Best Kodi Addons To Use In 2021: Elevate Your Binge-Watching Experience

Kodi is a software that lets the user watch entertainment media streaming desired like TV shows, movies and even live sports. You can also view video content from video sharing platforms like Youtube entirely for free. 

Kodi Add-ons have become insanely crazed amongst many due to the additional advantages they provide. Kodi add-ons can be accessed from the repository of Kodi, which is a location where the add-ons are stored. If an add-on is not available, a third-party repository can be used to download and install the add-on after enabling the unknown resources option and using a VPN for safety. 

Then, once the add-on has been installed, it will be displayed in the Kodi addons section. All you have to do after that is click on it and choose the channel where you wish it to be installed. 

Looking for some Kodi addons to have a boisterous blast for your binge-watching experience? Here is a curated list of Kodi addons that you can make use of in 2021!

1. Tempest

Given the Exodus fork, the Tempest Kodi addon has been preferred for streaming movies and TV shows on the Kodi platform. With a robust and solid library of movies and TV shows, the features that make you look forward to Tempest are the following:-

  • All the latest movies and episodes aired are readily available on the platform
  • Not only new but old, classic content are also knitted to the categories
  • Tempest gets updated on regular basis and works with a buttery smooth flow by getting integrated with Real Debrid
  • It provides high-quality links and promises qualitative video content to the users. 

2. Asgard

Priorly named as Odin, the Asgard Kodi addon can be considered to be one of the topmost versatile and multi-category platforms because of the various arenas it lets its content, as well as streaming quality, spread it. Check out the following features of Asgard to know more:-

  • It works on all the services of Real Debrid, All Debrid as well as Non
  • It provides content on nearly all types be it movies, tv shows, sports, kids, docuseries, anime, concerts as well as IPTV
  • Provides quality content and gets updated regularly. 
  • The segregated sections make the sorting easy and therefore, they are near to visit as well as easily accessible. 

3. DejaVu

A deja vu indeed because the DejaVu Kodi addon shall make you see your favourite content that you probably had not expected. The all-in-one Kodi addon sports the following features in its cores:-

  • It provides all the categories and types wished in the form of TV shows, movies, live sports as well as live TV on demand. 
  • Separate sections for scrapers and 1-click video content has been assigned. 
  • Working fluently once getting paired with the Real Debrid stream, the DejaVu let’s easy exploration with torrenting as well as scraping technology

4. The Boys

Even though it might come as an entirely free to stream addon as it requires integration with Real Debrid (which is a subscription stream), The Boys is the newest Kodi addon that promises the following features to the users in absolute abundance:-

  • The user interface provided to the users has been considered to be one of the cleanest and tidiest presently
  • It also moves to combine few more addons in its cores like Chains, Ghost, Mad Titan as well as Wasteland to encompass a larger one
  • Separate sections are assigned for the scrapers and 1-click video content

5. Wolf Pack

Specifically centred to provide facilitation as movies and TV shows addon of Kodi, the Wolf Pack Kodi addon forms its foundation out of the provided features extended to its loyal base of users:-

  • It is supported by the Where The Monster Live Repository
  • The variety of sections and the quirky names granted to those (like A Woman’s Touch, ThunderCat, Midian One Click’s)
  • It has separated sections for 1-click video content, playlists as well as scrapers called WolfPackScrapers
  • The optimised search engine is quite reliable to find the content you are looking for easily
  • The bonus, ‘The End Zone Kodi Addon,’ provides sports content integration as well. 

6. Morpheus

Present in the Fractured Repository, the Morpheus Kodi addon forms an important core as a video on the Kodi platform for watching TV shows, documentaries, anime, movies and even comedy. The features supported by Morpheus that made it popular so sooner even after being a new release as an add-on are:-

  • The user interface of Morpheus is clean and tidy that makes it quite user-friendly for performing simple navigation into it
  • It has ties with both Real Debrid and Non Real Debrid
  • It offers the users with an extensive database of movies that contains both the latest and bestselling forums to the underrated and denied ones

7. Alvin

Considered to be the version derived from the parent Fork of Exodus, Alvin is supported by the Octopus repository. It deploys the given facets to its users for displaying its usability:-

  • The layout of Alvin is quite similar to that of Exodus, like the segregation format in all the categories of movies as well as of TV Shows. 
  • The site gets regularly updated and readied to keep pace with every latest ongoing
  • Its display ranges from Movies, New Shows, New Movies, TV Shows, Channels, Tools and Search along with personalisation options to keep My Movies. 


As per the 2019 data, Kodi recorded around 1,223,335 active users for a week while the number was 11,995,268 active users for a month. Actually, these are those users who actively used the Kodi addons. Thus, it signifies the popularity and usefulness of the addons deployed.

In fact, the mass interest in Kodi, which has been sought to be the highest in the USA with 12,578,486 users followed by Canada, UK and Germany, has also been propelled as a result of the Kodi addons. 

So, these were some of the best Kodi addons that have been recommended in the above-mentioned list. Let us know in the comments which one turned out to be your favourite!

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