Microsoft launches amazing new Windows 10 Preview for PC

Microsoft has released a huge new Windows 10 preview for personal computers with a gamut of input improvements and settings.

Since Microsoft Windows 10 is a service, it can be constantly updated with bug fixes as well as new features. Not to mention, it was built in a very different way from its predecessors such as Windows 8.1, 8 and Windows 7.

This November update is Microsoft’s biggest one yet. It was preceded by three more updates namely- Anniversary update, Creators update and Fall creators update.

Here’s a lowdown on the latest November build:

Windows now allows users to adjust the brightness of their SDR content whilst running in HDR mode in desktop.

To check if your computer supports SDR-: Go to Settings > System > Display > HDR and advanced colour settings.

Further, if you got to Ease of Access Settings, you will find new options such as “change cursor thickness,” “Change touch feedback” and “Change pointer size and colour.”


We already know that shape-writing input for the one-handed keyboard was assimilated in Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update. But, with this brand new November build, shape-writing is available on the wide touch keyboard as well.


There are some more nifty additions. For instance, the insertion gesture for adding more space between words or letters has been updated to a small caret.

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Instead, a new gesture allows you to commit your text. The new gesture is a 90 degree angle bracketing the end of your text.

This rings true for all handwritten languages except Chinese which will still have a layout similar to the previous build where the buttons in the handwriting panel collapse by default.

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Here are the full details of all the updates and bug fixes.

  • This update has added extra settings that let you manage and view your activity log/history which is used by Cortana to allow you to pick up from where you left off. You can find these settings in Settings > Privacy > Activity history.
  • Resolved a bug where network profiles change from Private to Public after an upgradation to the previous build.
  • Resolved a bug where checkboxes went missing from certain win32 apps.
  • Resolved a typo error in the Windows Defender Security Center’s Controlled Folder Settings.
  • Resolved a bug where the “Working on updates” screen remained black with a tiny theme coloured box instead of being entirely theme coloured.
  • Resolved a bug resulting in UWP app at times leaving some drop shadow leftovers after closing the window.
  • Resolved a bug where dormant window scrolling wouldn’t work when Excel 2016 was in focus.
  • Resolved a bug that lead to a noticeable flicker when using a precision touchpad or hotkeys to shuffle between virtual desktops.
  • Resolved a bug where the XAML Reveal light wouldn’t follow the mouse until after the first mouse click. It used to instead show the entire element lit. Also, the issue could be seen in XAML based UI and Settings in the last few builds.
  • Resolved a bug making changes to Feedback Frequency under Feedback & Diagnostics Settings not remaining after leaving the page and visiting again.
  • Resolved a bug where Start wouldn’t open even when you pressed the Windows key while the system menu from Task Manager window or elevated Command Prompt was open.
  • Resolved a rare buggy issue where if users had certain streaming-capable apps on their PC before upgradation, they used to see a black screen pop up with only a cursor for some time after logging in.
  • Resolved a bug from recent flights wherein the Pin Section’s “Add” button in Sign-in Option Settings was not working for local accounts.
  • The icon for Collections in Cortana got an update.
  • The touch keyboard got an update in order to make the margin between each key visual only. This updation will be seen if a user accidentally overshoots the key press by just a tiny bit.
  • The feature to restore applications that have registered exclusively for application restart after you shutdown or reboot (either through power options available on the Start Menu or various other locations on your system) has been allowed to happen only for users that have enabled “Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting my device after an update or restart” in the Privacy section under the Sign-in Options Settings head.


But, it goes without saying that this build is not perfect. It still has some issues and glitches such as these-:

  • Famous Tencent games like NBA2k Online and League of Legends might cause 64-bit PCs to bug check (GSOD).
  • Those VPNs that use custom pop-up windows during connection attempts might fail or find it hard to connect with “error 720.”
  • You might not receive all of your notifications from Cortana due to a bug that was introduced on this build itself. Although Reminders remain unaffected by this bug, but users still might not receive other Cortana notifications that they were expecting.
  • Microsoft said that “they are currently working to fix this issue and will release the fix in an upcoming flight.”
  • Moreover, the Properties dialog for “This PC” in File Explorer isn’t working. Also, it cannot be invoked from the context menu.
  • This one is for developers: Those using an x86 app in a x64 PC remotely lead to “FileNotFound” deployment failures if the target PC is running the Build 17040.
  • However, using an x64 app in a x64 PC remotely or a x86 app in a x86 PC will work just fine.
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