6 Best File Folder Locker For Windows

The era of technological upliftment has brought an additional wave of striking fear–data security threats. Prying eyes lurk to take even a glimpse at the files and folders of your system. 

While you can protect your computer or laptop device from unauthorized access via strong password locks and identification systems, it might not be the same for files and folders when your system already runs open. 

Therefore, it gives rise to the need of incorporating a file folder locker. 

What are File Folder Lockers?

File Folder Lockers are those software systems that are programmed to build a safer community for your files and folders stored on the PC. These lockers lock the files and folders with encryption codes that will prevent access to unauthorized viewers without passwords. 

It rejects viewing, editing, deletion, and any sort of manipulation from those entities who do not have the password to open the encryption locks. 

If you are searching for a means to end the constant pestering of your private files being viewed and edited by others, the below list of file folder lockers are meant for you:-

Top 6 File Folder Locker For Windows

  • Media Locker: Hide Pictures & Videos
  • Secret Folder
  • Gilisoft File Locker Pro
  • IObit Protected Folder
  • WinZip
  • WinRAR
  • Hidden DIR

1. Media Locker: Hide Pictures & Videos

The file folder locker application is specialized for protecting videos, photos and docs. These media files will be safely encrypted and put in a password-protected folder. All you have to do is select the files and then it will swiftly get them encrypted for safe transfer into a password-protected folder that is equipped with a formidable firewall. 

You can create passwords as per your wish and get the space personalized. A security question will be presented if you have forgotten the password for the safe recovery of files. Also, it will allow duplication of files in situations of the file transfer. 

It supports TXT, RAR, PPT files and is completely free to use. 

2. Secret Folder

The software is simple to download and install, easy to use, and provides a smooth user-friendly interface. The well-designed outlook of Secret Folder is free to use and gets updated on a regular basis. 

It easily performs the function of effectively sealing off the files into a strong password-protected folder. The magnificent security system does not even let an inch of hair pass through its meticulously crafted encryption layers. 

The hidden and private folders of Secret Folder render the possible hackers entangled in its web of messy crypts. 

3. Gilisoft File Locker Pro

The software puts a lock system on drives of all kinds and hides them effectively away from prying eyes into a secluded zone behind the password-protected encrypted firewall. In this way, the user can provide access to a certain number of people as the lock can be only opened with the password. Surprisingly, even deletion of files is not possible without password access. 

The best part about Gilisoft File Locker Pro is that the application lets the user see what changes or modifications are made to the files stored away in this secured folder. 

The software will also allow clean-ups and the password set will be according to your desire; you can decide the strongest suggested password. 

4. IObit Protected Folder

IObit Protected Folder opens security doors for all the files and related directories with strong password protection features. It will automatically set the barriers of taking permission before gaining access to the particular encrypted files in firewall secured folders. 

Several times, a situation can arise when the file falls in an unprecedented threat of being sucked by spyware or viruses or malicious hacker attacks. The IObit Protected Folder will ensure that the important files you have put under its protection are entirely safe and unharmed. 

Hence, all your information will remain secure. It is available both in free and paid versions starting from $19.95. 

4. WinZip

Predominantly addressed and used as a file compressor tool that deploys its utilities in the manifestation of zipping and unzipping files, WinZip comprises a hidden facet–it is an equally powerful encryption tool. 

Available with 30-day free trials before the package of $29.95 begins, the user is allowed to choose the level of encryption to impose along with the later modification of the encryptions. 

The password-protected system ensures that the files are not attacked even when malicious takes of hackers and other viruses or spyware happens on the computer system. Hence, provided the beauty of the file folder locker, your files are entirely safe. 

5. WinRAR

Available at the paid version of $33.35, WinRAR has ample file protection tools to jut out as a strong file encryption system. It is so because the same level of security transcends throughout the process when it even transfers the file from one location of the system to another. 

Supporting a wide range of languages, the 256-bit password encryption along with authentic annotation tools like signature marks for enhancing the privacy and security of the files in password-protected folders. 

The file is predominantly capable of performing file compression abilities. 

6. Hidden DIR

The completely free-to-use software comes with an added layer of being fluidly easy to use as well as user-friendly. 

All you are supposed to do is select those files you wish to encrypt and see how swiftly the software activates its function of getting the files hidden on your system. The files will be check-marked by you and then automatically moved to be hidden. This will be sort of the invisible mode of the files in the encryption laced folder created. 

You can also make a personalized space with a desirable password and even deploy authentic tools in order to imply a fortification of the security system. 

The In-built Folder Locker System

Unbeknownst to many, certain components of Windows already possess inbuilt file folder locker features, albeit not as advanced as the aforementioned software applications. 

In order to access the inbuilt Microsoft file folder encryption system, follow the given steps:-

  1. Right on the file or folder that you desire to get encrypted. 
  2. Then, after selecting the file, click on Properties
  3. Maneuver yourself to the Encrypt Contents to secure data after clicking on the Advanced button.
  4. Click on OK to close the Advanced Attributes box before clicking on APPLY and then OK. 

Now, your file is completely encrypted and can only be decrypted by those entities that have the right password. 

You can use this, however, the aforementioned apps come with another layer of brilliancy. So, what do you think about the software? Let us know in the comments!

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