6 Best Offline Messaging Apps for Android and iPhone to Use in 2022

Texting and chatting with others have become an important part of our normalized mingling over virtual platforms. Previously, only calls or a physical approach were the minimal ways of extending the regards to each other from various spaces. However, with the evolution of technology and the internet, even the field of communication was transitioned well to revolutionize for the better. 

With the advent of texting and chatting platforms like Whatsapp, even stickers and emojis can now convey emotions. But, the easier the means, the harder hit you can be. Texting and chatting apps work purely online by consuming tremendous mobile data. In the absence of internet connectivity, the connection goes absent as well. 

Therefore, we have brought a list of those offline messaging apps for chatting and texting for android and iPhone users that will not feed on your mobile data!

Best Offline Messaging Apps For Android

1. FireChat

Comprising the capability to work with or without internet access easily, Fire Chat is the foremost preferred peer-to-peer chatting and texting platform where you can even send images apart from texts without needing cellular data. 

It creates a long mesh network where the users can be spread over a long-range for easy communication. The best part about this is that the network is capable of keeping the users protected with its strong and private encryption details. The peer-to-peer distance allotted is around 200 feet. 

You can also use this system from anywhere around. Whether you are on transportation, like airplanes, water transportation on ships, and even crowded areas.  

2. Bluetooth Chat

The best way to drop the need of needing an internet connection would be utilizing BlueTooth connection, Bluetooth Chat is an easy-to-use and user-friendly app that deploys its connectivity features using a long peer-to-peer chain. The transmission distance between two peers is around 100 meters. 

There is a small catch in Bluetooth chat; the user does not necessarily have to be registered over an internet connection. You even do not have to use a personal email address or phone number or any other personal credentials. 

All you have to do is make a profile instead of the Bluetooth Chat where you will be able to put a good display of your preferred name, not even a real name in order to protect the privacy of the user as much as possible. If you want to text someone, all you have to do is pair the connection and scan the user. 

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3. Briar

Specifically designed for not needing any sort of internet or wifi connection to contact others, Briar can easily utilize the Bluetooth network means, or privately connected wifi, in order to get access to others. Even if the app uses the internet, it does not rely on any centralized server but on Tor syncing. 

A huge network of mesh can be easily formed using this app so that many users can talk to each other over long distances as well. 

The development of this app has come under the special limelight because of the fortified security features offered by it. Even though the network of mesh grows tremendously large, it still remains safe and secured by the encrypting features keeping the loop private. 

Best Offline Messaging Apps For iPhone

4. Air Chat

Keeping privacy in check by allowing a proper encrypted system of sending messages amidst two parties, Air Chat can run fluidly over the Bluetooth network of iPhone users. Once the app is launched after installation, its automated process begins to detect any new Bluetooth network user of Air Chat nearby. Once it does, it immediately latches on to the information and delivers it to you. 

Now, you know who is around you using the app. You can easily start chatting with anyone nearby by completing a simple pop-up verification procedure. The user-friendly and easy-to-use app allows the signaling of notifications in the background while using the app. 

5. Bridgefy

A quite well-known app that is famous for providing communication grounds for iPhone users using Bluetooth connectivity instead of consuming the internet. There are broadly 4 ways to choose from either of the 4 modes of communication:-

  • Person To Person 
  • Mesh
  • Broadcast
  • Online

While Person To Person allows easy communication using Bluetooth with friends within the 330 feet range, Mesh permits communication beyond that by creating a ‘mesh’ network so that every person in between the chain of the final and initial person constitutes longer than 330 chains by staying in that meshed network. The broadcast mode works when other users whom you want to communicate with also have a broadcast mode on while Online mode clearly either needs wifi or internet connection. 

6. Two Way: Walkie Talkie

Like a walkie-talkie where messages can be delivered to and from both sides, Two Way utilizes a similar technique. 

In this, a room can be created by you where you can add your bosom pals and chat like chatting on a real walkie-talkie. However, the app suffers the disadvantage of being unprotected. If an unauthorized person happens to intermix in that room or network you are sharing with your friends, as there happens to be no need for a signup or authorization process, that person can listen to your conversation. 

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Although there always remains an option of texting via the inbuilt default messaging system of SMS, it is ultimately going to be consuming your mobile recharge balance. Also, nowadays, no one pays attention to the SMS inbox anymore. It is so because the SMS platform has been taken over by various advertising means where bulk messages of junk are sent. Therefore, any message that arrives in that inbox is pretty much unnoticed and unbothered.

Instead, you can use the aforementioned apps that are now slowly going to be in trend in the near future as everyone is trying to save some or the other thing–even mobile data.

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So, what do you think about these apps? Let us know in the comments!

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