Can Apple Maps challenge Google Maps in 2018?

Since the day of its launch, Apple Maps has been marked by a below-par performance much to the user’s dismay. Even after Apple executive Craig Federighi assured the users that the team would “triple down” on revamping the software, usability issues persisted which pulled back the feature from presenting a decent competition to the champ of the sport, Google Maps.

Can Apple Maps challenge Google Maps in 2018?

Users have often registered erroneous detailing in the map, putting Apple in an extreme pressure point where they are compelled to incorporate rectifications.

Though the software has come a long way modifying itself, it still fails to be in a comparison with Google Maps. Apple Maps can now function as satisfactorily as any other available mapping software, but navigators still count its rival as a cut above the rest.

Recently, Justin O’Beirne, cartographer and former Apple employee drafted a comprehensive and intriguing report, putting together his erudition on the subject. He calls Google Maps as way too superior to that of Apple, pointing out clear-cut instances from usage issues.

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According to O’Beirne, “Apple Maps can be considered pretty useful while navigating large cities like New York and Los Angeles, but Google Maps dons an upper hand when it comes to detailed data on small city maps.” O’Beirne even posts pictures to compare the mapping of his hometown on both the apps, and shows that intricate information is being handled by Google.

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“Perhaps the biggest difference is the building footprints: Google seems to have them all, while Apple doesn’t have any,” notes O’Beirne. He testifies that Google’s building footprints are relatively new, which indeed notifies timely inspection and addition of data.

However, O’Beirne’s report has triggered intense discussions on the chances stood by Apple Map to surpass its greatest competitor in the near future.

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