Best Clipboard Managers for Windows [with download links]

Windows, similar to macOS, also has a clipboard manager that makes it easy to copy and paste text, photos and other data between apps. Microsoft’s Clipboard Manager in Windows 10 did a great job of this, allowing you to save up to 25 text samples to paste later. Microsoft carried over the predecessor with Windows 11, making it more versatile, by adding the ability to copy photos, emoticons, and other symbols to the clipboard.

Despite these feature add-ons, Windows 10 and Windows 11’s native clipboard manager still falls short of what they should be: it’s inconsistent and often fails to copy certain items. Not to mention that using the default clipboard manager to manage clipboard history is still a pain.

So, if your job requires you to copy and paste a lot of data into apps and you want advanced features like autosave, hotkeys, plugins, cloud-syncing, and more, these are the best clipboard managers for Windows.

Best clipboard managers for Windows

  1. ClipClip
  2. CopyQ
  3. Ditto
  4. ClipboardFusion
  5. ClipMate
  6. Clipboard Master

1. ClipClip

The most common clipboard manager for Windows is ClipClip. It allows you to copy multiple text, images and other file types to your clipboard. After you copy the clippings, you can go through them and sort them into multiple folders by title.

ClipClip uses a keyboard shortcut that displays a list of all your previous clippings so you can paste them quickly. It also includes another useful tool called Text Translation, which allows you to translate your text clippings into multiple languages ​​with a single click.

ClipClip allows you to check your search history (using a dedicated keyboard shortcut), modify hotkeys to suit your workflow, upload your clips to the cloud, and password-protect your folders.

In addition to these clipboard features, ClipClip also has many other useful features, including screen capture, text formatting, image editing, text extraction (OCR), rapid web search, and cloud syncing with Google Drive and Dropbox.

2. CopyQ

CopyQ is one of the most powerful clipboard managers for Windows. In addition to the history and administration functions of the standard clipboard manager, it includes editing and scripting features. It can store text, HTML snippets, photos (including screenshots), and many other forms. Additionally, you can add comments or tags to what you’ve copied.

On CopyQ, all your saved clippings are preserved in the Personalized tab. You will be able to locate stuff faster and easier this way. Similarly, you can sort, edit and delete your saved items under their respective tabs to keep them organized and manageable. It uses a variety of system-wide shortcuts for various operations, and you can also add custom commands to the context menu, have custom commands run automatically when the clipboard changes, assign shortcuts to custom commands and write custom scripts to perform specific operations with your clipboard.

For example, you can create a command to automatically save site links to your clipboard, or to paste the current date and time with a keyboard shortcut; the possibilities are endless.

3. Ditto

Ditto is not a clipboard manager in the traditional sense. Rather, it is an add-on to the general Windows clipboard that adds functions that obviate the need for a more advanced, dedicated clipboard manager.

You can save almost any type of data with Ditto, including text, photos, HTML snippets, and more. All your clippings are kept in the database for easy access in future. A simple keyboard shortcut allows you to access all of your clippings. Special Paste is another helpful Ditto feature that allows you to paste text in various formats, including upper case, lower case, inverted case, sentence case, and more. Ditto also makes use of several other keyboard shortcuts to help you accomplish various tasks on the app faster and more efficiently.

Ditto allows you to share your clipboard with friends/peers, check statistics for copy and pasted text, group clipping, and modify clip order.

4. ClipboardFusion

One of the most popular clipboard managers for Windows is ClipboardFusion. It strikes a fair balance between being a simple software and a sophisticated clipboard manager with features like macros and customized triggers.

ClipboardFusion allows you to save various items in your clipboard history and retrieve them later when you need them. To make it easy to find your clippings, they are all preserved and sorted. If you have a Binary Fortress account you can also use cloud syncing to sync your clipboard text between devices. Advanced features of Clipboard Fusion include the ability to use hotkeys, write macros to perform text transformations on copied text snippets, and configure triggers to perform various clipboard activities automatically.

