Google launches new app Datally that saves your mobile data

Google has launched a sleek and easy-to-use app for android smartphones that allows users to save up data usage efficiently. The app in the spotlight is Datally (previously called Triangle) that helps users cut down on unwanted data usage and informs them about where exactly their data is going.

Datally’s biggest strength lies in its ability to tell which app is using the most data and at what time the data is being used up. Not only that, the app also suggests nearby Wi-Fi networks that a user can connect with to save up data usage.

However, hardcore android fans might not be really impressed with the app, but that’s understandable. Almost all of the app’s functions are hidden in the settings menu but they aren’t as easily understandable and spelled out clearly as they are in Datally.

As a standalone app, Datally will make it easier for users to find these settings and effectively use them.

The idea to build this app was conceived considering the lengths people can go to preserve data in cities like Delhi, Buenos Aires and Lagos.

According to Josh Woodward, product manager at Datally, “People in countries with expensive mobile plans have a habit of keeping their phones in airplane mode to prevent data usage.”

According to Google, Datally has already stacked up 500,000 users and helped users save 30 percent of their data.

The app was primarily launched exclusively in Philippines early this year as a pilot project. As of today, it is being released worldwide and will be available on phones running Android 5.0 or higher.

All in all, Datally aims to be a viable option for those who are constantly bumping up against their data cap.

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