Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for iPhone in 2023

Despite a surge in avenues to find free music on the Internet, downloading free music for offline usage on an iPhone still remains a painstaking task. Not only is it time-consuming because most music downloaders have been removed from the App Store, but downright annoying as well. Since iOS is strictly against illegal music distribution, and rightly so, the need of the hour is an offline music streaming service for your iPhone. However, there are hordes of music streaming apps strewn about on the App Store. Some of them are pretty good that can play music without wifi and others are well…totally outrageous. To save you the pains of finding and selecting a decent iOS offline music app for playing music without wifi, here is our roundup of the best free music download apps for iPhone.

best free music download apps for iphone

How to download music on iPhone without iTunes?

You must have been trying to find a working solution to this age-old nagging problem. How to download music on iPhone without iTunes? Well, rest assured that these streaming services that were handpicked from a sea of music apps on the App Store will save your precious time and do it all in a breeze. Not only are these apps adept at providing new music, they can also take care of your offline music listening needs i.e playing music without wifi. Gone are the days of tediously downloading songs from the internet or from YouTube and stacking them up straight to the iPhone. So, are you ready to find out the best free music download apps for iPhone? Here we go-

Best Free Music Download Apps for iPhone Users

1. Tidal

Designed on the lines of Spotify, Tidal provides access to high-fidelity music tracks with robust music-sharing functionality as well as an offline listening mode. The best part about the Offline Mode is that you can save your favourite audio tracks, albums and even playlists directly onto your iPhone in formats such as FLAC, AAC, ALAC and listen to them later without internet connectivity. Tidal comes in handy when you are salvaging a measly data plan or when your connection is slow.

For downloading tracks with Tidal all you ought to do is to select an album/playlist and press the offline toggler beneath the album’s name. In case you want to save up storage on your iPhone, Tidal also lets you remove downloaded songs by turning off the toggler.

2. Spotify

best free music download apps for iphone

A massively popular streaming service, Spotify for iPhone boasts a pleasant interface that hooks you in from the get-go. Although mostly used as a streaming app, Spotify can also save tracks for relentless offline playback. This is why it is considered one of the best free music download apps for iPhone.

What’s more, it groups all the available tracks based on genres such as rock, country, classic, and more. If you want to download a certain track, playlist, album or band, go to “Songs” and toggle “Available Offline” until it goes green. Then, go to the menu select Playback from settings and enable offline mode. Voila! You are set with your downloaded catalogue of songs.

3. Deezer

Another brilliant app for downloading free music onto your iPhone, Deezer makes offline music downloading a reality for many users. It also boasts a catalogue of over 43 million tracks and lets you check out new music via its personalized recommendation tool.

What’s more, through its curated algorithm, you can easily discover new tracks and artists (based on your search) without having to waste any time. So much so, that you can enjoy your music with accurate lyrics thrown in for a good measure.

However, one downside is that if you uninstall the app, all the downloaded offline songs become unavailable. Also, Deezer is free for only 48 days after which you will have to dole out a monthly premium of $6/month.

4. Mazika

best free music download apps for iphone

Music lovers rejoice! If you feel tormented by the task of managing your entire catalogue of songs for offline usage, then Mazika has got your back. A popular platform for streaming music on iPhone, Mazika is endowed with some brilliant features. For starters, it makes the management of songs easy.

Users can download up to 10 songs from the web simultaneously without any hassles. Furthermore, Mazika comes loaded with an inbuilt browser to make searching for audio tracks by your favourite artists all the easier.

5. Pandora

best free music download apps for iphone

One of the most popular music streaming apps, Pandora has racked up plenty of downloads on the App Store riding high on being an offline iPhone music app. With a clean and decluttered interface, Pandora deploys a radio-style approach, wherein you can simply enter a song/artist’s name and Pandora creates a music station based on similar lines.

Where else has this app gone? Pandora is not only one of the best free music download apps for iPhone, but invariably comes in handy for Android smartphones, too! Moreover, you can give a thumbs up or down to each song in the station upon your liking thanks to Pandora’s “refine station” feature. Of course, users can download music for offline usage at their convenience and even add new musicians or songs to a station.

6. Free MP3BOX

best free music download apps for iphone

A rather unique entity on our roundup of the best free music download apps for iPhone, Free MP3Box can stream any song based on your YouTube search. Plus, there is a nifty hashtag feature for adding your favourite compositions or exploring the latest charts. Moreover, Free MP3Box can also provide you with live radio streaming options for free.

All in all, with Free MP3Box at the helm, you needn’t bother your head about finding storage space or managing downloads. Since all the music is legal, you can switch off your Internet connection if it is slow, and enjoy the downloaded music merrily.

7. Freegal Music

best free music download apps for iphone

Consistently counted amongst some of the best free music download apps for iPhone, Freegal Music helps you explore your favourite tunes from libraries of the 10 best songs in each section based on genre or category. It does help that users don’t sway towards other apps as they have hooked in from the get-go thanks to Freegal’s intuitive and clean UI. Not to mention, browsing becomes a cinch for people who want to sift through thousands of songs from a multitude of categories.

8. SoundTube

best free music download apps for iphone

A very high-rated app on the App Store, SoundTube stands true to its name, that is, it is a music-downloading app functioning along the lines of a “tube” service. Tagged at zero cost, SoundTube boasts a deluge of great features such as a dedicated music player facility and some slick background music playing options to make multitasking interesting. Moreover, you can scout for songs by your favourite artist/band or create playlists very easily through its search unit and tweak equalizer settings as per your tastes.

9. Rhapsody

best free music download apps for iphone

If you are a music aficionado who likes having thousands of songs on their iPhone at the ready and wish to download them all, then there is not any better alternative than Rhapsody. There are plenty of other factors that inject Rhapsody into our list of the best free music download apps for iPhone.

Take for instance, its zero ads tolerance policy. You will never be bothered by pesky ads or spam messages. Plus, you can avail some amazing offline music playback options as well. All in all, Rhapsody is a brilliant app if you are seeking a free music streaming service with no-frills attached to your iPhone.

10. Musify

best free music download apps for iphone

The first thing that struck us about Musify is its seamless tap feature. Ably backed by a sleek and easy-to-use interface, Musify makes searching music, i.e. songs, albums, and playlists a walk in the park with its slick single-tap feature. Furthermore, there are a ton of background music playback options also available if you want to multitask on your iPhone. You can also follow your music-savvy friends and get recommended music from Musify based on your interests.

How to get the Best Free Music Download Apps For iPhone: Share your thoughts

Getting these apps to play free music without iTunes is a walk in the park. In case you were wondering how to get them to stream music without wifi, well you don’t have to worry one bit. You can download music straight to your iPhone from these apps or from YouTube which acts as a repository of some of your favourite music genres.

And…that’s a wrap! So, did you like our roundup of the best free music download apps for iPhone? Did we miss out on any of your favourites? Sound off in the comments.

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