For example, you can parse your clipboard text and remove incorrect HTML tags, wipe the clipboard as you wish, or use macros to convert the text to another format. Similarly, you can use triggers to listen for events like desktop unlock or window focus, and then take actions like removing formatting or whitespace from the clipboard, or replacing one part of a text snippet with another.

5. ClipMate

ClipMate, like Ditto, is a clipboard extension for Windows’ default clipboard manager. It extends the capability of the built-in clipboard manager, allowing you to copy multiple text snippets, manage them, and use them effectively wherever you need them.

ClipMate is easy to use and allows you to save different types of files to your clipboard and organize them into folders for quick access. It can protect your text snippets for up to 31 days and allows you to share them with other users. Additionally, the program is portable, so you can run it from a USB thumb drive. Universal QuickPaste is one of ClipMate’s standout features, allowing you to paste objects everywhere with a single double-click. It also includes drag-and-drop capability, which makes transferring duplicated snippets across apps a breeze.

In addition, ClipMate includes a built-in screen capture tool, so you can record your own screen. Advanced capabilities include hotkey support for various functions, outbound filtering, macro pasting to replace components within your clipboard clipping, and Unicode and template support, all of which allow you to do more with your text clips.

6. Clipboard Master

Clipboard Master is a sophisticated clipboard manager for Windows that comes with a long list of capabilities. It allows you to copy, paste, aggregate and organize text snippets, photos, files and directories between different Windows apps. You can have a total of 10,000 entries on it and access them at any time.

One of the most useful capabilities of Clipboard Master is the ability to copy multiple items from multiple locations at the same time. It accomplishes this by creating a single clipboard entry for all of these items, allowing you to quickly copy items from multiple sites and paste them into a central area. It also has FlexiKey, another beneficial feature that can help you simplify repetitive tasks on your computer.

Clipboard Master also has a built-in screenshot tool that helps you capture your screen, text auto-complete to automatically complete text, and quick to find anything in your clipboard entries, among other capabilities. Searches and filters.

Increase your productivity with these Clipboard Managers for Windows

With third-party clipboard managers, you can store multiple text items in your clipboard history over an extended period of time. This means, you can copy-paste text between different apps quickly and efficiently, and in turn, saves you the trouble of retyping the same text multiple times. Plus, you can manage and organize your clippings so that they can be used efficiently. They can be converted/converted into various formats and copied from multiple sources to a central location. You can use custom scripts to automate clipboard operations, detect text in images, auto-complete texts, and synchronize clipboards across devices or share them with others.

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Common FAQs – Clipboard Managers for Windows

Q. Which is the best Clipboard Manager for Windows 10?

The clipboard managers listed above will work best with Windows 10. However, in our opinion, CopyQ is the best clipboard manager for Windows 10, as it is completely free and offers many features.

With CopyQ, you will be able to organize and manage your clippings, add custom commands to context menus, assign shortcuts to your custom commands, and create custom scripts to perform specific operations.

Q. What does Clipboard Manager for Windows do?

The primary role of a clipboard manager is to help copy text, images, files, and folders and store them on your clipboard so that you can access them or paste them to different apps as needed. It eliminates the hassle of repeatedly writing/copying items, which is the main problem with native clipboard managers on most desktops and gives access to the clipboard history at your disposal.

Q. Does Windows 10 have a clipboard manager?

Yes, Microsoft has included a clipboard manager since 2018.

Q. How do you access the clipboard in Windows 10?

To access the clipboard in Windows 10, you can press Windows + V key. It will get you your clipboard history.

Q. How do I enable Windows clipboard?

To enable Windows clipboard follow below the steps: –

1. Go to the “Windows Settings” menu, then select “Systems.”

2. On the “Systems” sidebar, click on “Clipboard,” then switch “On” the “Clipboard History” section and close settings.

You can now use Clipboard history on any application.

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