Top 8 Free International Calling Apps

Communication with the near and dear ones, besides the facet of workplace-related meetings, is one of the basic yet essential human needs. It serves as the bridge between two sides that cater to the responsibility and mental peace of knowing about the well-being of another.

Free International Calling Apps

But with the jobs now being posted to unexpected locations make it difficult to keep in touch when the boundaries go beyond the country’s borders.

Also, as remote working has become the norm, the collaboration with international firms is the plus point that offers farther reach via the internet medium. But, the locations make it hard and expensive to have a proper meeting with one another. While you can use the international sim or do international recharges, they are no less than a hassle because recharge plans for every country are different and nevertheless expensive. 

Therefore, you certainly require a medium of communication that does not burn a hole in your pocket and also fulfill the essence. Henceforth, here are some of the best free international calling apps that you can use without fretting about time constraints and monetary charges:-

8 Best International Calling Apps for Free ISD Calling

  • Whatsapp
  • LINE
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Google Duo
  • Voxofon
  • PopTox
  • Viber

1. Whatsapp

It is a usually prevalent app in the device of nearly every android user, laptop and desktop users who access Whatsapp web through the online browser to send PC related files, and now the latest version of iOS users can also access Whatsapp on their devices. 

Whatsapp is preferred for calling and texting because of the vast range of features offered with tight security of data. Irrespective of whether done within the country boundaries or not, the voice recordings, photos, videos, links, tons of files and leisure media options like gifs and stickers can easily be shared. 

Even the international calls, if the network from both the sides is considerate, offers high-quality of interface as with domestic calls and texts. Whatsapp video calls can accommodate up to 2-8 people.

Key features of WhatsApp:

  • It offers end to end encryption
  • You can share videos, images and documents
  • Easy swipe option to accept or reject a call


  • You can delete messages if needed
  • Call waiting feature is available
  • Multiple device support


  • You can’t make calls to non-WhatsApp numbers
  • You need a good internet/WiFi connection

Availability: Android, iOS and Desktop (Windows and macOS).


Elucidating with the analogy of Whatsapp, LINE app works similarly to it. The user can send messages, use media files like photos, videos and gifs. An interesting feature of LINE is that there are some regular updates regarding new stickers that the user can add to its library of favorites and use it whenever needed while chatting. 

The international call runs free for five minutes on the LINE app and works like a master of a variety of facets by providing news, coupons and even serving as a sort of social media platform. 

Key features of Line:

  • You can share videos, images and documents
  • Easy swipe option to accept or reject a call


  • Available for all operating systems including Android and iOS
  • A good collection of stickers and emojis
  • Voice call and Video call suport
  • You can share your thoughts with your LINE friends on Timeline


  • Does not offer credit calls to non-members

Availability: Android, iOS and Desktop (Windows and macOS).

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, or Messenger, is a part of the social media app Facebook. The platform allows conversing with the friends of Facebook that includes texting and calling along with sending funny videos, links, gifs, voice chats, photos and various other items. 

All these extraordinary features are equally accessible and available for people beyond the boundaries. The international calls are extensively free to use and cost nothing but appropriate internet data irrespective of the kind of sim under use. You can also do group video calls. 

Like Instagram that allows using filters while calling on video calls, Facebook provides quirky filters as well. 

Why not contact your potential clients over Facebook messenger?

Key features of Facebook Messenger:

  • It allows you to share videos and you can apply filters and doodle before sending
  • You can also record and send voice messages
  • You can use your camera for sending stories or messages
  • It allows you to sync your phone contacts as well as Facebook friends’ list.
  • Supports various emojis, GIFs and stickers


  • You can connect with many businesses here
  • It is available for both Android and iOS devices
  • it can be also accessed through Tablets, phones and computers.
  • Has a very efficient system which rarely experiences breakdowns


  • It consumes a lot of space in your device.
  • You cannot make free calls to real numbers

Availability: Android, iOS and Desktop (Windows).

4. Instagram

Another social media platform indeed like Facebook, Instagram is also considered as one of the best apps for free to avail international calls. The app provides both audio and video calls. Even in the messaging section, there are various files to send like gifs, stickers, photos and videos. You can also send voice recordings and share files via links. 

It can accommodate a two-peopled video call as well as group video calls for up to 6 people.

The app uses nothing but the internet data your sim carries, irrespective of what kind of sim it is.

Key features of Facebook Messenger:

  • You can call your friends and connect in real-time
  • You can call and connect upto 6 people at the same time
  • You can also record and send voice messages


  • It is available for both Android and iOS devices
  • You can use gifs and stickers which are available in the app


  • You cannot make free calls to real numbers

Availability: Android, iOS and Desktop (Windows and macOS).

