9 Best Chatbots Your Business Needs right now!

With widespread technological advancement propelled by the dawn of information technology in the 21st Century, people have truly ushered in the era of digital age. We are living in an age where the whole world has shrunk to a global village riding on the Internet bandwagon. Lots of reasons could be attributed to this phenomenon—computers, smartphones, tablets, mobile apps you name it! But, the invention of live chat bot tech for online troubleshooting is surely one that cannot be overlooked. Equally valuable to both businesses and customers alike, live Chatbots serve as the perfect medium for their interaction with customers. But, how can online businesses of the future flourish without some of the best chatbots at their command?

So, in order to give a fillip to your business, we have compiled a list of some of the best AI chatbots in the world.


What is a Chatbot?

Before we dive right into our roundup of the best chatbots, let’s first understand what a chatbot really is. Chatbots are conversational bots that have been popularised by sites such as Facebook, Telegram and Slack. They are nifty conversational tools that interact with customers, solve their queries and recommend a product or service without any human assistance.

Now, you must be pondering:

Where’s the Artificial Intelligence(AI) angle here? 

Well, some of the best chatbots in the world are quite intelligent i.e. they learn with the passage of time, albeit quickly.

Just like humans (well most humans), AI chatbots become experts as they log in more and more conversations, and understand their customers’ mindset more lucidly. 

So, are you ready to find out the best chatbots for businesses that possess Artificial Intelligence? Here is a lowdown on some the best chatbots in the world right now! 

9 Best Chatbots for Businesses in 2020

1) Mitsuku

best chatbots

Mitsuku is a universal bot which is renowned as one the best chatbots on the planet today. It has many laurels up its sleeve, for instance, it won the Loebner prize thrice for displaying incredible intelligence. Bear in mind, the Loebner prize is given to bots that exhibit remarkable yet meaningful intelligence viz. conversation with humans.

So much so, Mitsuku can go on a chatting spree with anyone for hours on end as it subtly gauges your mood based on the language you are using. Yes, it is that insightful! Which is why, it has been deployed on Facebook Messenger and Kik Messenger to reply to varied questions in the most humane manner. Likewise, the telecommunications industry can also benefit from its services.

2) Cleverbot

best chatbots

True to its name, Cleverbot is a chatbot that uses smart AI algorithm to carry out conversations with humans and is indeed quite clever and sharp when it comes to pushing answers on the go. In fact, Cleverbot is so wily that it can make you smile and liven up your mood in a jiffy thanks to its humorous replies.

Interestingly, Cleverbot’s responses are not pre-programmed since it constantly learns from human input. It can be customized and deployed in the sales industry wherein gauging the mood of customers is very important.

3) RightClick.io

best chatbots

Perhaps the most serious chatbot on our list of the best chatbots, RightClick is a no-nonsense chat bot that caters specifically to businesses. That is, it can create websites, create customized templates. It start off by asking questions such as “Why do you want to create a website?” or “In which industry are you in?” et al.

However, you need to refrain from asking random questions based on your love-life or else RightClick might snap at you. Oh, well.

4) Melody

best chatbots

This nifty bot has been designed by Baidu for the healthcare industry. Melody’s modus operandi is simple: It laps up medical information from patients and then swiftly passes it on to doctors who can easily diagnose ailments and prescribe the right set of medicinal remedies. Melody is, without a doubt, one of the best chatbots that is going to become massive in the healthcare industry.

5) Dr. A.I.

best chatbots

Much on the lines of melody, Dr A.I. by HealthTap is another nifty chatbot that has been intrinsically built for the healthcare segment. It can allay your health-related fears through a list of valid reasons that caused the symptoms of a disease. All you have to do is to share your symptoms and body parameters in detail along with the medical history and viola!

Thanks to Dr. A.I., you don’t need an appointment with your doctor. So much so, Dr. A.I. has also been introduced as a voice-activated skill on Amazon’s Alexa.

6) Jabberwacky

best chatbots

One of the most customizable bots in our roundup of the best chatbots, Jabberwacky can be accustomed to any industry, so to speak. Thanks to its flexibility, Jabberwacky can be taught any lingo pertaining to diverse industries. For instance, it can be conditioned through a set commands to fit in well with a sales enterprise or even a telecommunications company for customer grievances redressal.

