150 Cool Instagram Usernames for Boys and Girls

Instagram is another popular social media platform that is popular among users. People use it to share important events of their life and express themselves with photos, videos, stories and reels. The company is also adding some notable features to the app which makes it even more interesting. However, you need to join the platform to use it. You can set up a new profile on Instagram and it will ask you to set up a username. This username must be unique to differentiate itself among the 1.36 billion users on Instagram.

If you’re confused or don’t know what you should put your username on, don’t worry because we’ve got it covered for you. We’ll also walk you through how you can set up your unique username, and how you can change it from the current one to the new one. That said, let us first know what an Instagram username is.

What is Instagram Username?

Like any other social media app, an Instagram username is your identity on this platform. It is completely unique and associated only with you which conveys your personality and identity to your followers. Instagram asks you to set your username while setting up the account, which needs to be different as Instagram does not allow the same username in different accounts. You can set it up and change it later as well.

Your username becomes part of your Instagram profile URL. Other users on the platform can find your profile and follow you or message you with the username only. This can be seen on the top left corner of your profile.

Cool Instagram Usernames for Boys and Girls

As said, your Instagram username should be unique and therefore, it can be confusing sometimes. But, you needn’t worry! We will guide you on how to choose the best Instagram username for your profile.

In the meantime, here are cool and trendy Instagram usernames that you can use for your Instagram profile. Being a boy or a girl, you can choose the appropriate name, and copy and paste it into your profile. If no one has picked it up yet, it will be applied to your account. If the name is taken, we would recommend you to add a special character so that Instagram allows it, if that is also not available, you can use a similar name.

Username for Boys

  1. Programmer Boy
  2. Sawgyboy
  3. Ghost rider
  4. Brucebanner
  5. Inspire You
  6. Thinkbig
  7. Lucky Point
  8. Mankind
  9. MachoManiac
  10. Texas Tiger
  11. Gamez Slayer
  12. Demon Slayer
  13. Light Yagami
  14. Cyberwarrior
  15. Skullcrusher
  16. Fight God
  17. Sparky God
  18. Bad captain
  19. Dead deal
  20. Deal Anneal
  21. Tonight Gamer
  22. Dead Guru
  23. Lucky Lad
  24. Will of Washington
  25. Mouth of Mexico
  26. Creepy Camp
  27. Caption Master
  28. Daily Punch
  29. Cool Samurai
  30. Dead Ultra
  31. Captain America
  32. Ninjastic Ninja
  33. Devil Ultra
  34. American Ape
  35. Extra Loud
  36. Ninja Nun
  37. Bald Saloon
  38. Day Owl
  39. Imported Sense
  40. Pick a Stick
  41. Balloon Face
  42. Gym Freak
  43. Hell Devil
  44. Smart Champ
  45. Mystery Man
  46. Star Lord
  47. Insta Master
  48. Doctor Strange
  49. Captain Mighty
  50. attitudeboy
  51. awesome_me
  52. berojgarr_engineer
  53. big_bites
  54. compact_racer
  55. creepy_camp
  56. deal_cereal
  57. drugmylife
  58. fake_guy
  59. famous_guy
  60. gamer_slayer
  61. ghost_rider
  62. hitch_hiker
  63. hunk
  64. legal_heartbreaker
  65. macho_moron
  66. lowercase_guy
  67. macho_moron
  68. ninjasinpyjamas
  69. potato_lover
  70. professer_x
  71. singletomorrow
  72. windy_orbits
  73. yellow_menace
  74. unused_guy
  75. london_lions

Username for Girls

  1. Chocolaty Queen
  2. Tigger fresh
  3. Twilight Queenbee
  4. Bikewithgirl
  5. Makegirls
  6. Lovecapri
  7. Hot Babe
  8. Peace Hug
  9. Lil Cutie
  10. Kara
  11. Tiger Kitty
  12. Missie Lucky
  13. The chill pixel
  14. Girlyapa
  15. Shining Starlight
  16. Trustmeimalair
  17. StarryEyes
  18. Pretty Angel
  19. Fab Girl
  20. Pink Princess
  21. Strawberry
  22. Blueberry
  23. Dilo ki Rani
  24. Pretty girl
  25. Baby Love
  26. Unicorn Girl
  27. Bunny Angel
  28. Dance and Sing
  29. Girl True
  30. Techie Luve
  31. Pink Feathers
  32. Cupcake hugs
  33. Vanilla Flower Love
  34. Garden Heart
  35. Marsala Magic
  36. Tweed Love
  37. Magic Lily
  38. Dark Princess
  39. Pretty Eyes
  40. Bossy Queen
  41. Twinkle Light
  42. Zoom Fire
  43. Rose Catcher
  44. Red Ocean
  45. Princess Land
  46. Tweety Sweetie
  47. The Sassy Babe
  48. Zoom Fire
  49. Summer Glows
  50. angel_and_glitch
  51. angelic_princess
  52. babykins
  53. beauty_babe
  54. boring_nose
  55. candycane_missy
  56. caressmil2001
  57. classy_girl
  58. cool_strawberry
  59. crazy_kupkakes
  60. cupid_of_hearts
  61. dark_lady
  62. dark_princess
  63. enchantedwas
  64. famous_cat_planet
  65. haggy_pie
  66. honey_blossom_dimples
  67. honeycomb
  68. hot_userame_here
  69. jelly_cuddles
  70. kitty_bloom
  71. lil_cutie
  72. love_pink
  73. missie_lucky
  74. omg_girl_dance
  75. peppermint_candy

How to change username in Instagram?

Instagram allows you to change your username and you can do it by the following steps shown below:

  1. Launch Instagram app on your mobile
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Click on ‘Edit Profile’
  4. Tap on Username.
  5. Now delete the current username and type the new username (make sure the username you are adding is not taken).
  6. Once you have added the new username, click on the tick logo on the top right and your new username will appear on your profile.

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How to get an already taken Instagram Username?

As said, the Instagram username is unique and it belongs only to you, therefore, you cannot use the same name. However, you can use some special characters for the same username.

Another way to get a username comes with some strict conditions. In order to claim a pre-owned username, you must prove that you are the original owner of that username and report a violation or violation of your legal rights. You will get the username only after your application is approved.

Instagram will ask you for the following information.

  • Basic contact information
  • Trademark Certificate or proof
  • The username you want to report
  • The reason you want to get that username

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Tips for selecting the best Instagram Usernames

Here’re some things you should know while choosing your Instagram username. 

  • Make sure the username is easy to remember because people will type it in to find you.
  • The username must be relevant to your account. It should be similar to your activity on your Instagram profile.
  • Make sure your Instagram username is clean and doesn’t contain any random numbers and underscores. The neater it looks in your bio, the better.
  • Your Instagram username must be something iconic. Keep it neat but make sure it’s interesting.

That’s all for today. Hope you found this article helpful. Share it with your friends and loved ones which you think will be useful. If you have anything to share then do share them in the comment box below.


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