iPhone X’s Face ID feature in need of an upgrade?

Face ID is a much lauded feature embedded with Apple’s iPhone X. The existing Touch ID was replaced by face recognition technique, solely for streamlining gadget management. However, users are now registering complaints to notify that Face ID cannot be relied on to authenticate family purchases.

iPhone X’s Face ID feature in need of an upgrade?

Apple introduced family sharing feature on its gadgets, to enable connections between users of a family where all the subscriptions and purchases go through one member. The feature makes it easy for family members to share App store purchases and iCloud storage plan within themselves.

Furthermore, ‘Ask you Buy’ parental monitoring service can be activated via family sharing feature, which is envisaged to regulate purchases made by children over the internet. Devices other than iPhone X uses Touch ID to trigger authentication. The device, on the other hand, seems to reject the Face ID option and prompts to enter the user’s Apple ID and password for the same.

The failure is presumably due to the fact that iPhone X is not completely efficient in distinguishing between intrinsic facial resemblances. Security lock can be broken easily among siblings, twins and children, especially under the age of 13. In this case, Apple cannot pass the user’s demand for ultimate security over authorisation.

Though the company has not yet responded to the grievance, ArsTechnica has noted that the absence of the feature in such scenes might be due to security concerns. They clearly do not want issues of security breach happening, particularly with the parental controls.

It may not be considered as a serious blow to the technical and brand-related precedence conferred upon the company, but users are raising dissatisfaction in entering user ID and password every single time. Apple might surely want to look into this discussion and come up with more creative solutions.

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