Best Auto Tune Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

In recent years, the use of auto tune in music production has skyrocketed. It is now common to find abundant use of auto tune in singing in popular hit songs and albums on Spotify. There are even mobile apps available that can automatically tune your vocals in real time, right from the comfort of your own home. If you are a musician looking for an affordable recording solution, there are several auto tune apps available for both Android and iOS that can help enhance your vocals and make them radio-ready.

Why should you use Auto Tune Apps in Singing?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider using auto tune apps in your singing. Auto tune is now widely used by many pop artists and rappers in their music, so there is no shame in using it to enhance your vocals. Auto tune can help modulate your voice and improve your vocal range.

It is important to use auto tune in moderation, however. Too much auto tune can result in a distorted or unnatural sound. There are many paid auto tune software options available, but there are also several high-quality auto tune apps that are completely free. If you are interested in using auto tune to improve your singing, be sure to check out our list of the best auto tune apps for Android and iOS.

Note: If you are interested in using auto tune in music production on a PC and do not want to use a mobile app, there are several high-quality auto tune VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins available for free. These plugins can be used to add auto tune effects to your audio tracks in a digital audio workstation (DAW) or other music production software. Some examples of popular free auto tune VST plugins include Antares Auto-Tune, GSnap, and KeroVee. Do some research and experimentation to find the plugin that best suits your needs and workflow.

Best Auto Tune Apps for Android and iPhone

1. Smule

Smule is a highly popular and unique music app that allows users to sing together with top artists, friends, and loved ones from anywhere in the world. It offers top-notch pitch correction and real-time tuning with its auto tune feature, ensuring that your vocals sound perfect and stay on key. In addition to its excellent vocal tuning capabilities, Smule also functions as a Karaoke app, allowing you to belt out your favorite songs on your Android or iPhone. Overall, if you want a feature-rich music app that covers all the bases, Smule is the ideal choice.

Android | iPhone and iPad

2. TuneMe

If you are an aspiring hip hop or R&B singer looking to create high-quality tracks with your vocals, TuneMe is the app for you. It offers pitch shifter and auto-pitch effects and over 500+ free beats for recording audio tracks, making it one of the best auto tune apps available for both Android and iOS devices. With TuneMe, you can even use the auto tune feature on songs from popular artists like Eminem, T-Pain, Post Malone, Lil Pump, and Kanye West. In addition to its impressive array of auto tune options, TuneMe also has preset editing tools that allow you to record background music tracks, lay down your voice over mp3 melodies, and automatically sync your vocals with the beats.


3. Voloco

If you are looking for a music app that can quickly and automatically tune up your vocals, Voloco may be a good option to consider. This app allows you to record your voice and adjust its intonation in real time, resulting in immediately processed vocals that are ready for playback. Voloco also offers an extensive beat library where you can rap or sing along.

In addition to these features, Voloco allows you to export your auto tuned vocals to other music making apps for final mixing and sharing. You can easily share your recorded performances using the app. With a wide range of vocal effects presets available, Voloco can be a useful tool for improving and showcasing your vocal skills.

Android | iPhone and iPad

4. Starmaker

Starmaker is an auto tune app with over 50 million users that also functions as a music streaming platform for Android and iOS devices. One of its standout features is “take the mic,” which elevates your vocal recording experience.

Simply sing along to songs with lyrics cards, like in Karaoke, and adjust the pitch of your vocals in real time. Additionally, Starmaker offers a personalized songbook based on your favorite songs or music preferences.

Android | iPhone and iPad

5. MicDroid

For aspiring singers, hitting those high notes can be a challenge. MicDroid can help you achieve this goal with its real-time pitch correction and vocal enhancement features. The user interface is simple and clean, and one of the best things about this excellent auto tune app is that it doesn’t display ads.

With MicDroid, you can share your recorded tracks with friends and fans on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or even email them to anyone.


6. RapChat

RapChat is an excellent app for beginner rap and hip hop artists, with a vast collection of beats and an auto vocal tune feature that allows you to sing along to your favorite rappers.

The interface is neat and clean, and you can either type in your own lyrics or sing along to existing ones. With RapChat, you can easily create and share your content with friends and family.

Android | iPhone and iPad

7. VoiceSynth

VoiceSynth is an essential tool for musicians and producers, offering a wide range of effects that can be applied to your voice. If you struggle to hit the right notes or sing in unison, VoiceSynth can help with its pitch shifter, reverb, delay, distortion, and sound designer effects.

It also includes AutoPitch technology, which can adjust the tonality of your voice and fine-tune it for any song. Overall, Voice Synth is one of the best auto tune apps for quickly enhancing your vocals.

iPhone and iPad

8. AutoTune Mobile

AutoTune Mobile is a must-have auto tune app for your smartphone and tablet. It’s a professional audio recording software that makes pitch correction of vocals a breeze. As you sing, AutoTune Mobile automatically detects the notes and adjusts them to the correct key of the song.

You can then save your vocal tracks and listen to the saved results once you’re finished singing. This app is also great for beginners, as it uses a chromatic scale to customize the tonality to the desired range. Plus, it works seamlessly with other Android music apps.

iPhone and iPad

9. Vio

Vio is an innovative auto tune app that excels in real-time vocal correction. No matter your singing ability, Vio allows you to reach high notes with ease, just like your favorite musicians. It also lets you customize the song key, scale, tempo, and more.

Additionally, you can output your recorded vocal tracks in various audio formats, such as .WAV, .MP3, and .FLAC, and share them with friends or fans through YouTube, SoundCloud, or Dropbox.

iPhone and iPad

10. Learn To Sing

Learn To Sing is a unique Android app that is designed to teach novice singers how to hit high notes accurately, rather than providing pitch correction like other auto tune apps.

It features a range of vocal exercises to help you recognize intervals, do vocal warm-ups, and more, allowing you to improve your singing technique and reach high notes without the need for fine-tuning your recordings.



There are many auto tune apps available that can help you improve your singing and achieve pitch-perfect vocals. These apps range from those that offer real-time pitch correction and vocal enhancement to those that provide a variety of effects and allow you to customize the tonality and range of your voice.

Some also offer features such as Karaoke functionality and the ability to share your recorded tracks with others. No matter what your needs are, there is an auto tune app that can help you take your singing to the next level.

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