Best Free Web Hosting Sites And Domain Hosting For 2021

Web hosting sites are the typically accessible feature of the internet where any person or organisation can be allowed to create websites and make their created websites visible as well as accessible over the Internet (or World Wide Web). The user is also permitted to publish various website files and web pages on the internet. 

While the individual or organisation can use its own personal and centralised resources working on a server in order to host the website so that the faces of the webpages of the website are visible to the audience, using a web hosting service is advisable to all individuals as well as businesses. 

Even though there are quite a lot of benefits to avail if you happen to use web hosting sites, the problem of expensive charges is always a big issue. Therefore, here is a list of free web hosting and domain sites that will benefit you this 2021.

Free Web Hosting Sites to use in 2021

  • Blue Host
  • Googiehost
  • Wix
  • Google Cloud Hosting
  • ByetHost

1. Blue Host

One of the seemingly largest hosting companies globally, they are perfect web hosting service providers and top the charts in all forms. They provide a free domain name, free-to-use SSL certification as well as discounts on web hosting in their WPBeginner packages. Also, you will be receiving an FTP account to handle and survey the entirety of your work process. 

The lowest price at which you can get started to use all the amazing features available on the site is around $2.75 per month. You will also be receiving the benefit of a branded email address, decent disk space and one-click WordPress installation, add-ons from the control panel to adi site-building process, SEO mechanism tools as well as other formidable website weapons. 

BlueHost has been prominently used for hosting WordPress sites. 

2. Googiehost

It is a free-to-use web hosting site that offers not only one domain hosting with a decent disk space of 1GB, it also provides access to cPanel and Cloudflare to be utilised at your hand’s reach. Plus, for the monthly traffic tracking, you can get 100 GB to unlimited data paired with two FTP accounts and dual subdomains. 

You will also be awarded 2 branded email accounts as well as a free SSL certification. 

However, kindly be aware that the site has some trust issues related to its security features and other errors. 


An incredible web hosting site to use, Infinityfree provides absolutely unlimited disk space, and equally unlimited domain hostings with no limit over the inclusion of subdomains as well. For the monthly traffic tracking, the site is also responsible for providing unlimited bandwidth. 

You can set up to 10 email branded accounts and comprise 400 MySQL databases in your system. Even though the site may suffer with average loading times once in a while, it can be overlooked for the well-designed site and software outlook. 

The best part is that all these amazing features can be availed for free along with 99.99% uptime (the duration for which your website remains online ideally). 

4. Wix

A free-to-use blogging software, similar to WordPress, it offers an equally free hosting service that can be availed by anyone. Even though the service will be entirely free to use, there would be some ads that might prove to be distracting and problematic for you. It can only be removed if you opt for paid versions. 

In the basic plan, you will be given access to a 500 MB storage system as well as the bandwidth of the same amount, that is 500 MB. Wix should be opted by anyone who owns a small business and serves quite tight on budget but needs optimised visibility of the website over the World Wide Web. 

5. Google Cloud Hosting

While Google does possess a habit of surprising its users, it has equally succeeded yet again with the advent of Google Cloud Hosting which provides economical services at pay-per-use norms. It, therefore, becomes the top-notch feature of Google. 

Google provides about $300 free credits for all new entries for the next one year. Hence, if you are looking for a start or breakthrough even though being trampled by the weight of budget, Google Cloud Hosting is the right place for you. 

The best part is that Google Cloud Hosting can be used to host websites, irrespective of its kind and offer the same benefits as other specialised hosting services do at minimalistic and reasonable prices. 

6. ByetHost

An easy-to-use and rapidly under-usage web hosting site, ByetHost is probably the top contender in the list after BlueHost. You will be allotted not one or two but 5 subdomains along with 5 branded email addresses in the single FTP account you handle. 

You will also be awarded about 5 databases of MySQL and fare better than any business contender of yours by using the dashboard monthly traffic tracking for which you might be getting a whopping 50 GB of data. 

The outlook of the website is supportive as well as easy to use. However, the server space can be a bit compromised with regard to other specifications. 


The several benefits that you can get easily by using a web hosting service for your business include a safe and secured environment online for surfing that are invoked with firewalls and adding multiple layers of security for each stored file. 

It also provides improved site performance by optimising the site loading time, improving the SEO rankings on the search engine that would instill better visibility of the website online and promote the overall outlook of the website. Plus, you will be rewarded with constant technical support, assistance and a helping hand for customer care services. You can use any of the free web hosting and domain hosting services from these sites for 2021 for shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. 

So, what do you think about these free web hosting sites? Let us know in the comments!

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