6 Best Free Winzip Alternatives in 2021

Winzip is a computer program excelling as a file compressor and archiver that has been designed by Corel Corporation owned WinZip Computing. 

Its wide range of abilities include the creation of various Zip file formatted archivers and then unpacking files and archives via a certain set of tools provided so that they can be utilised for system integration.  Apart from creating and supporting .zip file formats, the Windows-based computer programs various other file formats. 

However, there are certain limitations of WinZip that cannot be denied even though it possesses impeccable file compression techniques and an inbuilt file folder locker system. 

Why To Look For WinZip Alternatives?

It would be advisable to look for WinZip alternatives given that the robust system of file compression and compatible multiple file format supporting system comes at a peak price of $29.25. 

Even the means of getting it downloaded for usage is temporary and provides a few moments of respite. Therefore, striving for better options that do not harm your penny limit includes the following WinZip Alternatives that offer similar functions like WinZip but at much subsidised rates (or even free)!

Top 6 Free Winzip Alternatives to use in 2021

  • 7 Zip
  • Pea Zip
  • AShampoo Zip File
  • Zipware
  • Bandizip
  • jZip

1. 7 Zip

Released during the unsure period of 1999, 7 Zip is a free-to-use and open-source file compression software. It comprises file extracts and then munches out a neat and tidy outlook of those files in presentable formats; the platform is multiple file format supportive lest to allow incorporation of ZIP, TAR, CAB, DEB, DMG, and so on file formats. 

Supporting around 79 languages, 7 Zip software is one of the most highly compatible and integratable platforms with Windows PC. 

The adept file compression speed, which can compress even larger-sized files, is complemented by its small size so that the storage space on your system can be saved. 

2. Pea Zip

An open-source software, PeaZip comes power-packed with a large variety of advanced security as well as file compression features. PeaZip sports a high compatibility ratio with Windows and Linux, and a deft speed of file compression that makes it a reliable software to use. 

Also, the standard security features of PeaZip block any malicious attempts of trying to break into the files for getting unauthorised access to them via 2-factor authentication, integrity checks, 256-bit based encryption, and various other optional security measures that can be undertaken by the file manager. 

Doing both compression and decompression of files deftly, PeaZip deploys error detection of archives, editing, conversion of archive formats as well as archive damage repairing. 

3. AShampoo Zip File

Another free-to-use software, AShampoo Zip File presents itself as one of the most powerful file compressor tools. It also deploys various useful tool to set damage repair for archives, 

The software is easy to use because of the simple navigation options and hence, comprehends as a popular user-friendly application for file compression means. It also offers the means to get the space personalised by extending customisable tool options of rearranging the array of tile-based designs of the software. 

It quickly does the compression, creation and extraction of zip files (even for incorporating a constructive multi-volume zip writing) and allows you to tab progress on the taskbar.

4. Zipware

An absolutely free-to-use software, Zipware possesses an abundance of features. The file formats supported by Zipware are mostly those from the Linux segments. The best part about Zipware is that it equally stands as an advocate of safety and security. Therefore, the system inbuilt virus scanners and firewall protection are a bliss for the users. 

Due to the free nature of Zipware, it has been incorporated widely into personal as well as commercial usages, supported by the various types of file formats it is capable of creating. 

Plus, the password encryption and firewall protections are further boosted by the digital certifications issuing that provides evidence against tampering. 

5. Bandizip

Known as an effective archiver software that actively promotes compression of files in the fastest possible pathway, Bandizip can be regarded as a free-to-use software far more efficient in its processes than WinZip. 

Albeit the advanced features of Bandizip are locked away into the paid version stratas, the software allows the user to access the files in the embodiment of an editing archiver as well. 

There is another app that would be better to use in case you face difficulties with Bandizip, called Zip Archiver

This app not only provides all the basic features of file compression and decompression, multiple zip file format access and creation along with uploading it to cloud services, it also lets the user open the Windows Context menu if the drag and drop does not suit. 

6. jZip

Running on the technology deployed by 7 Zip, the jZip software has been considered to be one of the finest file compression software because of the easy packing and unpacking feature it possesses. 

The file archiver formats supported by the software include RAR, GZip and TAR in its range. jZip also makes it as easy as possible for the users to get their storage spaces well-organised given the secured drafting nature of the software along with providing easy access to various types of zip file formats.

It performs fluid compression of files, given the impressive compression ratio, and delivers the file at the pink of health. 

Conclusion: Is WinZip Not Worthy of Subscription?

While WinZip has the most supportive and undeniably the best file compression platforms, it can be irrevocably overwhelming for users to take the cumbersome load of expenses spent on the cost of buying the software. 

WinZip cannot be easily replaced by any of the free alternatives mentioned above. The powerful features of not only file compression but also security services. If the user wants a certain file to be encrypted, WinZip allows it. The user can choose the level of encryption desired as well as later even modify the encryptions based on requirements. 

Winzip is absolutely worthy of subscription especially if your workspace demands so. 

However, to compensate for the tight budget, the free alternatives are happily at your hand’s reach. You can select the one that offers an appropriate user-navigation system for ease of use, more features in an affordable range as well as supports multiple file formats. 

So, what do you think about the apps? Let us know in the comments!

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