Best IPTV Service Providers in 2021

Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV, is a new system that has brought a transitioning face from the traditional TVs that deploys satellite workings and cable connections. Instead, it takes over terrestrial televisions by introducing the same television content digitally by using internet protocols. 

It can showcase channels and content, like normal tv, on-demand, or live. Therefore, it is not downloaded or pirated content. Connected to the set-up box, the IPTV latches itself onto the internet broadband in order to display content.

However, the platform is not as freely accessible as other streaming platforms. It has to be subscribed and only those users with premium or subscription accounts can access the usability of the platform. 

Top 7 IPTV Service Providers

  • Falcon TV
  • Bunny Stream
  • Philo
  • AT&T TV
  • Xtream HD
  • The Amazing TV
  • Sling TV

The advantage of an IPTV service provider is that you do not have to be dependent merely on the mundane channels of TV. Like internet surfing, you can dig out content to binge-watch from the nooks and crannies of the IPTV. It is possible due to its client-server model base with video servers transmitting internet data packets via fiber-optic wires. 

Some of the best IPTV service providers that you can avail in this 2021 are the following:-

1. Falcon TV

Coming out as a strongly compatible platform and streaming shows from various platforms, Falcon TV has been considered as the safest and secure platform with vitality into its categories. As of now, Falcon TV has expanded into the tributaries of 4500+ Live TVs, more than 30,000 movies and shows and around 3K+ video streaming forums.

The TV channels and movies it is connected to comes from the worldwide international networks from various countries and cultures. 

It is VPN friendly to ensure safety and security as well as lets streaming over a variety of platforms power-packed with a 24 x 7 customer care system. 

2. Bunny Stream

Ideal for streaming media content from the house of TV, movies and various sports categories live, Bunny Stream grants a seamlessly smooth platform to stream for the users. If you are worried about privacy, Bunny Stream also allows a coherently smooth connection to VPN networks as well. 

Presenting the content in high-resolution 4K quality to its viewers, Bunny streams comprises about 15K+ TV channels, 20k+ movies and shows. Surprisingly, the platform sports a high compatibility feature for Chrome, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and various other smart TVs of LG and Samsung. 

It is a paid platform that allows a one-day free trial; the package starts from $7.08 to $15 monthly.

3. Philo (Best IPTV Service Provider in USA)

Coming for Firestick at a quite cost-effective price range, Philo TV has been feted for its systematic way of providing a vast pool of content flowing in from more than 60 channels. 

The paid platform begins its pricing at 20 USD per month and offers a 7-day free trial version too. The platform is VPN friendly to ensure the safety and security of users while streaming content. 

However, the downside of this appreciated IPTV service is that for now, it remains available to only those users who belong to the state of the USA. 

4. AT&T TV

Providing various Live content and on-demand video titles to its blithesome audience, the direct steaming ability of the AT&T TV contributes to unlocking free premium content for around 3 months. 

Side by side supporting three devices at a time, this VPN-friendly platform consists of parental controls as well which makes it all the more alluring. 

Being a popular choice due to its enigmatic easy mouse click navigation throughout the user interface, the highly compatible and user-friendly platform promises to provide the latest and the most relatable content because the site gets updated regularly. 

5. Xtream HD

Allowing graphically explicit streaming of content from a large network of channels, Xtream HD lets the user view media content on to multi-screen interfaces, android and various other IPTV devices. Due to its multi-screening ability, a variety of programs and shows can be viewed at the same time. 

The networks include 15,000+ channels from where not only the English language content juts out but a variety of other foreign language content does too. 

Its subscription pack starts at $14.99 monthly. 

6. The Amazing TV 

Sporting itself as one of the topmost smart Tv streaming platforms with impeccable IPTV services deployment, the Amazing TV can be considered to be the most updated platform. It is so because the entirety of its outlook as well as content gets updated once or twice a week. 

It proudly rolls down the 10,400+ live shows and more than 24,000 movies and TV shows that span over a wide range of favourable categories. Users are free to access the content from any of the TV streaming media of any country. 

7. Sling TV

Toppling down the hurdles and temptations of falling prey to the supposedly free but pirated and dangerous unverified platforms, Sling TV ensures that every penny paid here gets repaid. Sporting compatibility for Windows, Mac, Android as well as iOS devices, Sling TV provides channel support for more than 50 TV channels. 

Its subscription package begins at around $30 per month with a 14-day free trial permitted to the availing user. 

The IPTV service provider is quite VPN friendly and lets the user stream all shows and movies over HD quality resolution of videos. 


There have been several speculations raised regarding IPTV services being illegal or not. Kindly note that IPTV services remain legitimate until you are viewing the content of other OTT platforms either by paying for the subscribed packages or availing of the free-to-view content. 

If you use IPTV service providers to get access to forbidden or restricted content with illicit means, the usage of IPTV services becomes illegal at that point. Hence, it depends on your way of usage whether IPTV services are accessed as legitimate or illegitimate sources. 

So, what do you think about these amazing IPTV service providers? Let us know in the comments which one did you find more interesting and why!

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