Kodi, which is considered as one of the best streaming platforms that can bring you various entertainment and worldwide media content at a low cost, offers various add-ons to the users. These add-ons can be called software or links that activate a certain benefit.

It means that by using the Kodi addons the users can gain the benefit of using high-quality links that shall help them to stream equally qualitative shows and movies. However, users have often pulled brickbats at the Kodi addons that when they seek and use a Kodi add-on, most of them come out to be broken links. 

While the claims are quite true to most extent, it is undeniable that Kodi addons are incredible once you find the right one to use. Therefore, we have brought a curated list of all the presently functioning (and legal!) Kodi addons that you can use to stream movies! 

Best Kodi Addons For Movies and TV Shows

  • The Oath
  • Venom
  • The Crew
  • Marauder
  • Exodus Redux
  • Magic Dragon
  • Gaia

1. The Oath

A startling power-packed source that comes from its own, The Oath Scrapers, The Oath is one of the best Kodi addons for movies that supports both OpenScrapers and probably sits well-integrated with Orion. It offers the following features to its users in totality:-

  • It offers high-speed streaming and premium quality of both content and videography
  • It is compatible with the Kodi 19 Matrix as well as with the Kodi 18 platforms
  • There are a plethora of links present for streaming the content that work efficiently

Currently, The Oath serves as the most popular and voted Kodi add-on platform for movies. Therefore, it is indeed a must-have.

2. Venom

Working with a buttery smooth flow on the Kodi platforms, Venom is a Kodi add-on for movies which is quite invoking in terms of availability of quality content, qualitative video resolution, updates on a regular basis as well as optimising the platform to keep up with the frequent releases. 

Some of the aspects appreciated by users include:-

  • Inclusion of all the latest Movies and TV shows that can be easily found as they are segregated well into the various categories marked
  • It works extremely fast, and with almost no interruptions to plague the user

However, this Exodus emerged platform might require the utilisation of Real Debrid (Real Debrid is nothing but a subscription service that provides unrestricted multiple hoster). 

3. The Crew

Equally popular and making waves of frenzy, The Crew contends close to The Oath with a minor margin amidst the two. The Crew generously spreads its variety in the following aspects:-

  • It is an all-in-one by being the most inclusive Kodi add-on amongst all by not only incorporating Movies and TV shows but various other categories be it sports, comedy, etc.
  • Once The Crew is connected to Real Debrid, soon it shall become a HD content playing platform within itself. 
  • It presently harbours the most reputed content carrying forum where the items are regularly updated
  • Also, the abundant links available are entirely functional and fares far better than other platforms. 

4. Marauder

A bliss for all the torrent users indeed because this Kodi add-on of movies includes the torrenting means to download the video links easily. 

The following are the features offered by the platform that should be appreciated for their integrated uniqueness as compared to other forums:-

  • There are some additional segregated sets with the titles The Movie Chest, Hack the Planet and so on
  • This works and emanates an almost similar manifestation with the SkyNet (SkyNet is also a Kodi add-on for movies platform that uses torrent links to get video downloads possible).
  • It provides video links of top-notch quality
  • It is user-friendly and soars higher in terms of extending navigation support on the visually appealing platform. 

5. Exodus Redux

A donned up version of Exodus, the Exodus Redux is one amongst the famous Kodi add-ons in the movies section due to the old descent of the roots harboured. 

However, the users using the Exodus Redux platform must be aware that Exodus Redux is an unofficial platform for Kodi addons. Therefore, kindly opt to use a VPN while streaming the Exodus Redux platform to protect your user information data of the device. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the benefits of receiving the best-ever quality-rich TV shows and movies entirely for free. Exodus Redux promises a quick speed of streaming of the functional links. 

6. Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon Kodi addon for movies platform has become insanely popular while deploying its work in the following:-

  • TV Shows
  • Movies and films
  • Documents and docuseries
  • Radio
  • Sports and games

The huge pile of sections available grants more choices to the users for receiving the ideal set-up in the end.

However, there are chances that while the links might not be broken or condoned, they can be the traction points for advertisements or ad trackers themselves. Therefore, the use of a VPN is always recommended, irrespective of the add-on used for streaming videos. 

7. Gaia

Providing the most advanced browsing interface out of all, Gia seemingly offers a lavishly curated pool of streaming hauls. Even though the user might have to get its subscription in order to fully enjoy its features, it still manages to swoon the users with its following lucrative offers:-

  • Showcases an impressive streaming file that represents all the information related to it which is quite accessible to the user like the file type, quality, host, language, etc.
  • In its premium links, the user can easily access the high quality files of robust 4K resolution
  • The site is regularly optimised for efficient functioning. 

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So, if you are planning to celebrate Halloween this year, why not start by creating a spooky mood with some horror movies? Use Kodi addons for movies and enjoy its fascinating features to have a memorable movie night of pure horror. Let us in the comments!

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