7 Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives for PC, Mac, iOS, Android device

After receiving a cease and desist notice from Google, YouTube Vanced was taken down and YouTube Vanced Alternatives are the viable option now.

Vanced was comparable to YouTube Premium in that it allowed viewers to watch videos without being interrupted by advertisements. But, Vanced lately has announced on their Twitter account that they will be shutting down their project and removing any download links from the internet.

According to Vanced, the software will work on smartphones where it is already installed. On the devices where it is already installed, it will work for a year or two.

People are looking for a replacement for YouTube Vanced now that it has been shut down, so they can watch YouTube videos for free.

Luckily, there are some YouTube Vanced alternatives that, while not as good as Vanced, can serve as a workaround if you wish to watch ad-free YouTube videos.

The Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives You Can Try

  1. NewPipe
  2. SkyTube
  3. LibreTube can
  4. Brave Browser
  5. YMusic
  6. UBlock Origin
  7. YouTube Premium


NewPipe is the very first YouTube Vanced alternative. It is a free and open-source YouTube alternative that doesn’t use the YouTube API. It means you can use NewPipe without using the Google Mobile Service and without logging into your Google account. NewPipe allows you to watch videos without being interrupted by advertisements.

You can also save the videos to your smartphone for offline viewing. You can import your YouTube subscriptions to avoid having to start from scratch. The app’s one drawback is that you can’t sign in, so you won’t be able to sync your watch history or like or comment on videos.

Download NewPipe


SkyTube is another YouTube Vanced option for watching YouTube videos. The application, like NewPipe, is free and open-source.

SkyTube has the same capabilities as NewPipe, such as the ability to watch ad-free videos and import your YouTube subscriptions. SkyTube is available in two versions: SkyTube and SkyTube Extra. SkyTube Extra includes features such as an official YouTube player and casting.

Download SkyTube


LibreTube could be your next YouTube Vanced replacement. It is currently in development and has a beta version available for download. LibreTube has a few key features that can encourage you to give it a try.

One of LibreTube’s most appealing characteristics is that it makes use of ‘Piped,’ an open-source YouTube frontend alternative.

Another thing to keep in mind about LibreTube is that you never connect directly to Google’s server when you use it to visit YouTube. Your connection is routed through a server that lies between you and Google. You can also select your preferred server. You can sign up for an account on their server in exchange for the ability to subscribe to YouTube channels.

Brave Browser

This isn’t a replacement for YouTube Vanced, but it does provide an ad-free experience. This browser filters advertisements, so you won’t see any while watching a video on YouTube. When you access YouTube using this browser, you can sign in to your YouTube account and do the things you normally do on YouTube.

All systems, including macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows, are supported by the browser.

Download Brave Browser


YMusic is for you if you enjoy music and would use Vanced to stream music. With YMusic, you may watch YouTube videos in the background while your computer is turned off. It also allows you to download your favorite video in.mp3 format to your local storage. TubeMate is no longer available.

Another feature of this software is that you may send a link from the official YouTube app to YMusic and immediately begin streaming the video in the background.

Download YMusic

UBlock Origin 

UBlock Origin is also not a YouTube Vanced app, but it does offer something that most other programs don’t: the ability to sign in to your Google account. It implies that if you want to, you can sync your viewing history and leave comments on videos. This Firefox add-on allows you to watch ad-free videos not only on YouTube but also on other websites.

YouTube Premium

With Vanced no longer available, the only viable option is to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription. Since Google issued legal letters to the Vanced creators, all YouTube Vanced alternatives will be removed from the game sooner or later. Users will have no choice but to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription if this happens.

In terms of features, Vanced was much ahead of YouTube Premium. Exclusive Vanced features like extra dark mode, hate button, superior video resolution options, swipe controls for volume and brightness, and so on will be sorely missed. You will, however, be able to support your favorite content creator if you subscribe to YouTube premium. The video makers would not be able to profit from your views if you watched videos using Vanced. So it’s only reasonable to purchase a YouTube premium subscription to support the hard work of your favorite YouTubers.

Common FAQs – YouTube Vanced Alternatives

Q: What happened to YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced has been officially shut down after the team faced legal pressure from Google. YouTube Vanced violates YouTube’s Terms of Service. And so, the developers had to shut it down for good.

Q. Is there an alternative for YouTube Vanced?

There are some YouTube Vanced alternatives such as NewPipe, SkyTube and LibreTube. We have listed above in this article. You can use any of them for now, until Google makes server-side changes.

Q. Is YouTube Vanced safe for Android?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is completely safe to use on Android and there are no privacy concerns. It is developed by XDA Developers team and they are very popular community if you know about them.

Q: Is it illegal to use modified YouTube versions?

Use of modified YouTube versions is against YouTube’s Terms of Service. However, the legal repercussions are more often on the developers than the users. Like YouTube Vanced, Google could potentially take action on all YouTube alternative subscribers in the future.

Q: Which is the best YouTube Vanced alternative for Android?

If you are looking for the best YouTube Vanced alternative for your Android phone, then you should definitely use NewPipe. It’s free, open source, and has a modern interface without ads.

YouTube Vanced alternatives for watching premium content

YouTube Vanced is still working for existing users, but it’s a matter of time until Google makes server-side changes to potentially break the Vanced app. If you were looking for an alternative YouTube Vanced client, these were some working applications. We hope that this article has helped you. If you have any other recommendations, let us know in the comments below, and we’ll check them out and add them to this list when relevant.

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