Best Soundboard Apps For Discord To Use In 2021: Distort Sound With Discord!

Discord is a 2015 launched platform that is home to the most prominent instant messaging, group chatting and other VoIP services. Predominantly meant as an app for the gamers to stream the game live and also chat simultaneously, the Discord app has now spread its roots wide in all segments. 

People, thoughts and concepts of all kinds combine here and get systematically segregated into communities or discord servers. Each server can support multiple channels where the people from the same server are indulged in various forms of activities in each of these channels. 

What Are Soundboard Apps for Discord?

Soundboard apps can be your moment of passing the time or toy them playfully for formulating harmless pranks. It is so because the apps are meant for producing goofy sounds that can distort your voice to make it unrecognisable. These popular artificially produced sound bytes also do magic when you need to keep your identity hidden online. 

Top Soundboard Apps For Discord

Some of the best third-party soundboard apps for discord to use are:-

  1. Resanance
  2. Mixere
  3. Exp Soundboard
  4. JN Soundboard
  5. Podcast Soundboard
  6. Jingle Palette

1. Resanance

Provided as a free to use and avail software, the Resanance soundboard app comes out to be the most popular amongst all other soundboard apps because of the hotkey triggers provided to the user. It instigates its importance further by offering the following features:-

  • It allows the user to send audio outputs to various devices at the same time
  • It is prominently available for the Windows PC users
  • The audio formats supported by the software include .mp3, .ogg, .flac, and .wav. 
  • It offers the most customisable and adjustable options for sound settings as per preference. 
  • It permits the user to stream music, pass mic tests as well as text to speech controls

Even though the app is free to use, a paid version stands available to get any time at around $4 monthly or $32 yearly with no ads. 

2. Mixere

Even though it can be quite an unsteady slide for beginners and a bit outdated as per the newest systems working, the Mixere app has been recommended as the top-notch choice because of the following reasons:-

  • The app is free to use
  • It allows the creation of loops and loop clips where you can schedule the clips at regular intervals of time to pause and play on loop
  • It can also play several audio tracks simultaneously at one go. 

3. Exp Soundboard

Prominently supporting the Windows, Mac and Linux PCs, the Exp Soundboard comes out as the most minimalistic app. It firstly needs the installation of Java 7 and brushes to be a more or less similar service provider as Resonance. 

However, the Exp Soundboard should be appreciated for its:-

  • Customisable soundboard options
  • Various tools of handling the soundboards
  • Easy-peasy navigation options to avoid ruckus. 

4. JN Soundboard

JN Soundboard is free to use and avail Soundboard software which is exclusively available for Windows and supports several audio formats provide the following features:-

  • Looping mic-sounds to avouc
  • It also consists of the Push-to-talk along with Text-to-speech options
  • Diverse file types available

5. Podcast Soundboard

Regarded as one of the most highly compatible software, Podcast Soundboard sits suitable with Windows, iOS as well as macOS. Supporting the audio formats of .wav and .mp3, the Podcast Soundboard offers the following aspects to its users seamlessly smoothly:-

  • It provides the most impressive functional feature to create heart-tugging tunes that soothe the ears along with a pristine outlook
  • The software is easy to use, user-friendly and simple to navigate through
  • It is upgraded to be up-to-date with the latest tech-savvy tools available. 

It is a paid app (For windows: $8, For MacOS: $5, For iOS: $3). 

6. Jingle Palette

Ideal for the broadcast studios, the Jingle Palette is a laudable software that segregates the ruckus of sound clips well as a rich Palette library alongside offering the given facets to avail:-

  • It provides TouchPlay, Automixing and Autorepeating functions
  • Creates awe-inspiring sound effects
  • Supports a wide range of audio formats

The Jingle Palette should be best-known for its alluring quality of sound produced. 

Discord Bots

If the above soundboard third-party apps are either out of your league or do not interest you, you always have the choice of choosing discord bots. Discord bots are nothing but AI operated softwares that get added to the discord server to follow a particular command or function assigned to them, like welcoming and kicking-out members, music and other themes. 

Discord bots for sound effects and soundboard-related activities are available too. Some of them are:-

1. Blerp:

Specifically created as a sound-clips sharing platform, the Blerp bot of discord tenaciously allows the insertion of sound clips and supports them in the voice chats as well. The user may also wish to add sound clips of their choice.

Hence, the personalisation option is laudable. 

2. Rickbot

Named and created after a viral meme, the Rickbot discord bot permits the users on the discord to share media files easily, be it video clips, gifs or audio files. It also offers the users to get the files from music streaming apps like Spotify. 

You will also be rewarded with the customisable option of inserting your own sounds. 

How To Use the Soundboard Apps for Discord?

In order to use the soundboard for discord, follow the given steps:-

  1. Choose and install a virtual audio device (preferably VB Cable). 
  1. Try and check so that we can set the Cable Output as the Discord mic. You have to go to User settings then App settings to click on Input Device after selecting Voice and Video so that you can select to enable Cable Output. 
  1.  Via the virtual audio device you have set, route your mic. Go to the System Sound settings on your PC and click your Input devices as Microphone. Then, select the Additional Device properties tab from the device properties tab and click on Listen to this Device. Then, select the Cable Input to finish off setting it up. 

So, these were some of the best Soundboard apps for discord. Let us know in the comments what resonated with your needs!

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