14 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Software and Apps to Use in 2021: The Bitcoin Trading Game!

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency or currency that has brought a peculiar change in monetary transactions – it is not managed by any bank or governing body. Instead, its entire operation takes place through a secure cryptographer network, which stems from blockchain technology to prevent the hacking of transactions.

Transactions are completely online as money does not exist in physical form but in the form of a ledger computerized database. Therefore, the cryptocurrency is really fluctuating. The crypto market crash of 2021 after performing incredibly well in 2020 was an unprecedented and biggest blow to all.

However, cryptocurrency is slowly becoming the new age currency, which is planning to take over the world as soon as possible. Therefore, it is better that you equip yourself well with the cryptocurrency market and its workings.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining involves rediscovering cryptocurrency-associated money by stripping the cobwebs of cryptographic equations through high-powered computerized means. The process involves removing the barriers that are embedded by blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency mining has come out as a profitable business because the miners get payment for solving complex mathematical equations. Therefore, cryptocurrency mining apps/software would be advantageous for receiving monetary benefits upon mining.

What is the Crypto mining process?

Crypto mining is the process where the mathematical equations that have been laced over the cryptocurrencies are systematically dismantled. This process earns money for the miners if the procedure has been correctly executed to its most optimised state. Crypto mining software performs this function for the user.

Therefore, here are some of the crypto mining software that will help you not only mine in the right way but also facilitate the investing process.

Best Crypto Mining Software

  • Kryptex Miner
  • BeMine
  • Awesome Miner
  • Nice Hash Miner
  • Diablo Miner
  • Cudo Miner
  • Shamining
  • Computta
  • Hashing24
  • Easy Miner
  • CGMiner
  • ECOS
  • MultiMiner
  • BFGMiner

1. Kryptex Miner

Rousing as extraordinarily compatible with Windows PC users, Kryptex Miner sorts itself as an ideal cryptocurrency mining app that lets the user pay either in earned dollars or via bitcoin trading means. 

The best part that makes Kryptex Miner preferable over other bitcoin mining apps or cryptocurrency mining apps is its ability to easily track the most profitable coin of the day. In this way, the user would know where to invest and how much. 

Getting along well with beginners as well, Kryptex Miner is user-friendly and easy to use. It also comprises a smooth GPU and CPU system, well supported by multiple languages.

2. BeMine

Extending services to Russia and CIS countries, BeMine records itself as a cloud-based software for cryptocurrency mining, power-packed with ASIC-miners. It is capable of performing automated services of the following activities effectively, discarding the need for personal monitoring.

  • Purchasing data
  • Managing data
  • Transporting and configuring data
  • Appropriate maintenance of ASIC miners

There are physical and door-to-door services available for ASIC miners and related delivery. Also, there is close-knit security provided to all the miners of ASIC as the equipment is in partnered data centres. 

3. Awesome Miner

The following are the features deployed by the Awesome Miner Crypto mining software app which is entirely free to use and avail:-

  • A formidable mining app that incorporates various mining hardwares
  • It has around 25 mining engines and an equally powerful integrating algorithm that are highly integratable
  • Contains ASICS basic functions
  • On the dashboard of the user, there will be various information flashing regarding the relevancy of crypto tradings for the day along with some useful predictions
  • The software is easy to use with useful options for navigation and user-friendly indeed.
  • It contains a cross-platform feature to be compatible with various other devices

4. BFGMiner

Compatible with ASIC and FPGA mining, BFGMiner cryptocurrency mining software has been developed with a proper and fluent GPU support system. The 2012 launched software application is capable of looking through the mist for detecting hardware temperature and even starting idle threads. 

Facilitated by the customisable features it carries gracefully, BFGMiner mining software is primarily developed in C programming language and stands compatible with a variety of device OSes like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. 

Possessing the same effective command-line interface for hotkeys on keyboards and comprising the advanced features for expert users, BFGMiner supports not only bitcoin but various other cryptocurrencies. 

5. Diablo Miner

Providing a free platform for the users, Diablo Miner offers the following features to its users wholeheartedly:-

  • Compatible to run on almost any operating system only if the NVIDIA software or ATI Stream SDK 2.1 is available 
  • GPU Bitcoin hardware available to fit in
  • Several mining pool means
  • There are options to choose from: Group mining or solo mining 
  • A good, flexible and computed mining framework available
  • The mining app basically operates on the Mac OS

6. Cudo Miner

This easy to use, user-friendly and secured hardware-driven software has been regarded for the following extraordinary features that it gives away at free charge and no installation hassles:-

  • Supportive of CPU, GPU and ASIC basic mining facilities
  • Easily accessible from the command line interface
  • The informative dashboard provides a wide range of useful data about the daily profit tags, stats, funds earned and withdrawn, and managing the entire system well
  • The app promises maximum profit
  • The handling of the entire procedure is mostly automated and happens with ease
  • The close-knit security performs a 2-factor verification process

7. Shamining

A constructively strong and powerful cloud mining software available for crypto mining, Shamining is easy to use provided that there lies no need for extra hardware skills and other major skill sets. The following are more features offered by this software:-

  • Enables miners to use this app from almost all kinds of device
  • The commonly used platform
  • Easily calculated features for getting the right numbers on income
  • Meagre levels of maintenance fee for high earning generation
  • Constant technical support

8. Computta

A secured software designed by cryptography experts, Computta wittingly offers the following intuitive interface features to the users:-

  • Customisable space for user dashboard
  • Easy to use with simple clicks for mining
  • Automated tools and algorithms are present. Hence, no extra effort is needed
  • Performs mining within few mins
  • Supported by Windows platform
  • Entirely free to use and avail
  • Diurnal deeply analysed reports of the ongoing bitcoin tradings

However, it cannot guarantee high earning potential because of the high maintenance fee charged. 

