Avatars look a lot like a cartoon version of yourself or any other vector that looks like you, but it’s not you. If you’re a Snapchat user, you’re probably aware of what I’m talking about. Some individuals on social media these days are unwilling to reveal they are true identities, thus the most popular approach to learn about them is to glance at their profile image.

Certain people don’t think twice about posting their personal information all over the internet. Prominent social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and others are an exception to what I just mentioned, but there are still some lesser-known social media and online forums that can’t be entirely trusted, especially when it comes to user privacy and data protection.

That is why, instead of utilizing your real profile photograph, I propose creating and using Avatars. The advantage of creating avatars is that no one else will be using them, and you may use them anyplace on the internet, several times. I’ve included the finest sources for making avatars below.

Best websites to create avatars online

Below are the best Websites to turn your picture into Cartoons, Sketches, or Design a Unique Avatar from scratch with tons of tweaks.

1. Avachara Avatar

Avachara Avatar is one of my personal favourites for creating an online character. This website is fantastic and offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, including tiaras. Unlike the other applications listed, only this program gives you a large number of possibilities.

When you initially open the program, you’ll begin by putting your face together, including the face, skin color, eyes, and so on. After that, go on to fashion, which includes all accessories like the guitar, and ultimately wallpaper. It would be ideal if they supplied us with landscape backdrops, but anything they supply is fine as long as it is all free.

2. Cartoonify

Cartoonify is ranked second among the finest cartoon avatar creators. It features a user interface that is similar to Avatarmaker, which comes before this one.

The creator prompts you for the gender of the avatar you want to create as soon as you enter it.

In comparison to the previous one, this online avatar builder is speedier in terms of operations. For adjustments, you make when playing different characteristics of the face, the processing time is significantly reduced.

The Pros 

  • Quicker avatar changes
  •  Apart from the conventional PNG and Vector files, more important proportions like 600x600px are available for download. In comparison to its look-alike twin, it has fewer invasive advertisements (Avatarmaker).

3. Face Your Manga

Faceyourmanga is the greatest Cartoon Avatar Maker that allows you to create an avatar that looks virtually identical to you. In comparison to other apps, this one includes a lot of options, such as the ability to add blemishes, birthmarks, band-aids, scars, moles, and more.

This software also has a function that allows you to customize your eyebrows. As a result, you may utilize Face Your Manga to make an avatar out of a photograph.

4. Photolamus

Photolamus is the most effective website for creating avatars. This website is unique in that it allows you to create caricatures from photographs. Photolamus creates a realistic, vivid, and portrait-like look. 

This program isn’t free. You must pay for each photo you generate and email to be caricatured. 

However, you will not be disappointed with your purchase since Avatar’s image will draw like an artist. If you want to learn more about the cost and shipping, you may go to the website.

5. Portrait Illustration Maker

Another cartoon Avatar creation website is Portrait Illustration Maker, which allows you to quickly create avatars based on your gender. You don’t have to worry if you’ve never tried graphic design before because the site is user-friendly and anyone may create Avatars without any prior knowledge.

When you visit the websites, you’ll see a slew of customized options inside the first 30 seconds. 

For example, if you want to give your character a new haircut, you may select from over 90 distinct options. You may annotate additional portions of the face in the same way.

If you’re searching for a pure cartoon-style Avatar generating site rather than a sketchy one, this is the one to go for.

6. My Blue Robot

This is by far the greatest tool for creating cartoon avatars. One disadvantage is that it does not provide as many options as the previous applications, but it does have some unique features, such as the ability to enlarge the eyes, lips, and head by utilizing a magnifying glass with a minus or plus sign inside it.

You can shift your eyes up and down or put them wider apart. Another feature of this When the app is the ability to create an avatar by tilting your head.

7. DollDivine

This is a fantastic tool for creating fantastical characters. Doll Divine is one of the most useful tools for making anime avatars. This website provides everything you need if you are a Manga fan. 

Select a guy or girl and begin annotating them with a variety of manga-inspired haircuts, scars, skin tones, and over 20 different backgrounds. Doll Divine comes highly recommended if you’re seeking the greatest anime character creation online.

8. Meiker

Meiker is a fantastic tool for creating your own free dress-up game or character designer. There is no need for coding or additional abilities. If you have a PSD file, upload it to Meeker and your avatar will be ready in a matter of minutes. 

To achieve the most attractive results, simply select your favorite goods from various categories. They provide a wide range of hair colors, styles, clothes, and other items to choose from. 

Create an account and begin creating an avatar character.


  1. With the help of a dress-up game, you may create your own avatar character.
  2. There are some new clothes, some warm and some sparkly.
  3. There are several layers to this.
  4. Brushes can be customized in their entirety.
  5. Makeup and skin toning are two new features.

9. BeFunky

Do you enjoy messing with images because you’re a creative type? Here’s a website where you can make practically anything! All you have to do is upload a bitmap representation, and the rest is up to your creative imagination — with the assistance of the BeFunky site’s tools, of course. 

See if you can beat your own record! Psst, by the way, it’s completely free.

10. Shrink Pictures

If you’re looking for a simple way to make an avatar online, you should use Shrink Pictures. Although it isn’t a full-featured avatar creator, the avatar may be used on a forum or bulletin board.

The online program reduces the size of your pictures before turning them into an avatar. If you don’t want to go through all of the personalization steps, you may build an avatar with Shrink Pictures.

What is an avatar?

An avatar is a photo that you use to identify yourself on social networking, in a role-playing game, or on your blog. Websites and online role-playing games frequently employ avatars. 

It functions similarly to an online ID card in terms of allowing others to identify you.

Why do people use Avatars on the internet?

  • Identity theft and breach protection on the internet. Hackers frequently take your images from online social media accounts.
  • They utilize it to imitate you for a variety of sinister purposes.
  • Avatars aid in the creation of a unified persona across several platforms. Use Gravatar to create a unique identity for your avatar and use it throughout forums and social media.
  • Online avatars are more durable and may be retained for a longer period of time. Unlike genuine images, cartoon avatars do not require frequent updating.

You may utilize them for a longer amount of time without fear of their becoming obsolete.


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