7 Best LaTeX Editors You Should Use in 2021

LaTex is a software that has been derived after its addition with the TeX extension. The TeX is a typesetting system; once the LaTeX gets conjugated with it, it also acquires the typesetting abilities to conduct the typeset activities of technical documents. 

The technical documents mostly comprise mathematical equations and other complex sets. The LaTeX software, hence, comes out to be ideal for people working with complicated mathematical equations regularly like engineers, scientists, mathematicians, etc. 

The Latex editors are used to write the latex codes. They are run on the LaTex processors to produce the typesetted pages and technical documents. The best part about Latex editors is that they can keep a flawless compilation of all the equations and computer codes. 

Are you looking for a LaTex editor that fits the box of your budget? Here is a list of awe-instilling LaTex editors to use in 2021 for all the aficionados of equations and codes!

Best LaTeX Editors You Should Use in 2021

  1. Emacs
  2. TeXMaker
  3. Lyx
  4. Overleaf
  5. Kile
  6. Authorea
  7. LaTex Base

1. Emacs

Ideally made for the Unix software to be deployed as a typesetting LaTex editor, the Emacs Latex Editor pops as the perfect choice for the operating systems with GNU affinity. The features offered by the Emacs Latex editor are the following:-

  • It provides a laudable set of designs and impresses the viewer with its overall presentation outlook
  • It is supportive of a variety of operating systems: Windows, macOS as well as Linux PCs
  • Emacs extends a generous set of customisable and personalisation options via the means of editing, insertion of words and various other add-ons for further modifications.
  • This is best suited for the educators and students in the field of science and mathematics along with other professionals of similar background.

2. TeXMaker

The free to use software comes out to be as the most desirable cross-platform tool whose following aspects are the highlights that can never be neglected especially when seen under the light of its unmistakable plausible usability:-

  • The software is easy to use, simple to handle and indeed user-friendly for people from all walks of life and forums
  • It readily supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS systems
  • The user can perform code folding functions easily
  • The editor has been quipped well to locate if there exist any error in the codes and compilations
  • There is easy insertion allowed (more than 370 symbols allowed to be used)/

3. Lyx

An efficient open-source LaTex Editor indeed, the Lyx editor commences its functionality with its versatility that spreads in almost all arenas. You can find its essence in the following features possessed by this venerable software:-

  • It comprises a multi-language support system
  • It is equipped with an ingrained system of charts, tables and other editor
  • All sorts of texts and file formats are readily supported by the application
  • It allows easy export of documents from all fields like HTML, plain text forms and SGML too
  • The editor comprises a whole set of editing options suitable for customisation

4. Overleaf

Regarded as one of the best online LaTex editors present, the Overleaf Latex Editor serves in the manifestation of the cloud-based system it blesses the user with. 

From the plethora of functions, some of the named ones are:-

  • Offers several mesmerizing templates as a feast for the eye
  • Real-time code preview guaranteed
  • Easy switching from LaTex editor mode to text mode as per the wish of the user
  • Tracks the changes along with appropriate insertion of various elements. 
  • It also helps easy identification of coding errors. 

5. Kile

Considered to be a Latex editor with the least fancy adornings over its appearance, Kile is seemingly not interested in flabbergasting the user with a hollowed manifestation of its outlook. Instead, its focus lies to making the cumbersome burden of the user lighter as quick as possible with the following features at abundant use:-

  • It supports the Windows and Mac OS based PCs
  • It provides a compiled set of templated options for viewing the document
  • There is a decent list of editing options and tools available to avouch for the users
  • It also offers the aspects of citation and references of the sources used for taking the information
  • The previewing options available are quite impressive

6. Authorea

The Authorea LaTex Editor rewards the user with the simplest interface to navigate through easily because its user-friendly interface has been optimised to be suitable even for beginners. The web-based software culminates and curates itself to provide the given features to its user in abundance:-

  • All the versions of documents and file types can be managed flawlessly 
  • Promotes a good customer support system for 24 x 7
  • It convultes a system of permitting hassle-free editing, insertion, modification as well as other customisable activities
  • You can even provide elements of tables, charts and other figures beyond the equations realm
  • It has a sophisticated working function with its beautiful and citable source content. 

7. LaTex Base

The ease of use provided by the LaTex Base software is well-appreciated because it lets the user perform even the most difficult tasks with one single click. Some of the aspects to appreciate include the following:-

  • The syntax are well-highlighted and you can easily identify if there lies any error in those
  • There are even several shortcuts provided for the user to use
  • Insertion, modification and integrated storage facility are all power packed with the robust system of the editor
  • Surprisingly, all the codes get easily compiled upon coding them as well as the document is available for offline mode recheckings. 


A variety of the LaTex Editors are equipped with additional and inbuilt features which strive to provide extra fluidity to the working of the user. These add-ons are mostly beyond the mainstream purpose of LaTex Editors of composing the LaTex Codes. 

This makes the LaTex Editors even more desirable because the mere inclusion of editing and appropriate viewing options according to the file format needed eliminates the need of downloading any other app for viewing the documents with varied templates. 

So, these were some of the best LaTex Editor recommendations for all the people immersed in the ocean of complex equations. Let us know in the comments which one proved to be your bosom buddy!

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