8 Best Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators For Android And PC

The journey of Game Boy consoles from an 8-bit device design to a 32-bit Game Boy Advance compact is quite a memorable one as a developed product of Nintendo and also for its successor Nintendo DS. The Game Boy Advance had seen few more revisions before being taken over by Nintendo DS Family in the 2000s. 

The evergreen console, launched in 2001 before being discontinued in 2010 entirely, belongs to the line of Game Boy Advance Family and has made a formidable fandom base who are still starstruck over the classic games that the Nintendo product had offered. 

Some of the best Game Boy Advance games included were Super Mario Advance, Metroid: Zero Mission, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Pokemon and so on. 

What is a GBA Emulator?

An emulator is software that facilitates cross-platform testifications; it means that emulators allow the running of applications belonging from a different device, like mobile or consoles or tablets, on another device, like PC. GBA, Game Boy Advance, Emulator is used to run applications of the GBA console on PCs or other devices so that the user can access the classic games that the console had on a bigger screen now. 

Are you a kid by heart when you hear the names of these incredible classics? Why not try it out then by using the emulators for PCs and Androids!

(Game Boy Advance) GBA Emulators For Androids:-

1. My Boy!

Feted by gamers and topping the charts in the category of the popularity of GBA emulators available for androids, My Boy! is lauded for its advanced aspects and characteristics that it offers to the players like saving the games at any point of time and allowing optimal usage of the hardware by its acceleration (it also allows cable emulation). The appealing graphics are paired with some extras: cheat codes, keyboard customisation options and full control over the speed of the gameplay. 

2. EmuBox

EmuBox is considered one of the most suitable GBA emulators for android because of its consistency over producing a seamlessly well-organised User Interface (UI). 

Along with its awe instilling performance and continual stability even while gaming for prolonged periods of time, there are 20 slots saved for each and every ROM available. It is also an ideal emulator, besides GBA, for Nintendo DS, PlayStation, and other Game Boy series. 

The players are provided some support systems like taking screenshots while streaming games, saving and loading statistics, and permits for playing using external controllers.

3. GBA.emu/GBC.emu

While the GBC.emu is surrendered to allow the running of games present in the Game Boy Colour of the GBA family, GBA.emu is dedicated for the Game Boy Advance console games. 

The stature of GBC, however, consists of a high level of compatibility. Therefore, it can work on various Game Boy consoles. The GBA.emu allows streaming of games in a smooth and proficient manner. It provides a long range of supports like cheat codes, various ROMs, quick game saves and is supportive towards the hardware controllers.  

Both of them, however, are paid versions with free trials. 

4. RetroArch

Similar to Emubox, Retroarch is also capable of comprising most of the other console games apart from GBA and it has the smoothest compatibility that sits well with almost any kind of device where you want to run the games on. 

The free-to-use emulator runs on ‘Cores’ where each of those is a considerate emulator of video games and the app supports nearly all the cores for advanced gaming. However, the setup of the emulator can be quite difficult. 

Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators For PCs:-

5. Higan GBA

The user-friendly emulator app is free to use and easy to set up. Almost all types of hardwares can be applied over it, given that it has a wide range of ROMs for use. Serving as an all-in-one emulator app for the PCs, it not only supports the GBA games but also various others like Famicom, Sega Master, Mega Drive and other games of the GBA fame. 

Its simplest form of setup plus enhanced background colour reproduction can lever the occasional sound lags faced by the players. 

6. mGBA

Probably the only user-friendly emulator that is suitable for rookies to begin their experience over PC, mGBA has the simplest features needed for the first steps by any beginner. Even though it lacks the advanced aspects as it only focuses on the basics, the easy setup and GBA support systems along with the cheat codes are quite rare to find. 

7. Visual Boy Advance (VBA-M)

Following the ‘Old is Gold’ proverb, VBA-M had entered the arena of emulators quite a long time ago. 

It is still serving as a reliable and continues to hold a stable market even amidst the new emulators flooding the gates because of the consistency of its quality as well as the newest upgrades to occupy various hardware controls, quick saving of games, recording the game and even screenshots. 

Supporting both the old and new OS, the recent developments in VBA-M has made it possible to have explicit streaming of games. 


Supporting the games of both GBA and Nintendo DS, NO$GBA is a popular emulator of PCs that has the capability to run flawlessly smooth even during multiplayer mode gameplay. Its strong controller support when paired with the feat of its optimisation abilities, NO$GBA is the most appropriate and suitable emulator app for PCs. 

Given its masterful features, the occasional lagging of the game can be neglected. 

It has a free as well as a paid version that starts at around $1.49. 

Happy Gaming, Mates!

The threads of emulators introduced for both PC and Android are quite easier to get and prosperous for the gaming fans in the long run. Now, you can leisurely enjoy the ‘those were the days’ vibes again with these reminiscing games. 

Also, let us know what you think about these GBA emulators in the comments. Have not used these yet? What are you waiting for!

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