Free Netflix Account 2020: 100% Free Netflix Accounts That Work

Still, looking for a free Netflix account and password in November 2020? Want to watch your favorite movies, or T.V series uninterrupted for more than a month?

Lo and behold, your search is over! We are going to share a solid list of working premium Netflix accounts that are absolutely FREE!

You won’t have to do any bogus survey tasks or click on any dubious links. Simple as that! But, you must read this tutorial from start to finish to understand the procedure to get a free Netflix account as well as a free Netflix account generator without any hassles.

So, are you ready to enjoy streaming free movies and T.V shows for an indefinite period?

How To Get a Free Netflix Account 2020?

free netflix account

Now then, there are many websites on the internet that claim to provide a free Netflix account and whatnot. Some of them reckon they have a hack or a fix in place to attain that elusive premium Netflix subscription. But, the problem is most of them are no longer working or do not exist altogether.

So, how does one find a free email and password generator for Netflix? Fret not, we managed to scour various discussion forums, Reddit, and other social media to find Netflix accounts that work. Sounds great? Read on.

What is Netflix Premium?

Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, Netflix is a subscription-based online streaming service that offers a vast array of films, and television series, some of which are produced in-house itself. It was started in 1997 as a DVD by mail and Blu-Ray rental business by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. However, in 2007 Netflix branched out into a streaming media service and grew tremendously over the last decade.

With a prolific global presence in over 190 countries across the world as of 2020, Netflix has more than 125 million subscribers worldwide out of which over 56 million are from the United States alone, according to Wikipedia.

Basically, if you are fond of watching free digital content online, then Netflix is the best option for you with absolutely no restrictions. You can watch the same films over and over again all you want! What’s more, you can stream Netflix on your smartphone and choose from a treasure trove of free movies, T.V series, et al.

free netflix account

Since Netflix is expanding globally and wants to lure in more people by penetrating into untapped markets, it offers a free one-month subscription plan for all new users. However, once they have exhausted the free one-month trial, they would no longer be able to access its premium services.

Of course, if you too want to gorge on your favorite movies or T.V series such as Stranger Things, or Narcos you will have to input your, email and password, credit card details, and pay for the premium subscription after one month has elapsed. But, with a free Netflix account repository at the helm, you needn’t worry!

Just make sure that you cancel your full membership if you have input your credit card details already and don’t want to fork out money on a premium plan. You could also put these Kickass proxy and mirror sites to use for downloading free movies and other digital content.

So, are you ready to enjoy Netflix for an indefinite period of time for watching free movies and T.V shows? Snag any free Netflix account from our list and seize the day.

Free Netflix Account 2020: With Email and Password Details


Disclaimer: One of the above accounts will definitely work although we don’t take absolute guarantee for the same.

Signing Up with a Free Netflix Account (Using Your Email and Password)

free netflix account
  • Simply input a login credential mentioned above and you are ready to use your free Netflix account.
  • After successful signup, you will be directed to enter your credit card details.  
  • Once the registration is complete, choose to go ahead with a free trial account.
  • No need to worry about payment during the trial period, as you can watch all the movies and T.V shows on Netflix for free for up to a month.
  • After the completion of the trial period, you will be asked to opt for a membership plan. Simultaneously there is an option to cancel the membership during the trial period itself.
  • Once you have canceled the subscription, you can again choose another free Netflix account from the list above.
  • Remember you can create up to 5 profiles on a single Netflix account. However, not more than 2 profiles can stream at the same time.

Types of Netflix Membership Plans

Netflix basically has three different streaming plans. Here’s a quick peep at them.

Basic (With SD Resolution): This plan supports watching one screen at a time, with unhindered access to movies and T.V series. You can stream your favorite movies/T.V shows on your Television, Laptop, or smartphone.

Standard (With HD resolution): This plan supports streaming on 2 screens at a time. The rest of the features are similar to the Basic plan.

Premium (With HD+Ultra HD Resolution): This is the ultimate plan which supports streaming on 4 screens at a time. The rest of the features are again the same.

Note One common thread running through all these plans is that their cancellation can be done at any time.

Stay posted and bookmark this page for we are constantly updating every email and password if they are not working.

And…that’s a wrap! Let us know if you managed to snag a free Netflix account from the aforementioned list in the comments.

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