7 Best Fake Email Generators to Use in 2022

What are Fake Email Generators?

Seemingly taking a twist from the mundane email boxes and services we use generally, fake email generators constitute a temporary mailbox that is equally capable of sending and receiving emails like a normal mailbox. 

Sometimes regarded as a ‘disposable mailbox’ or ‘temporary mailbox’ because of its nature of vanishing once the job is done, fake email generators can keep the user anonymous over the internet. Due to its capability of staying unnamed, you can use fake email generators to reply to other emails harbouring the fear of being traced. 

Top 7 Fake Email Generators

  • Temp Mail
  • Email On Deck
  • 10minutemail
  • Guerillamail
  • Throwawaymail

It also prevents you from falling prey to the spam mails on your official mailbox because once you provide the mail of the temporary mailbox, the fake email generator will not heed to the spam mails sent as it would ultimately be disposed off. 

Hence, save your sanity by being disconnected from the subscription begging mails and agencies sending you newsletter every other day. Keep your official email box clutter-free with some of the best fake email generators are:-

1. Temp Mail

Similar to the identity it carries, Temp Mail indeed deletes itself off sooner than later once it has been successfully created. Serving as one of the most trustable and availing platforms that are compatible with almost any device online, Temp Mail remains as the top contending platform with the greatest capability of being a competent guard of your official mailbox. 

Mainly formulated to make the online activities of verification processes easier than expected, Temp Mail does not let the plaguing spam as well junk mails to even get near to the boundaries of your official mailbox. 

2. holds the specialty of keeping you anonymous and undetected on the internet while you commit online activities without any hassle. 

The easy to understand and navigate through the user interface simplest the process of being reckoned to modulate the settings. It allows random creation of email id and stipulated according to the parameters of your choices. 

Hence, this prudent fake email generator keeps you safe with its strong privacy systems and does not let annoying emails arrive at your doors. 

3. Email On Deck

Tailored for suiting your online surfing needs and holding your privacy as the top priority, Email on Deck is free to avail and use software where the users do not have to sign-in methodologically in order to incorporate it. 

Lasting for around a day or two, the software has a simple outlook and easy settings to handle. Therefore, it grows to be a popular choice amongst users. 


An easy-to-understand and use, is user-friendly software where not much rocket science has to be wrecked over. The reason behind its simplicity and originality is that when you open it, the outlook of the presentation looks similar to that of a normal email box. Hence, this charismatic striking similarity makes it easier to use. 

The astonishing feature of this fake email generator is that you can use it as a real email box. The aspect of it being throwaway email is an additional advantage. If you happen to use it as an email box, you will see that you have the flexibility of setting and turning off notifications and even customizing them well enough for your convenience. 

5. 10minutemail

Specially designed for disposing off the troubling spam mails within a short span of time, 10minutemail ensures to put a do not disturb board on your official mailbox. 

Standing quite true and virtuous towards its name, once the email id has been created randomly over this disposable fake email generator, the account will automatically dismantle itself after 10 mins of its creation in order to immediately block any disturbing mails to reach you. 

However, if you wish to keep the fake email id alive for a longer time, you can tweak the settings of the timing segment and toggle it. 

6. Guerillamail

Regarded as the classic indeed, given it remains as one of the oldest yet the best, the Guerillamail fake email generator attracts users because of its aspect of not needing any sign-up or complex verification process before availing the benefits. 

The email shall remain active for a maximum of one year before dissolving and ending itself. In this way, the spam would never be successful to reach your official email address as well as your identity will be safe too. All the future messages and spam emails addressed to this fake email id associated with the Guerillamail will be deleted without even touching the margins of your email box.  

The best part about it is that it charges no fee for its extraordinarily incredible service. 

7. Throwawaymail

Keeping your fake email identity for relatively longer than the time period associated with the Guerillamail, Throwawaymail is a fake email generator that will not let the spam mails which are a consequence of various site sign-ups and sign-ins reach to your official email account. 

This fake email generator is ideal for those who wish to create multiple email id accounts and want to make use of these fake ids for a longer duration of time. 

Like discarding the mails that would plague you, it also rejects the notion of needing to register yourself on this software to use it. Hence, before the fake email account expires in two days, make as much use of it as you can. 


An important note to all the users is that kindly stay with the popular and credible email generators only. It is so because hackers have found space in these segments as well; using a lesser-known email generator can be dangerous because that could be a malware-laced application designed by a hacker who is waiting for someone to access it. 

Once you innocuously click and access it to use, your data and private credentials will be automatically sucked in by the bugs put on the software. The channel would then be directed to the hacker who would create havoc after cracking your personal information. 

So, what are your views on these fake email generators? Let us know in the comments!

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