Best Sound Equalizer For Windows in 2021

Audio leveling may be a technique of adjusting the balance of hearable frequency parts. Previously, many significant devices were utilized for leveling, and these were mentioned as equalizers.

An equalizer will modify the amount of specific audio frequencies, called bands, to accommodate each listener’s tastes and also the acoustics of the situation.

Today, however, the identical operation is distributed with the help of leveling apps. There are various computer equalizer software systems offered that permit you to try and do equalizing chores in an exceedingly matter of seconds. This software system offers one access to totally different sorts of audio tools like Equalizer, atmosphere, Surround, Base Management, and so on.

The Advantages of employing a Sound Equalizer:

You will be ready to use the subsequent parameters with an associate audio equalizer:

  1. Tone modification
  2. Audio clips are absolutely balanced.
  3. Consistent frequency element balance.
  4. Pre-existing bass increases are often simply tweaked.
  5. Audio activity software system provides knowledgeable steering.
  6. Excellent ability
  7. Automatic sound adjustment supports your speaker configuration.

Let us see details about some sound equalizers.

Best Sound Equalizer For Windows

  • Adobe Audition
  • Voice AutoEQ
  • Ear Trumpet
  • Viper4Windows
  • Boom 3D
  • FxSound
  • VoiceMeeter Banana
  • Equalizer Pro

1. Adobe  Audition

Adobe Audition may be a program that enables you to instantly modify the sound of your voice. It permits you to switch the pitch of a sound in real-time. This voice changer program additionally facilitates fine-tune one’s voice with no effort.

Features of Adobe Audition:

  • You could enhance your voice with echo effects.
  • It contains a multi-track UI.
  • Assists you in customizing your settings.
  • You will enhance your voice victimization pre-made sounds.

2. Voice AutoEQ

Voice AutoEQ may be a plug-in that may assist you to boost your voice quality. This tool permits you to hurry up the progress of the audio process. It helps you to get rid of noise from the voice.

Features of Voice AutoEQ:

  • Allows you to record sounds in real time.
  • It has the power to mechanically minimise breath sound within the audio track.
  • This tool is often used even though you do not understand something concerning audio.
  • Allows you to take care of a gradual output level.
  • Windows and Mac are supported platforms.

3. Ear Trumpet

EarTrumpet may be a free advanced volume management programme for Windows. This utility permits you to transfer apps between totally different playback devices. It additionally provides ancient and fashionable app volumes.

Features of Ear Trumpet:

  • It permits you to regulate the default audio device with simply a couple of clicks.
  • Matches the looks and feel of the windows.
  • Feedback Hub is currently integrated.

4. Viper4Windows

This ASCII text file utility is absolutely compatible with Windows seven, 8.1, 10, and panorama and includes a range of audio effects like equalizer, reverb, convolver, compressor, surround, and lots of additional.

Features of Viper4Windows:

  • It may be a software programme.
  • It will simply change the surround sound setting supporting the dimensions of your area.
  • It offers you fast access to eighteen bands and predetermined profiles.
  • The programme is well-known for its bass boost, which might be simply tailor-made to accommodate low-frequency sounds.
  • You will modify audio information measure, density, audio moistening, decay, and lots of different options with its Reverberation setting.
  • Using the Distortion management, you’ll simply regulate and alter the music bands in decibels.

5. Boom 3D

If one is seeking a one-of-a-kind 3D sound surround then there isn’t any higher possibility than Boom 3D. The tool is loaded with superb options and might simply block the effect of our headphones, audio devices and music player, etc.

Features of Boom 3D:

  • It includes thirty one band leveling settings.
  • With its sturdy volume booster feature, you’ll relish a robust sound expertise.
  • It permits for straightforward playback of saved audio files with superb Boom effects.
  • Its Application Volume Controller permits you to regulate the amount of various applications.
  • It may also be accustomed to construct a list and to boost audio across many devices.
  • Aside from the capabilities listed on top of, Boom 3D additionally permits you to regulate the ability of your audio similarly because of the LFE gain.
  • With a 30-day free trial, one will try this superb sound leveling for Windows ten.

6. FxSound

FxSound programme permits you to boost the sound of music, movies, podcasts, interviews, and different media. This Windows ten equalizer application provides high-quality audio at a fraction of the expense of high-end headphones or speakers.

Features of FxSound:

  • With a 32-bit floating-point process, it’s potential to regain lost quality.
  • Assists you in boosting audio signals
  • This Windows ten audio leveling permits you to extend the amount of your laptop.
  • In simply a couple of minutes, you’ll have high-quality audio.

7. VoiceMeeter Banana

VoiceMeeter Banana may be a feature-packed, with-it audio leveling for Windows ten. Its audio mixer practicality is its standout feature, permitting you to control your audio files’ input and output.

Features of VoiceMeeter Banana:

  • It is straightforward to hide your electro-acoustic transducer loopholes, leading to distortion-free and crisper audio.
  • It permits you to easily modify the tempo of your speech for higher sound effects.
  • It contains inbuilt electronic equipment with free access to six cells, 8 channels, and a totally constant equivalent weight.
  • It permits you to change your voice to higher and lower sounds.
  • It contains a multi-channel equivalent weight that enables you to use stereo P.A devices.
  • It supports a range of audio interfaces like WASAPI, KS, MME, ASIO, Wave RT, and others.
  • This with-it virtual audio mixer is entirely free.

8. Equalizer Pro

Equalizer Pro improves the audio quality of your favorite programmes. You’ll effortlessly flip the software system on and off to support your desires. The programme additionally permits you to boost the audio output while not having to tweak every band separately.

Features of Equalizer Pro:

  • Improve your bass tone settings while not concealing them.
  • Boosts low tones and aids within the improvement of overall audio output.
  • You will improve overall audio output while not tweaking every band separately.


An audio equalizer has ranges or bands that allow you to cut and raise the high and low frequencies of the music. More bands enable you to establish more divisions for broad coverage, with each band controlling a smaller range of frequencies. It also employs audio filters to isolate the bands and provide the user greater control over the sound.

Now, it varies from person to person about their choices on the sound equalizer. As we came to know that there are various kinds of sound equalizer, now it depends upon oneself which one to be selected for their desired purpose.

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