Top Free Gaming Websites To Download Games On PC, Android and iOS

Games are attributed to a considerate section of the young population because of the adrenaline rush that fuels their gitty brains. The undeniable frenzy in adventurous ups and downs where the enemy can only be tackled if forged forward accordingly, games are resting places of gaming connoisseurs. 

And while big gaming giants play in billions by restricting the gaming platforms to some consoles and paid forums, there are some sites that let the gamers freely avail the best games present on the website to download. 

Do you want to enjoy the games that can easily be downloaded, irrespective of the device used, without being charged a penny? Fret, not! Here is a list of the top 8 gaming websites to download games on PC, Android and iOS:-

Free Gaming Websites To Download Games

  • Origin
  • Kongregate
  • Steam
  • Softonic
  • GOG
  • Ova Games
  • GameJolt

1. Origin

Mostly constituting the games developed by none other than Electronic Arts, Origin is compatible for being downloaded on PC for both Mac and Windows. Even though there are various paid games available, there are several notable games too that are splayed for free for the gamers. 

The laudable section of games include The Sims series, Star Wars, Apex Legends, the latest Battlefield 2042, Assassin’s Creed and lots more to delve in. Origin provides an explicitly exotic gaming experience with its fine interactive and broadcasting features.

2. Kongregate

The Kongrete sits well with both the mobile OS (iOS and Android) and PC too. There is an online browsing option provided to the PCs, irrespective of the OS and for mobiles. The respected mobile types can download the app from the designated play stores they have. 

All the user has to do is create an account, which is free, and the entire content of Kongrete will be freely accessible to the user. Interestingly, along with the vast pool of games available, the game developers can upload more such free games, therefore giving you a wider range of choices to choose from. 

3. Steam

The decent section of games available include, Call to Arms, Crusader Kings, and Royal Crown, which are compatible with PCs of Windows and Mac, and mobiles of Android and iOS. 

Interestingly, the site offers in-game tournaments which are quite rare to find in other gaming websites paired with the instantly accessible aspects of the vast pool of games floating over the surface. Besides the string of rows of free games nearly out-numbering the other gaming websites, the characters of the games are customisable as per the player’s choice. 

4. Softonic

A popularly growing gaming website that has its gateways open for both paid and free versions of games, Softonic goes along well with all the devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The games of Softonic can also be accessed via a web browser.

The website provides a strong multiple language support as per the user’s convenience and is regarded as one of the safest plus reliable platforms to download games from. The amazing list of games that can be freely availed include, Call of Duty, World of Tanks, and World of Warships.

5. GOG

The gaming site that had once started with the theme of maintaining only the old PC games alive, GOG has recently seen a surge in both the release of new games as well as its fame amongst the masses of the gaming community. 

The forum is user-friendly where the players can discuss or send their queries if they face any issue related to the games of the website. Due to the cloud platform, the games are readily available to be saved on the cloud storage of the device the player is using. 

All the exotic and invigorating games are available to Windows, Mac and Linux players. 


Once in a while looked down upon because a good portion of the website includes paid games, its seamlessly smooth gaming experience cannot be denied. Also, even though there are several paid games, there is a long list of free as well as web games. 

Plus, some paid games are also providing free demos. And, if you do happen to spend a penny after developing an affinity for the quality-rich website, it will surely be worth it. New collections of games are added on a regular basis. The website even allows the user to organise a library of one’s own. 

Ps. There are absolutely free visual novels available! Comic, manga and anime fans, assemble!

7. Ova Games

The games available on Ova have a spectacular range of genres. Owning nearly all kinds of snippets of events and twists of fate, the user only has to search and find the game to play it. It also has a feature of letting a user reupload a game once a request has been sent for a game to be downloaded from a link provided. 

The splendid curation of the gaming website consists of games from all walks like Snowrunner, Lacuna Save the World, Deathtrap Dungeon and so on. 

All the games on this website are compatible enough to be available to various types of PCs.

8. GameJolt

The site offers a two-in-one feature, the user can browse for free games of choice and also join the gaming community. There are various gaming communities on the site and you can join anyone (or even multiple) to discuss with other maestros and aficionados about a particular game of interest as per desire. 

Available on PC platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac, the user can have hassle-free access to all the games present here. The genre of games expands from anything to everything. There are paid games to access too. 


These were some of the venerable sites that are offering free games to every gamer that are downloadable on almost all kinds of devices and weigh more on the quality of gaming. 

Did you like the gaming websites recommended here which are free to use and easy to download? If yes, then do let us know in the comments which one did you find the best. Also, if you have not started yet, what are you waiting for? Get set and go!

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