Porn and adult content is seemingly the most searched topics in today’s scenario. As adult content does yield worthy views, the addition of adult Kodi addon has been welcomed by the Kodi community heartily. One of the main reasons that the developers added this was also the same–getting more views. 

However, there is a note to remember that there are high chances for the video quality to degrade and drastically vary. You might even encounter broken links. Also, even though the platform is flooded with graphically explicit scenarios in both soft and hard cores as well as Kodi holds the reputation of providing quality video content, the degradation in video quality can be because of the unofficial means or using unofficial Kodi addons. 

Therefore, always keep a VPN in handy to protect your system while using Kodi and utilising its add-ons. Some of the best adult Kodi addons available for the 18+ viewers are the following:-


Serving the richest porn and adult content related library, the XXX-O-DUS has been present for years now as the major base of adult content. The following features sported by the Kodi addon might prove its supremacy in this strata:-

  • There is plenty of content to find here undoubtedly with the diverse categories of live cam, videos, movies and other explicit scenes. Specialised categories like Virtual Reality is another sort of bliss
  • The outlook and content present has been designed to target a large-scale audience base who are composed in a variety of age-groups, gender and taste.

There are broken links indeed; however, it can be compensated for by seeing the abundance in XXX-O-DUS.

2. Ultimate Whitecream

Regarded as the best adult Kodi addon present on the Kodi media player platform, the Ultimate Whitecream responds to its users in the form of a wide range of categories as well as content stitched into several videos qualities. 

The facets proudly worn on its sensual sleeves include the given prospects for the users:-

  • Probably taking a lesson from its sudden disappearance, the addon keeps itself updated with some alterations every few weeks. 
  • The quality range of its delectable and laudable content undeniably keeps the user entertained in the tree-style interface
  • The optimised search allows users to find the relevant videos, clips, movies, hentai or other web streams based on the criteria of category, pornstars, websites, etc. 
  • Also, the user is allowed to select the video quality desired. 

3. Video Devil

Previously belonging to the TV Addons repository but now is supported by the Diamond Wizard, Video Devil remains a popular adult Kodi addon that is still the favourite of many due to the given facets excruciatingly displayed by the addon:-

  • Video Devil collates its database from top-notch porn websites to add to the categories present in its interface where the user can easily interact
  • The addon outlook is visually appealing and spelling notoriety with the user-friendly approach as well as simplified working of the interface
  • High-quality, in terms of both content and video-quality, can be guaranteed. 

4. FapZone

Consisting of more than 80 categories and comprising an impressive flow of adult content in the vast pool, the FapZone adult Kodi addons provides the following features to the users:-

  • Interestingly, FapZone acts more like an app rather than an addon of kodi due to the variety in categories that exactly mirrors a porn app or porn website. 
  • The user is provided a choice of selecting the video resolution quality amidst 240p to 1080p. 
  • Along with an easy, optimised search system, the intricate layout is eye-pleasing

5. Ghost Porn

Comprising around 29 genres, the adult content posted on the Ghost Porn contends with other long-running and established adult Kodi addons with its following laudable set of assets:-

  • It has a self-explanatory system of tags of ranking the content to make it easy for the viewers to scour as per their desire. 
  • All the videos are provided the basic information for the convenience of users during the selection of content
  • It provides high-quality content with almost no buffering
  • Comprises several channels, streams and playlists. 

6. Empflix

Providing a pleasurably driving content of adult videos and thermostatically striking porn content that might create a delusional disbalance in the body thermodynamics, the Empflix lures the users into its addon interface of Kodi via the following:-

  • The site diligently sports more than 70-80 categories that promises excited peace to its users
  • It belongs to the repository segment of TVADDONS
  • The explicit adult material might be vast; therefore, the content has meticulously sorted into top hashtags according to the popularity and most viewed strata
  • It belongs to the Diamond Wizard Repository. 

7. Cumination

Welcoming the newest member in the community of Kodi addons in the category of the adult content addon, the Cumination is connected to a large database of webcam and porn websites. Explore the addon in the following aspects:-

  • The optimised search system of the addon provides any content desired with mere clicks and categories
  • The user can easily browse videos and surf through the entirety without any hassle
  • Based on interest and preference, the user is even allowed to create a playlist of their own. 
  • You are also permitted to import for backup favourite files and playlists.
  • It is supported by the Dobbelina repository


The content displayed on the Kodi platform via the aforementioned recommended addons is free to use and view. Therefore, the graphically explicit porn cinematic artefacts are available to be the feast of eyes for everyone with easy access. Also, if the porn content is getting blocked, it could be a possibility that in your country, adult content access has been banned. 

There are some Porn video downloaders to help the content you like to be downloaded. The HD Video Converter Factory is one such porn video downloader that can be used. 

So, these were some of the best adult Kodi addons available to avouch on the Kodi media player platform. Let us know your views in the comments and if possible, your fantasies too! (hush, hush)

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