausing, resuming, stopping, seeking, and much more.

The server monitors where everybody is in the video so on the off chance that somebody goes along with they can be brought to the ideal spot, thus on the off chance that somebody is excessively far ahead they can be brought back in a state of harmony. It’s compatible with most operating systems and devices.

5. ShareTube

As the name suggests, ShareTube is specially built for those who prefer watching YouTube videos with your close ones.

The application allows the other necessary features like room setup, content sharing and control playback. All you need to do is create a room and share a YouTube URL to play the content in sync with other members. The great concern would be the group chat option that is not available, but ShareTube fulfils the purpose.

6. Kast

Kast is another Watch2gether Alternatives among others in our rundown. It is a comprehensive chat and sharing app that supports video streaming and chatting through voice and text. The application is compatible with Windows and Mac machines as well as it also runs through a Web Browser.


Kast allows hosting a movie and TV streaming among 100 people. Additionally, you can even play games and share the video gaming experience in real-time with your companions.

7. MyCircle.TV

MyCircle.TV is not one of the complete Watch2Gether alternatives but it offers some cool features that are worth a peek. Talking about its cool features, one can upload their own videos and share them with peers/groups through private chatrooms.

In fact, one can also manage existing chat conversations and create/manage playlists easily. What’s more, there is also a provision to join or create exciting new chat rooms that are exclusive to your friend circle. This is a fantastic solution that ensures you play synchronized media flawlessly. It is available for free and you don’t need to register or sign in on the website.

8. Twoseven

Basically, if you are searching for Watch2Gether alternatives that support endless live streaming without bargaining the live watching experience then Twoseven is one of the great options. The application offers similar features like chat with groups and live audio commentary as well as supports the webcam.


The real-time video sharing platforms could be extremely helpful in watching video content with your friends and family. Twoseven has support for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. It also offers a Chrome extension that lets you stream a video from any website.

9. Parsec

Parsec can be great Watch2gether Alternatives. The application is specially designed for game streaming, but you can use it to stream video content as well. It allows you to invite your friends to your video stream and they can watch it without any latency.

Much the same as game streaming, you can communicate with them while watching films and shows. Obviously, Parsec isn’t developed for streaming video content and also other individuals can’t control the playback. However, it brings predominant features of Watch2Gether playback.

10. AnimeParty

AnimeParty is our final Watch2Gether alternative in this list. It is dedicated only to streaming and watching Anime content together. It’s a nitty-gritty site that lets you make a private room and afterwards you can impart the space to your companions.

You can discover the best Anime content from its library and can start watching. Similar to Watch2Gether, it also has a group chat feature so you are all around arranged on an intuitiveness front. Other than that, the synchronize playback is really good and you would not see any major issues while playing your favourite video content. To set it on the right track, if you are an Anime lover then AnimeParty should your first choice.

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And…that’s a wrap! Did you find our article on the 10 best sites like Watch2gether helpful? We believe that all your questions have been answered in this article. If you have any burning questions related to Watch2gether Alternatives, then let us know through the comment box. And by any chance, if you are finding it difficult to Unblock Tamilrockers website? Worry not you can check out Tamilrockers Alternatives which will provide you almost the same content.

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