Amazon DeepLens, AI Enabled Video Camera is now on sale for $250

Amazon’s much talked about DeepLens AI Enabled Video Camera was unveiled in November last year but it’s official release was kept under the wraps. The good news is that the device can be purchased now from Amazon in the United States for $250.

Amazon DeepLens, AI Enabled Video Camera is now on sale for $250

AWS DeepLens helps developers create AI image recognition apps and models. Using this, a developer can run any deep learning framework, including TensorFlow and Caffe. It comes with a high performance, efficient, and optimized inference engine for deep learning using Apache MXNet.

Although it looks quite small, there is a very powerful hardware packed inside the tiny body. It has a 4-megapixel camera (1080P video), a 2D microphone array, Intel Atom Processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, USB and micro HDMI ports, and 8 GB of memory for models and code.

Amazon DeepLens, AI Enabled Video Camera is now on sale for $250

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The device runs on Ubuntu 16.04, AWS Greengrass Core, device-optimized versions of MXNet and IntelĀ® clDNN library support for other deep learning frameworks.

The AWS DeepLens comes with project templates that can distinguish between 20 objects, a face detection module, and another module for recognizing around 30 different actions such as guitar playing (Amazon lets you access a convenient guide here that makes it all look pretty simple).

AWS DeepLens is also capable enough to integrate with: Amazon Rekognition for advanced image analysis, Amazon SageMaker for training models, and Amazon Polly to create speech-enabled projects. The device connects securely to AWS IoT, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB. It’s easy to customize and is fully programmable using AWS Lambda. The deep learning models in DeepLens even run as part of an AWS Lambda function, providing a familiar programming environment to experiment with.

Models trained in Amazon SageMaker can be sent to AWS DeepLens with just a few clicks from the AWS Management Console. You can buy the Amazon DeepLens below.

Amazon DeepLens