5. Google Duo

Specifically known as a calling platform, Google Duo serves the purpose of doing international calls for free via its voice calls and video calls. 

The distinguishable feature of this platform is that it does not require the presence of a strong internet or broadband or high bandwidth connection. Even with the minismalistic requirements, the app functions well to make a user interface between people. 

It automatically begins adding people to the list of contacts who have google duo and provides an end-to-end encryption feature ensuring security over the call. 

Key features of Google Duo:

  • You can do a group call with eight people at the same time.
  • It offers high-quality video/audio call
  • A security valudation is required before logging into website
  • Directly synced to your contact list


  • It offers end-to-end encryption
  • Easy sign up process and you can use different methods for verifying security information


  • iOS and android users need to update the app regularly

Availability: Android, iOS and Desktop (Windows and macOS).

6. Voxofon

Unknown to many, when various thinkers were still reeling and seething regarding accommodating international call features, Voxofon had inaugurated its first free international calls in 2008. 

Compatible with any medium and device, whether mobile phones or PC, the app allows calling and messaging features from all the spheres and walks. The user can send various kinds of media files via the messaging platform and the best aspect is that all these, from video calling to texting tons of media files, are completely free. All you need to do is download the application. 

The facets of Voxofon can even be available over the landline.

Key features of Voxofon:

  • It offers free calls over WiFi and mobile network
  • Works on all the devices including Amazon, Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Phone, or any computers and tablets


  • Free texting and calling between Voxofon users
  • It has cheap international calls to any phone (from 1 /min)


  • You have to pay for call or messaging to other users

Availability: Amazon, Android, iOS and Desktop

7. PopTox

The best part about PopTox is that it not only allows free international calls over mobile phones but also via landlines. On top of that, even if it sounds bizarre but lucrative, the user does not necessarily need to have installed the app in order to avail of all its features. 

The free-to-use online application provides all its attributes even without an app; it only needs an internet connection which is quite easy to get. However, there are certain limits to the calls made everyday. But do not fret, you can increase it by some minor payments.


  • Allows free international call through mobile
  • It has cheap international calls to any phone (from 1 /min)


  • There is a call limits that can be increased after minor payment

Availability: PCs and Smartphones

8. Viber

Viber Free International Calling App lets you connect with other Viber users via a mobile/WiFi network. This free ISD calling app is quite convenient for those who want to make and receive long international calls without spending extra money.

You can also start group conversations with the best free international calling apps and express yourself more freely with stickers. Video messages allow you to come face-to-face with your customers and loved ones, no matter where they are located.

Key Features of Viber:

  • It has a massive library of GIFs and stickers
  • You can manage conversations with multiple people
  • It allows you to delete messages sent by mistake
  • You can easily switch between desktop and mobile versions


  • Hassle free login as the login id is your mobile number 
  • You can create groups and add participants
  • A number of emoticons are available
  • It supports high quality image transfer


  • Contacts pin is not available
  • You will have to face too many ads

Availability: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


Besides the above-mentioned apps, there are other calling apps like Zoom and Google meet that are mostly used for group video calling purposes and have in-meeting volatile texts. For iOS users, there is a FaceTime app that is predominantly used. Skype is also a preferred video calling platform especially if the calls are from international grounds. 

Have you not used them yet? Then do it because it would be asinine enough to not to access these incredible apps with miniscule charges!

FAQs – Free International Calling Apps

1. What’s the cheapest way to make international calls?

The best way to make free international calls is to select an appropriate international calling app and download them on your android or iOS device. Do the sign-up if required and start making the call with your family and friends. There are several apps that also have desktop/web browser versions that allow you to make international calls.

2. Which are the best free voice calling software?

Above mentioned apps have features for voice calls. However, TextFree, Maaii, Snapchat, Telegram, FreedomPop, Libon and Vonage Mobile are the best ones.

3. What are the best free international calling apps for iPhone?

Whatsapp, Line, Google duo and Viber are the best calling apps for iPhone

4. What are the best free international calling apps for Android?

Whatsapp, Google duo, Hangout, Skype and Viber are the best calling apps for Android

5. Do you need an internet connection to make free international calls?

It is quite obvious to have an internet connection. However, there are some apps that support free international calls without an internet connection via a landline phone.

6. Can I call international numbers for free?

There are international calling apps that let you connect with people located in other parts of the world. PopTox, VoipBuster, Voxofon, VoipStunt and are some of the apps that let you connect with people for free.

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