10 Best FTP Clients For macOS, Windows, Android and iOS

FTP aka File Transfer Protocol is important software that allows you to access remote files. By using FTP client software one can upload and download files from a remote server.

There are many free and paid FTP clients available on the Internet. However, it’s important to select the right one for you to access files on the go. Through this article, we will explore some of the most reliable, secure and easy-to-use FTP tools for computers and mobile devices.

We have hand-picked some of the best FTP clients which you can use in macOS, Windows, Android and iOS powered devices.

1. FileZilla

The most popular open-source FTP client is available on all major platforms. It has a simple and flexible interface, supports a large number of connection protocols, and can search and edit files on a remote server, compare directories and add bookmarks for quick access.

  • Compatibility : Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • Price : Free.

2. WinSCP

Probably the best solution for working with FTP on Windows. The utility has an austere design, but at the same time, it boasts useful tricks, including setting transfer quotas, built-in text editor and synchronization of local folders with the server. In addition, WinSCP supports SSH connections, scripts to automate tasks, and a master password to enhance security.

  • Compatibility : Windows.
  • Price : Free.

3. Cyberduck

Convenient and modern FTP-client with an intuitive interface, designed for ordinary users. Cyberduck is capable of connecting to remote servers using various protocols, and also allows you to work with Google Drive, Dropbox and other popular cloud services. Optionally, you can use the built-in Cryptomator tool and enable end-to-end encryption for all transferred files.

  • Compatibility : Windows, macOS.
  • Price : Free.

4. Transmit

Powerful file manager for FTP, SFTP and many other transfer protocols. Transmit has a nice and thoughtful design, high speed and a lot of settings. You can work with several servers at the same time, upload very large files to Amazon S3 storage, quickly rename entire groups of objects.

  • Compatibility : macOS.
  • Price : $ 45.

5. CrossFTP

A good cross-platform client with a simple two-pane interface and support for a dozen different protocols, including SFTP, WebDav, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure. CrossFTP caters to the needs of both casual and advanced users. The app has tabs, batching, password encryption, quick search, and other useful features.

  • Compatibility : Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • Price : Free / $ 25

6. Nautilus (“Files”)

The standard file manager in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions with the Gnome environment. The client is suitable for most users, and its main plus is that it is already integrated into the system. File transfer is supported not only via FTP but also via FTPS, NFS, SMB, WebDav and SSH.

  • Compatibility : Linux.
  • Price : Free.

7. AndFTP

A powerful FTP client for Android with an extremely minimalistic interface that offers tons of features for the most demanding users. AndFTP works with all major protocols is able to continue interrupted downloads and uploads of files, and also allows you to choose different sorting options. Advanced features are available in the Pro version: SCP support, folder synchronization, custom commands, and import settings from a file.

  • Compatibility : Android.
  • Price : free

8. X‑plore File Manager

One of the most popular file managers, which, in addition to local data and cloud storage, can also work with FTP, FTPS and SSH. This makes X-plore a one-stop solution for downloading and uploading files from any source. The application also has a built-in media player, the ability to view document properties and even execute commands over SSH.

  • Compatibility : Android.
  • Price : Free.

9. FTPManager

Full-featured utility for copying, moving and deleting files via FTP. Key features include support for multi-window mode on the iPad, the presence of a dark theme, as well as a code editor, a built-in viewer for all popular file types and an FTP server function.

  • Compatibility : iOS.
  • Price : Free.

10. Documents by Readdle

A multifunctional application is familiar to all iOS users. Of course, Documents can connect to remote servers using FTP, SFTP, WebDav, and SMB. You can view information about files, download, move and open them in the built-in player, as well as add to favourites, open in other applications and share through the standard iOS menu.

  • Compatibility : iOS.
  • Price : Free.

That’s all for now folks. Did you like the article on the FTP clients for macOS, Windows, Android and iOS. Let us know if there is any other that we missed on this list.