9. Hashing24

Comprising the inbuilt mining system with all the tools already available in its archives so that no extra investment in buying additional equipment or hardware, Hashing24 offers the following features to its users:-

  • Very less maintenance fee so that the user can enjoy the highest earning potential possible from the bitcoin trading and bitcoin mining functions
  • An easy to use and user-friendly app that starts to work with mere clicks for initial commands
  • Uses the ASICS basics and newest cips
  • Cooling technology is also available 
  • However, it only mines bitcoin currency

10. Easy Miner

An open-source software, Easy Miner delves deeper as a sophisticated cryptocurrency mining app that runs on a smooth GPU. Not only Bitcoin, but the users will be able to deal with various other forms of cryptocurrencies (there exist more than 1000 cryptocurrencies in the world since the advent of the term a decade ago). 

The software heartily stands compatible with Windows PC and opens its doors to advanced features wider with the inclusion of ASIC Hardware. 

Along with the seamlessly smooth and easy-to-use UI, Easy Miner eases the load further by highly integrating as a cryptocurrency wallet. 

11. CGMiner

The 2011 launched bitcoin mining app is considered of stellar rankings due to its user-friendly and simple-to-navigate options set on the open-source platform. CGMiner app comes with great versatility to all its ends; the software provides remote rigs and controlled fan speeds over the command-line interface on the smooth keyboard. 

It immediately identifies the newest blocks so that the hashing power can be simultaneously built. It is freely available and downloadable for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. Supporting cross-platform hardware connections and cross-platform operating systems, CGMiner comes out to be a prominent platform for veterans rather than beginners of cryptocurrency trading seeing to the extensively advanced features present. 

12. ECOS

Considered as one of the best cloud-based cryptocurrency mining software, ECOS is a 2017 launched software that has gained more than 900,000 users within the short span of its release. 

Offering more than expected, ECOS is not only a cryptocurrency mining software but also a full-fledged platform where the user is allowed to perform exchanges, investments, savings and an integrative wallet. 

Another aspect of appreciating ECOS wholeheartedly is that it sits equally compatible with iPhone users as well as Android Smartphone users. The android users can get the software application from the Google PlayStore while the iOS users are free to use the App Store. 

13. MultiMiner

Possessing an impressive GPU, 2013 launched MultiMiner has drawn immense attention over its automated mining features that are quite rare to find especially when the cryptocurrency has been labelled to fluctuate unexpectedly sometimes. 

The 2013 launched application stands perfect for all the rookies who have newly come aboard to get a taste of the actual cryptocurrency trading system. 

14. Nice Hash Miner

Another free to use and avouch app that is not only equipped with advanced tools but also serve as an informative haven for all the beginners in the field of cryptocurrency trading, here is a list of all useful features provided by NiceHash Miner:-

  • The Mining process of the software begins at a single-click and thus provides the easiest environment to work
  • The regularly updated dashboard of the user provides information regarding tracking profits, temperature, load, RPM of fan, etc.
  • There are various algorithms that work increasingly well as you progress to understand the app. However, most of these intricate algorithms are automated. Users can still choose to go manula once they have learned the basics. 
  • The most self-explanatory interface


So, these were some of the mining apps that you could use in order to obtain money via bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading. It is important to set foot in this arena as soon as possible because soon enough the term of trading in cryptocurrency shall be one of the most prominent careers. 

It is true that for now, the cryptocurrency market faces an overpowering shadow of uncertainty. Especially after the 2021 loss the investors have faced in the recent months, the change was supposedly unexpected seeing to the congratulatory progress earned in the field of cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • How many cryptocurrencies are there in the world?

In the world, since the advent of cryptocurrency in the past decade, there have been around 6,500 cryptocurrencies, as of September 2021. However, most of them are near to nil profitable and the only prominent ones to deal with are bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and LTC.

  • Do there exist any fake cryptocurrency apps?

Yes, there are fake cryptocurrency apps from which you should be safe. There are around 167 such apps. Therefore, try to use only the aforementioned or the commonly used popular ones to reduce the risk of running into fraud.

  • Is Bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency mining illegal?

As far as recent reports are concerned, Crypto mining is illegal in certain countries and regions. Some of them include China, Russia (with certain relaxations), Bolivia, Columbia and Ecuador. However, much of the globe have accepted the inclusion of cryptocurrency.

  • How does cryptocurrency mining generate money?

Cryptocurrency generates money via the process of cryptocurrency mining if facilitated as a miner. However, by trading cryptocurrency also you can get money according to the daily value of bitcoin.

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