7) Poncho

best chatbots

Gauging the sudden changes in weather can now be done by a chatbot too! Despite being a messenger bot at its core, Poncho is one of the best chatbots which doubles up as a weather expert. So, it can come in handy in the weather-forecasting industry, especially websites that track weather 24X7.

It can quickly strike up conversations with people and answer simple queries such as: “Is it pouring down heavily?” or “Should I take an umbrella today?”

8) InsomnoBot

best chatbots

Although it has been built keeping in mind insomniacs who have sleep dread, InsomnoBot’s real novelty lies in keeping the user alert and well: interested. It can be used in the E-commerce industry wherein it can answer user-based queries about their product orders, shipment details, etc. without putting them off.

9) Evie

best chatbots

The last one on our list of the best chatbots wasn’t really built for businesses, but like most chatbots Evie possesses the credentials to be deployed by businesses. It was intrinsically designed for users who want to share their feelings with someone.

While the sentimentality quotient is high, Evie can also help businesses whose customers often have product related grievances. After all, Evie is a smart chatbot that can troubleshoot all sorts of problems.

Best Chatbots Online in 2020: Why Your Business or Platform Needs Them

As you might be already aware, AI is the future that is going to impact human civilization in many ways. It might as well be a part of our evolution. And if businesses (or a platform that relies on online communication) want to evolve, chat bots have to be utilized to their fullest potential.

Here’s a lowdown on why and how your business can also benefit from some of the best AI chatbots in the game.

1) Enhanced Customer Service

In a stark comparison to email and phone support, customers feel more confident and satisfied whilst engaging with businesses that use live chat systems. Why? Well, chatbots make conversations instant, reliable, easy, and completely hassle-free without any snags whatsoever! 

With live chat software at the helm, customer queries, grievances, et al. can be solved faster, plus you can streamline canned responses about your products, platform and provide a 24X7 support to your customers.

This feature not only improves customer service, but also makes your customer base more loyal.

best chatbots

2) Swift remedy to problems

Through a nifty live chat, operators can push links to help customers. They can even transfer lengthy online training documents seamlessly via the chat window. Thus, instead of walking users through lengthy and tiresome troubleshooting manuals on a step-by-step basis, chatbots rather directly link the visitor to the relevant document or content piece.

It is safe to say chatbots help operators save a great amount of time by resolving issues and problems faced by customers instantaneously.

Such flexibility is impossible to be attained via phone support.

best chatbots

Interestingly, chatbots have also been integrated into a deluge of messaging apps such as Telegram, Line, Skype, Kik and Slack. The verdict? Users are lovin’ em.

3) In-depth analytics

With email support, there is a trove of messages sent back and forth between you and your customers. Also, it provides scope for only a limited amount of accountability which can make it hard to gauge staff performance.  

Similarly, through phone support, reviewing staff performance can be a harrowing task and impractical, so to speak, unless you record all calls and salvage time to listen to entire conversations.

best chatbots

But, with state-of-the-art live chat systems, and chatbots like dashbot.io and botanalytics.co you get the chance to track visitors, view and analyse custom reports while you simultaneously go through chat histories. With the abundance of simplified data at your command, you can also monitor staff performance with ease and grace!  

These features not only help in gauging visitor count, but help in streamlining marketing strategies to attract more traffic.

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4) Low Costing

While traditional methods such as phone support can handle customers in a limited and costly manner vis-à-vis toll charges and person-hour costs, AI chat bots such as Mitsuku, for instance, are very feasible. They are buoyed by features such as multitasking that give businesses enough leeway to connect and assist numerous visitors all at once!

best chatbots

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5) Boost In Sales

Studies suggest that live chat systems give a tremendous fillip to conversion rates by a staggering 30 percent! Not to mention, the lucrative ROI rate from paid live chat software for sales teams stands at a whopping 300%!

So much so, customers that prefer live chat online are more likely to make the splurge compared with those who don’t! After all, instant access to support staff and sales team can certainly lure in visitors or prospective customers to your platform.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our roundup of the best chatbots for businesses? Tell us what you like or don’t like about ChatBots in the comments section. Let’s stir it up!


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