6 Best Discord Bots to Use in 2021

Since its launch, the popular chatting and gossiping platform has turned into a worldwide discussion firm. Discord had previously been launched with the primary purpose of serving as a famous game-texting forum. Here, gamers would be connected and then discuss various games and niches of that sort. 

Discord, now, is no more limited to being a base for gamers. In fact, people from worldwide get connected to large groups or communities, called ‘servers,’ and move ahead with their discussion in the several levels the server can be subdivided as channels. 

Discord has been long considered as a loving chatting, gossiping and group texting forum. However, with the advent of discord bots, the picture has changed quite a bit and lit-up brightly. 

What are Discord Bots?

Discord bots can be called the blessing of artificial intelligence; these are nothing but third-party softwares that are designed for the purpose of being utilised in Discord itself. These AI-powered bots are advanced enough to add an extra element of entertainment in the mundane discord life of all the discord users. 

There also arises a common question of ‘Are Discord Bots?’ 

Discord bots are absolutely safe, especially the mentioned ones here. However, it is always advised to be extra cautious and use secured networks of VPN because certainly, the safety level of these depends on the developer. 

Best Discord Bots to Use in 2021

There are various discord bots to choose from. Each spans in a particular type, niche and kind. Choose accordingly from the following topmost discord bots:-

  • Craig
  • Mee6
  • Raid-Helper
  • Helper.gg
  • Dank Memer
  • ProBot

1. Craig

If you happen to resort to a more formal atmosphere, Craig can be the ideal discord bot. It will keep the record of all the conversations that have happened in the server and then also a glimpse over the voice chats that take place amidst you and the other parties involved. Hence, it certainly ensures your safety in times of oddities. 

The best part is that you can even get someone to be interviewed over using the discord bot. This is therefore ideal for all the journalists and content creators who are looking for an outlet of their field.

Also, the recording works upon your command. If you do not want something to be recorded or highlighted, it will not be. 

2. Mee6

In discord, there are various servers which signify the different communities and groups carried in each. Each server has a head and there are certain rules set which are supposed to be acknowledged by every new member who enters the server using a link. 

Mee6 discord bot is quite helpful in welcoming the newbies of the server warm-heartedly. As much warmth it emanates, it can also turn fierce by kicking out or banning those members from the server who were not paying heed to the rules and regulations set by the discord head. 

The activities are achieved by automated functions and messages prescribed. 

3. Raid-Helper

Discord can not only be the platform of mere chatting, it can also play an integral part while organizing or making a collective effort. Using the Raid-helper discord bot, we can customise and personalize our spaces and use it for creating events. 

Acting as the means of being a joint coordinating asset, using raid-helper, you can even take others opinions while discussing in a polling format where everyone can select an option neatly to avoid any complications or chaos. 

Also, it has the ability for texting event posts that will ultimately work as a beacon for various others in order to draw the attention of the event created. 

4. Helper.gg

Surprisingly, Discord has now slowly turned its route to a different direction. Discord, which had once been proclaimed to be the grounds of gaming and texting, has now turned into a platform that serves the purpose beyond chatting. 

Helper.gg has contributed in being helpful to the businesses by boosting the customer service arena dramatically. With the help of this bot, other channels of the server can now be tagged to bring immediate attention for a query raised so that a customer can at once be responded. This is achieved by introducing the system of tickets. 

Whenever a query arrives, the ticket would be raised and everyone would be notified. 

5. Dank Memer

The passion of a memer and that of memes never wear off, irrespective of the circumstances. If you want the members of your server to roll off on the floor with big laughters by tickling their funny bones accurately, Dank Memer is a commendable discord bot to be used. 

Using this, you can easily insert a meme while chatting with someone on discord. There is also a Dank Memer currency system using which you can playfully steal money and utilize it to buy more memes from the shop. 

A gentle reminder is that the memes and jokes should be with respect to the rules and regulations set by the discord server or else severe consequences await you. 

6. ProBot

ProBot is also a discord bot that has been designed with similar features to Mee6 because even its main functions lie in the customized messages that would be sent out to the new members who would arrive on the discord server. However, here, you will be allowed to set a pitch and tone of the messages that you send to the latest member. 

The rest of the automated processes like kicking out the bad elements who disobey rules, banning and deleting content that does not follow suit of the guidelines are also under its control. 


So, these were some of the best discord bots that are available in various niches. Each of the discord bots is unique in their own sense and have an application in a type of server. Therefore, choose the discord bot accordingly that fits with the need and requirements of the server. All should be followed under the rules and regulations of the server. Maintain the decorum and do not cross the boundaries. 

What do you think about our amazing collection of all the discord bots present? Let us know in the comments which one did you find the most suitable and useful!

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