Best Windows 10 Themes And Skins To Try This 2021: Beautify Your Computer!

The already beautiful atmosphere and setup of the latest Microsoft Windows 10 released by Microsoft will become ethereal or aesthetic or alluring depending on the themes and skins decided by the user.

The sleek and elegant User Interface of Windows 10 provides tremendous flexibility to the user given that the Windows 10 PC allows a variety of functions to take place seamlessly smoothly throughout. 

However, adding enrapturing themes and skins changes the entire outlook of the PC screen 360 degrees instead of the same mundane wallpapers that are adorned only as a chore for the day. 

What are Themes and Skins on Windows 10?

It is a well lauded and feted customisation feature granted to the Windows 10 users where they are allowed to set an attractive outlook to the screen of the Windows desktop. These themes and skins can also be edited and customised as per the choice of the users.

You can control the pictures, sound, colours and entire background depending upon your choice. 

Do you need some suggestions for creating an amazing windows presentable setup? We have a whole treasury of suggestions! Here are some of the best Windows 10 Themes and Skins you must try in 2021.

Best Windows 10 Themes and Skins

  • Game of Thrones
  • Silk
  • ko-Z
  • Proma
  • Aero Glass
  • Vanilla
  • Flattastic

1. Game of Thrones

If the adrenaline rush is imbued every time you revisit one of the most popular TV series of the decade that has been spinned off from an equally prominent novel series of George R Martin, then this is for you undeniably. The dragons creating havoc with fires and castles are some of the most preferred ones. 

The sheer beauty in the historical themes, enrapturing scapes and land of swords and armours where gore spills from all ends whenever a battle is fought, the Game of Thrones themes and skins lets all the navigation system be untouched so that the user has to take no headache of any major alterations. 

PS. Anyone from the Daenerys and Drogo fandom? 

2. Silk

Looking forward to transforming the entire beauty of your PC by adding firmly remarkable touches and strokes, unlike others, Silk is known for its enhanced customisable options provided to the user of Windows 10 PC. 

Giving off a notebook like appearance, the Silk adorns your PC with bright and subtle colours. The best part about Silk is that it is compatible with PCs even with the lowest configurations; therefore, it can be compatible with older than Windows 10 versions as well. 

While the Silk lite version is readily available for free download of themes and skins, the upgraded paid version starts at around $3.99 which is the full version of Silk. 

3. ko-Z

Designed by the infamous Niivu, ko-Z is considered to be a heavenly setting that can be used for your Windows 10 PC. Resembling Ubuntu and Linux in its tracks, the beautiful thematic settings are composed of colourful icons, vibrant orange accent and the aesthetically created ko-Z logo.

Being clean and cosy at the same time, the ko-Z is animated to be well-maintained so that all the navigation options and facilities are readily available for the user. The solid texture is soothing to the eyes. 

4. Proma

A visually stylish and enigma emitting setting, the Proma background can be the model of all walking the ramp with panache. Discarding the heavily flower look, Proma surfs through with minimalistic icons for easy sorting and light pink tones brushed over the skin has Windows 10 lovers going gaga over it. 

Promo has also been known for its ribbon removal feature where generally the default apps are shown. The apps can also be accessed from elsewhere; the continuous viewing of the taskbar ribbon seems like an eye-sore. 

Promo is considered as one of the top preferences by the modern-day generation. 

5. Aero Glass

Indeed working like glass, whenever you apply the scape of Aero Glass, automatically some parts of your PC will become watery or glassy. 

The icons or other skins might appear to be transparent and less solid than before. This sets off an accurate native look on the Windows 10 PC background. There is a peculiar aesthetic appeal coming off from these themes and skins because the transparency of opaque elements seems like a celestial thematic parchment where one can be lost in admiration. 

It is lightweight, offers rounded borders, customisable features available and even caption buttons are at hand’s reach. 

6. Vanilla

Flaunting its uniqueness in the soft layout, Vanilla indeed possesses a delicious sight to see that makes one delighted and light-hearted. Surprisingly, Vanilla also offers a look similar to an online cloud-based service that propels the attractiveness towards it. 

The touches and brushes of light colours over its themes and skins are subtle, simple and absolutely free to use and avail. These simplistic designs work to enhance its presentation look. 

7. Flattastic

Permitting the usage of both light and dark themes like mobile phones, the Flattastic provides the user with one of the most striking visuals possible. Entirely free to use with no restrictions over the sheer efforts put to bring down a captivating look, Flattastic offers a modern presentable look with flattened UI. 

It also shrouds the ribbon of the taskbar in a transparent look to make it as unnoticeable as possible while viewing in full-screen mode. The user is rewarded with 4 probes of packages to choose from with 4 different colourful icons. 


So, these were some of the best Windows 10 themes and skins that you can use according to the taste you decide. All kinds are readily available. Apart from this, you also have the miscellaneous options for choosing the anime characters or any other movies and TV show scenes as the themes and skins of your Windows 10 PC. 

Tell us what you think about these aforementioned suggestions and let us know in the comments if you need a special part-2 on themes and skins based on movies, TV shows or anime!

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. Will installing themes and skins alter my PC files?

Absolutely not. Downloading and installing themes for Windows 10 will make the downloaded item go to the section of themes and skins from where you can choose the edits if you need to make and present them as your background. It does not touch any other files. 

  1. Is downloading themes and skins safe?

Yes, downloading themes and skins are safe. Only ensure that you install them from reliable sites and use a Chrome VPN while surfing online to stay safe from any unexpected attack either from viruses or hackers.

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