Why Do You Need a VPN for Hotstar To Access Live TV Shows From Anywhere?

Are you mad about Bollywood films? Or may you can’t get enough of the Indian cricket league? Maybe you’re an Indian expert looking for a little piece of home in your entertainment options. Then, Hotstar is the best Indian content streaming platform for all your needs.

Hotstar gives you access to thousands of hours of the best entertainment India has to offer. But, there’s only one problem. It’s geo-restricted, so you can’t access it from outside India or an accepted geographical region.

Why Can’t You Stream Hotstar from a Geo-Restricted Region?

The following error message appears whenever you try to stream Hotstar content from outside a geo-supported region;

“Uh-Oh, we cannot playback due to geographic restrictions.”

Why is that so? And, more importantly, what can you do about it?

Hotstar has geo-restrictions because Indian TV networks have specific content right selling models for various international markets. Such models worked when viewers could only depend on conventional TV networks for their entertainment.

It all changed with the wider availability of dependable internet connections and streaming services. This means that you can’t watch Hotstar since your local TV networks may also hold your country’s streaming rights.

So, How Can You Access Hotstar Outside India?

For now, VPN services are the best way to by-pass geo-restrictions. But, not just any services will do. You’ll need a fast VPN for Hotstar and network regulators to politely look the other way. This is because industry regulators use advanced filters to check your IP address and other geo-tracking aspects such as your DNS server.

Is It Illegal to Use VPN to Stream Hotstar Content?

This is a huge misconception among many people. The short answer is; No, It’s not illegal to use VPN to by-pass geographical restrictions when streaming content. All you’re doing is accessing a paid service that’s currently unavailable in your country.

This differs heavily from torrenting or other forms of piracy. Sure, you are in direct violation of Hotstar’s term of service, and they’d be within their rights to terminate your access.

But, they often choose to look the other way since they appreciate your enthusiasm. So, you won’t face any criminal proceedings or lawsuits no matter where you are in the globe.

Why is a Fast VPN Vital to Unlimited Hotstar Access?

It’s quite frustrating when video buffering interrupts a live cricket match or a juicy bit of your favorite Bollywood soap opera. This is incredibly annoying when you have a high-speed internet connection, but your VPN can’t keep up.

A Fast VPN can help you address such a challenge. These services can access thousands of servers in hundreds of locations. This includes countries that have access to Hotstar. Fast VPNs are also more secure than free options that track and leak your location to Hotstar’s geo-filters.

What Features Should You Look for in a Fast VPN for Hotstar?

A fast VPN needs to keep up with advanced filters and DNS servers to ensure you can stream Hotstar at high definition. But, some VPNs are not built with the unique geographical requirements for accessing content originating from India.

Here are a few things that will secure your privacy as you watch shows on Hotstar;

  • Advanced NoBorder Mode

Such a feature and a camouflage mode will allow you to stream Hotstar, and your government will be none-the-wiser. It’s masks your online activities so effectively that it looks like regular data traffic. You could even sneak a peek at while at work, but don’t neglect your duties.

  • Active Proxy Servers Located in India

When you need to stream Hotstar content at high speed, it helps to have a VPN whose servers are located in India. This helps in ensuring Hotstar’s advanced geo-filters are not suspicious of your IP address.

  • An Intuitive User Interface

The last thing you want is a VPN that has complex set-up procedures and customization tools. So, it’s best to opt for a VPN that you can download and start using within minutes. After all, why should you miss a single minute of your favorite Bollywood content?

  • Dynamic Encryption for Enhanced Leak Protection

Such a feature is essential in hiding your personal information as you stream online content. It’s also beneficial if the VPN can reconnect you to Hotstar automatically after a network interruption.

  • Simultaneous Cross Devices Compatibility

A good VPN works on every device, whether it’s using Windows, Android, or any operating system. But, a great VPN allows everyone in your household to watch Hotstar on their device at the same time.

  • Secure Log-in Processes

Zero trust log-in procedures such as two-factor authentication (2FA) are highly effective in protecting your credentials. They also prevent hackers from using social engineering or bruit-force attacks to access your personal information.

What You Can Do Right Now to Access Live TV Shows on Hotstar

A reliable VPN can help you by-pass Hotstar’s geo-restrictions so you can watch live shows. Sure, that may sound not too easy, but it is easier than you may think. And, best of all, you can get started right now from the comfort of where you are reading this article.

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