8 Best Root Apps for Android Phone in 2021

With the growing popularity of Stock Android, the root is now less appealing. Also, rooting has consequences. Rooting your device can void the warranty as well as there are a few apps such as Google Pay, Netflix and others that would not work on a rooted smartphone.

But, some users still want to root their smartphones for several reasons. If you also want to root your android smartphone, here are the best Root Apps for Android that you can download and install to unfold the true capabilities of your smartphones.

Being said that, here are the best Root Apps for Android that you can download and install on your smartphone and unfold the capabilities.

Best Root Apps for Android Phone

  • Dr.Fone-Root
  • OneClickRoot
  • Root Rescue
  • Root XBooster
  • KingoRoot
  • SRSRoot
  • Root necessities
  • Storage tool chest professional

1.  Dr.Fone-Root

Dr.Fone – Root is a great rooting app that enables you to insert carrier-blocked applications. It helps you uninstall bloatware to reduce the usage of extra processor and RAM. You will only use this program to root and unroot your phone. Dr.Fone – Root does not save your information during ontogenesis. It allows you to root your phone at no cost with a single click.

Key Features:

  • This free root app permits you to get rid of ads from several apps
  • Photosphere (360-degree panorama) and slow-motion video square measure among the numerous choices out there.
  • This root app will improve your phone’s performance
  • It allows you to put in the foremost or recent version of OS on your phone
  • You can place/install incompatible apps

2. OneClickRoot

OneClick Root is fast and secure. It is one of the best root apps which enables you to increase your phone speed and battery lifetime. This easy to use rooting program allows you to root and prevent ads in any app.

Key Features:

  • You can get smartphone apps that are not out there in your country
  • It allows you to keep a copy your mobile information computer memory unit by computer memory unit
  • This APK provides free wireless tethering
  • Allows you to put in apps that are incompatible together with your phone
  • You can gain access to very important files that are generally hidden

3. Rescue Root

Rescue Root can be a program that enables you to root your device with a single click. The app is the most effective root program for Android, so you can back up and protect your phone. This program includes in-depth information that is compatible with the latest smartphones. Rescue Root provides you with the unlimited backup of your phone as well as contacts, applications, SMS etc.

Key Features:

  • This rooting app permits you to tailor root access to one device
  • Allows you to revert the phone to its original unrooted kind
  • Provides help twenty four hours daily, seven days per week
  • It is compatible with all android phones
  • This is the best rooting apps out there on App Store, and it permits for infinite information restoration

4. Root XBooster

XBooster Root can be one such tool that enables you to boost the performance of your Android smartphone. This app will help you to extend the life of your phone battery. It is an easy-to-use interface that enables you to uninstall system applications.

Key Features:

  • It is the most effective root APKs for liberating up RAM
  • This rooting app for android phone permits you to uninstall superfluous background apps
  • It aids within the improvement of playing videos or browsing pictures

5. KingoRoot

KingoRoot is another app that enables you to take your phone apart individually. It is compatible with all Android OS versions. It is one of the best tools that provides an honest and straightforward interface to save RAM. With KingoRoot, you will be able to root Android devices with a single click.

Key Features:

  • This tool works with most of device brands such as LG, Samsung, HTC, and others
  • This root application permits you to boost the performance of your mobile device
  • You can quickly contour your andorid phone using this app
  • It allows you to root your automaton device employing a laptop

6. SRSRoot

This Android rooting app enables you to root your device with one click. It helps you to reset the device victimisation gestures and a user lock.

Key Features:

  • You can root your andorid tablets and different android devices
  • Your phone is merely unrooted
  • Assists you in makring your device speedier
  • It is best tool for Android OS since it permits you to increase the battery lifetime of your device
  • Gives you complete management over your andorid phone’s options

7. Root Essentials

Root Essentials allows you to easily manage your phone applications. This app allows you to visualize the battery status. It will check your device in a matter of seconds. This will increase the amount of space for free storage on your mobile device.

