Best Chrome Ad Blockers To Use In 2021: A Freedom From Plaguing Advertisements!

The ads popping now and then while viewing websites are a pain indeed. Oftentimes they act as a major reason why we leave a website because it was flooded with ads. Also, the additional concern remains that, unlike apps, you do not have any premium version of Chrome that can keep the ads at bay. 

However, the ad blockers churn through the sea of ads to come as a rewarding blessing. 

Chrome ad blockers are utilised to block the apps that might pop out of nowhere. If you are also pestered with ads while surfing on Chrome, here is a list of the best Chrome Ad Blockers that you can use in 2021 to be free of ads!

Best Chrome Ad Blockers in 2021

  • AdBlock Plus
  • AdGuard
  • Fair Adblocker
  • Privacy Badger
  • uBlock Origin
  • Ghostery
  • Total Adblock

1. AdBlock Plus

A free to use ad blocker that sits compatible with almost all devices and over a wide range of operating systems, the AdBlock Plus lists out these features it shall provide to its users:-

  • It is capable of blocking unnecessary banners, auto-play video ads and pop-ups
  • Along with Chrome, it extends its free services for smaller entities on Firefox, Opera and Safari
  • It well supports iOS and Android
  • It can easily block the third-party website trackers clouding behind your online tracks and trigger suspicious downloads that can have malwares laced with it
  • Even though it has an Acceptable Ads list that lets some intrusive ads be present, it can be easily disabled. 

2. AdGuard

Regarded as one of the best standalone and all-in-one ad blocker for Chrome, the tremendously useful features seething within the cores that get deployed to the users are:-

  • It ensures ad blocking facility along with safe browsing options so that the netizens can have a rosy time
  • Supported by Mac, Windows, iOS and Android
  • AdGuard does not require the monotonous installation process. Instead, some tweaks in the AdGuard DNS setting created for ad blocking are good enough for a head start. 
  • It can also protect your home devices from tracking, and keeps guarding them all while blocking ads. 
  • It allows parental controls to filter out the possible adult content from the view of kids

3. Fair Adblocker

The Fair Adblocker has been known to block ads from Facebook, web-based mails and search ads as well as annoying pop-ups. The free to use Chrome extension splays the given features for the users to leisurely sit back while skimming through the layers of websites and web browsers:-

  • It facilitates a safe browsing experience by dismantling the third-party tracking triggers, protection against possible malwares and shielding from insecure website security threats
  • Provides a platform for personalized and private browsing
  • Fair Adblocker offers the customisation feature to selectively block ads and show those that you probably like.

4. Privacy Badger

Well-supported for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, the Privacy Badger is an ad blocker that has been based out of AdBlock Plus. Besides protecting you from the aggressive third-party tracking means with sinister activities intended, here are some of the features of the Privacy Badger belonging from the Electronic Frontier Foundation:-

  • The built-in algorithm function to set the sites for you and keep a wary eye over any new tracking means that could come out
  • The customisable option present allows the user to even choose and selectively block the ads they wish to
  • It also provides business models that have embedded privacy tools to ensure online safety

5. uBlock Origin

Available for Chrome and Firefox, the uBlock Origin has been designed as a simplified platform with easy to handle tools that are effective in the following tactics:-

  • It elevates the user experience by providing faster and secure browsing space
  • uBlock Origin extends a platform for content-filtering with an impressive list of extra filters and even allows you to create your own filters
  • Utilises low resources for saving the load of the device system under use
  • It is easy to thrash-out the residue of malwares, unnecessary advertisements and unprotected sources
  • It is a free to use, lightweight and open source software

6. Ghostery

Specifically engineered to twirl the clocks of settings and bring forth a better version of web surfing, Ghostery can effectively block the ads uproaring on the web pages and websites along with assisting the user in the following ways:-

  • It is an open source platform that remains entirely free to avail and avouch
  • Ghostery ensures that the users have a tidier and safer place to visit, meanwhile also paving way for saving their time 
  • It creates a privacy browsing environment for iOS and Android users
  • It is well-supported and suited for Chrome, Cliqz, Firefox, Opera and Edge. 
  • It provides an easy to use and user-friendly interface that are simple to navigate through
  • Ghostery comes to you with a set of analytics for letting you customise your space. 

7. Total Adblock

A Chrome extension designed to not let pop-ups and ads ruin your joy of surfing online, the Total Adblock offers the following alluring features to its users:-

  • It boosts the browsing capacity of internet by blocking the ads and pop-ups that cause the screen to lag and hang
  • If there exist any other third-party tracking apps that hunting behind you and your internet activities, Total Adblock cuts off those as well
  • Also, oftentimes it has been witnessed that the site cookies take a major part of the screen that make it difficult to read the content. Hence, Total Adblock has been created to be proficient in removing such site cookies too. 
  • If you are watching videos on chrome, it blocks the auto-play advertisements and lets you have a seamlessly smooth experience

The inbuilt Chrome Ad Blocking System

Google Chrome already has an inbuilt system of blocking or allowing ads in the Chrome browser while the user is viewing and surfing online. Follow the given steps to see how you can activate the ingrained ad blocking system:-

  1. Move to the tab of Google Chrome and click on the Address bar. 
  2. From there, click on the info button and then go for site settings
  3. Scroll down and click on the Ads tab
  4. Right beside the ads tab, there is an option available. When you click on it, the drop-down list shows three choices you can opt for: Block (default), Allow and Block. 

While Block (default) is set as by default, you can opt between Allow and Block. Block will disable ads while Allow might enable them. 

This is a good way to block ads without needing the intervention of third-party apps and extensions. However, it does not possess the specialised effectiveness an ad blocker does. 

So, what do you think about the above-mentioned chrome ad blockers and chrome extensions? Let us know in the comments which one resonated with your interests!

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