Best Discord Music Bots for 2021 Gen Z: Groove Your Moves to Tune in!

Discord is an instant messaging application that saw the break of dawn upon its launch in 2015. Soon, it became a raging sensation amongst the horde of admirers. Primarily, it was planned to be launched as an app of messaging for the gamers where the gaming communities from all walks of life can interact with each other while streaming the games. 

However, once its popularity touched pinnacle, the app bounced to be the priority as a group messaging application for many. Now, there are several communities grouped into ‘servers’ and each server has various ‘channels’ that are associated with a certain activity amongst the group members. 

Anyone can join a discord server using the app and the right link. 

What are Discord Bots?

Discord bots are the add-ons of the app. They are those softwares that are tasked with a particular activity on the server. For example, when a new member joins the server, one of the discord bots is responsible for generating an automated message of welcome and setting down the rules of the server. 

If a member constantly disobeys the rules, a discord bot is responsible for throwing the person out with an auto-generated message of the ban. Similarly, the discord music bots are responsible for music streaming features. It helps to elevate the fun in the server and add pleasure to your experience on the server.

Top 6 Discord Music Bots

Some of the best discord music bots to make the funky air go funkier are:-

  1. Fredboat
  2. Vexera
  3. Erisbot
  4. Tony Bamanaboni XD
  5. 24/7
  6. Mantaro

1. Fredboat

Fredboat tops the charts unrivalled because of the versatility, quality and powerful essence it possesses in terms of music streaming ability. The alluring features offered to its users are:-

  • It supports more apps than Discord like Twitch, YouTube and Soundcloud
  • The Fredboat is more or less a music streaming app in itself because a user can have all the usages of creating a playlist that shall play in que and even shuffle the settings to let it be played for longer durations of time
  • The optimised search box helps the user to find the taste of music accordingly in no time with a simple, straightforward search click

2. Vexera

Serving more than 30,000 server and related communities unendingly, the Vexera discord music bot that has been blessed with a strong audio effect along with offering the following features:-

  • It is free to use
  • Serves as a multipurpose bot beyond the realm of music with the guest management commands, announcements and greetings
  • Offers a web panel for playback and various other commands to follow. 

3. Erisbot

The Erisbot is an unusual bot in itself. While it does happen to hold some liabilities of sometimes mixing up the audio and video and starts off the video playing along with the audio sound, the Erisbot does hold the venerable position because of the following features:-

  • It is quite renowned for allowing the user the most customisable prefixes. 
  • There are various personalising commands 
  • And the user can play any video of Youtube merely by inserting its link into the server via the Erisbot. 
  • The bot is user-friendly and easy to use seamlessly. 

4. Tony Bamanaboni XD

Similar to its ultra pro unique name, the functions and aspects offered by the music bot are as peculiar as one can think of in the following ways:-

  • It is an amalgam of simplicity and advanced tools because in its preliminary layer, Tony Bamanaboni inherits all the general features required like creation of playlist, media pause and play, as well as allowing the music to be directed from other websites like Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Youtube
  • However, its surprising advanced tools are anew to many: 
  • It allows the user Boost of Bass
  • It can change the speed and control the mode of sound
  • Provides a variety of pitch, compressor and phaser controls
  • Contrasting and sound hurtling features and lots more to explore. 

5. 24/7

Fulfilling the meaning of its title to the brink, the 24/7 provides a consistent rich quality of music to its user for as long as it has been desired by the user. Check out the further features that you can enjoy on this discord music bot:-

  • The bot software allows you to rope the music in from various other websites like Youtube, Mixer and Spotify
  • The user can also stream music from the radio station
  • There is a premium version starting from $2.49 that will allow the user to access playlist creation commands, volume controls as well as import and export system from other websites like Youtube. 

6. Mantaro

The Mantaro discord bot can be assumed to be the most friendly and amiable not only in terms of ease of functioning but also with its presentation. It has the softest and, to an extent, a fairytale-like ethereal touch in its quality of music. 

The following features offered by the Mantaro discord bot are:-

  • It offers facets beyond music: currency system, fishing, mining, chopping, gifts, and much more
  • You also get the birthday notifications on the group with arrival announcements
  • Along with the music that makes your chat lively, there are various other interactive games to play. 
  • The Anime lovers can assemble because there is a whole set of anime character command

How To Add Bots To the Discord Server?

In order to bear the fruits of music by adding the discord music bots to your server, here is a list of compiled steps to follow:-

  1. Login to your discord account and then move ahead to access the ‘Manage Server’ tab. 
  2. From there, click on ‘add bot to the discord server.’ Next, click on Invite for permitting the addition of the bot to the server
  3. Provide an authorisation screen test and then choose the server where you want to add the discord server
  4. Click on Authorise and the bot will be added to the server which will appear on the sidebar.

So, these were some of the best discord music bots to avail as well as the method of getting the bot added to the server. Once you visit Github, there you can find several other methods to follow. 

Let us know in the comments what you think about these bots and which one you liked the most!

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