Key Features:

  • You can modify the density of your mobile’s liquid crystal display
  • It permits you to assess the battery performance of your device
  • This is the most effective frozen apps for viewing device info
  • Allows you to change your phone’s emoji
  • There are over 700 typefaces that you can choose from

8. ROM Tool Pro

ROM Tool Pro is the ultimate rooting app on our list. It enables you to build your device quickly. This app allows you to create, manage and restore Android backup as well as it allows you to delete information, cache and battery statistics.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to copy-paste, compress, delete, browse, modify, and move files in bulk
  • This software package is employed to switch file possession and permissions
  • Allows you to permit or disable apps that run during booting time
  • This is the best root automaton apps for putting in custom fonts
  • The device boot emblem is modified


In most cases, rooting your Android device will void its warranty. Rooting your phone means that someone is using it in a way that the manufacturer does not recommend. As a result, the phone will not be able to be replaced under warranty.

The programs discussed above are easy to use. Anyone can root any Android phone using free apps. These apps will allow you to root your phone and enjoy all its capabilities without spending a single penny.

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FAQ – Root Apps for Android phone

1. What is Rooting in Android?

Rooting is a process to gain privileged control over the system by injecting exploit code in the form of bugs to gain access to system partitions and subsystems as well as write-protected files in apps. In simple words, to be able to modify any file included in the system, subsystem or apps in order to gain administrative control over the system. Thus, this type of administrative control is known as a superuser.

2. What is the use of Rooting Android?

Rooting in Android is used to gain control over the system and apps or to modify the device. With this type of control, you can do literally everything with the system. You can tweak or modify them to get features you don’t have by default. You can also modify the app to make it work to your liking.

3. What is the Android Rooting App?

Root apps for Android are software programs that give you complete control over your phone or tablet. It allows you to increase the speed and battery life of your phone while it also enables you to disable ads in any app. Many of those tools enable you to access essential files which are usually hidden in your mobile device.

4. What benefits can I get after Rooting?

There is a number of benefits you will get after rooting. Here are the key benefits –

  • Remove unnecessary Apps You can get rid of large apps that slow down your system or drain the life of the battery.
  • Access the settings: Rooting the phone helps you to enable previously disabled settings.
  • Install tools: You can install specialized tools that can improve your phone performance
  • Perform customization: You can easily customize the Android operating system.
  • Blocks advertise: You can easily block advertisement in certain apps
  • Unlock the blocked features: You can gain access to blocked features of the operating system
  • Flash custom kernel: Android applications require a custom kernel, which you can flash with rooted devices. Rooting will enable your kernel to perform better.

4. Does Android Root void my device’s warranty?

Yes, you will lose the warranty of your device. Rooting your phone means that you are using the product in a way that is not prescribed by the manufacturer. So, in that case, you cannot replace your mobile under warranty.

5. Can I root my phone for free?

Yes. There are many free root apps for android mobile. Using these apps would enable you to root your phone without spending a single penny.

6. How to root an Android 11 smartphone?

The above-mentioned apps are user friendly and sufficient to root Android 11 smartphones. You can use them to root to take advantage of all hidden features.

7. Which Android is easiest to root?

  1. OnePlus 8T
  2. LG Stylo 5
  3. Google Pixel 4a
  4. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  5. Google Pixel 5
  6. OnePlus 9
  7. Google Pixel 5a

8. What can you Do with a Rooted Android Device?

You can customised it as per your choice. Below are the actions that you can initiate on a rooted Android device:

  • You can change the boot animation of your device
  • You can tweak the CPU performance
  • The battery life can be also improved
  • You can unfold the power of your device
  • You can even install an entirely different OS or OS versions
  • Preinstalled bloatware apps can be removed
  • You can install a custom ROMs
  • You can also increase the internal memory and RAM size

9. Which are the Best Rooting Apps for Android 10 Phone?

Above mentioned root apps are best for an Android smartphone. However, we recommend you using Dr.Fone – Root, OneClickRoot and Xbooster Root.

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