KissAnime Unblocked: Top Proxy Sites for Accessing in 2023

The world of Anime enthusiasts is incomplete without mentioning KissAnime—a premier site that offers unabashed Anime content, both dubbed and subbed in English, catering to global users. The renowned KISS Team also hosts other anime-related sites like KissAsian, KissComics, KissManga, and KissCartoon. Unfortunately, many of these sites have been closed down or blocked by ISPs in several countries like Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, Germany, France, and Ireland. If you’ve been unable to access KissAnime in your country, worry not! We’ve got you covered with a list of the best KissAnime proxy and mirror sites that will instantly unblock KissAnime and serve as an alternative solution if you encounter sign-up issues.

What Happened to KissAnime and How to Unblock It

The main reason for your visit is likely the sudden closure of essential KissAnime domains such as and, and the unavailability of the app in many countries. Anime fans have been searching for alternatives on various platforms, but without success. The good news is that the real site’s content can still be accessed through KissAnime proxy and mirror sites. These sites are administered by the KISS staff themselves and are completely safe to use. They host the same content library and database as the original site but on separate domains.

KissAnime Proxy

Discover 20+ Best KissAnime Proxy and Mirror Sites

Below is a list of 20+ best working KissAnime proxy and mirror sites that will instantly unblock KissAnime, even if it is geo-restricted. With these proxy/mirror sites, you can easily stream free anime series, read manga, and watch unlimited Asian TV shows. Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: Before we proceed, it’s important to mention that we do not condone piracy. The information provided here is purely for educational purposes.

S. No.KissAnime Proxy and Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
1kisanime.suOnlineVery Fast
2kisanime.proOnlineVery Fast
3kisanime.acOnlineVery Fast
4kisanime.redOnlineVery Fast
5Kis ANIMEOnlineVery Fast
6KISAnime AlternativeOnlineVery Fast
7KisAnime OnlineVery Fast
8KimCartoonOnlineVery Fast
9KisAsianOnlineVery Fast
10KisComicOnlineVery Fast
11KissMangaOnlineVery Fast
12KISS Hentai OnlineVery Fast
13HD Anime OnlineVery Fast
14Hentai Heaven OnlineVery Fast
15KimCartoon IO OnlineVery Fast
16Hentai Club OnlineVery Fast
17Kiss Asian TVOnlineVery Fast
18KISS Asians OnlineVery Fast
19kis-anime.tvOnlineVery Fast
20KISAnime UnblockedOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: Before we proceed, we want to clarify that we don’t promote piracy. The information provided here is solely for educational purposes.

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Answering common FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about accessing KissAnime through Proxy and Mirror Sites.

What are KissAnime proxy and mirror sites?

KissAnime proxy and mirror sites are alternative URLs that allow users to access KissAnime content when the main website is blocked or restricted in their region. These sites are administered by the KISS staff and provide access to the same content library.

Using KissAnime proxy and mirror sites might not be illegal in some regions, but it’s essential to understand that accessing copyrighted content without permission is against the law. We encourage users to respect copyright laws and consider legal alternatives for streaming Anime.

Why was KissAnime closed down, and are the proxy/mirror sites safe to use?

The original KissAnime domains, such as and, were closed down for various reasons, including legal pressure related to copyright infringement. The proxy and mirror sites listed are operated and maintained by the KISS staff and are generally safe to use.

Can I watch Anime series on KissAnime proxy and mirror sites?

Yes, you can watch Anime series on KissAnime proxy and mirror sites as they offer the same content library as the original site. You can stream Anime content, read manga, and watch Asian TV shows on these sites.

Are these proxy and mirror sites free to use?

Yes, the proxy and mirror sites provided in the list are free to use. You can access KissAnime content without any subscription or payment.

Can I use KissAnime proxy and mirror sites on my mobile device?

Yes, you can use KissAnime proxy and mirror sites on your mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Ensure you have a stable internet connection for smooth streaming.

How often are the KissAnime proxy and mirror sites updated?

The availability of proxy and mirror sites might change over time due to various factors. Some sites may be taken down, while new ones may emerge. We strive to keep our list updated regularly to provide you with working alternatives.

The blog only covers KissAnime proxy and mirror sites. However, you can explore other popular free Anime sites mentioned in the conclusion section for additional options.

Yes, there are legal alternatives to stream Anime content. Many legitimate streaming platforms offer a wide range of Anime series and movies for a subscription fee. Consider using licensed services to support the creators and enjoy high-quality content.

Can I suggest new KissAnime proxy and mirror sites to be added to the list?

While we appreciate your suggestions, we cannot guarantee the inclusion of new sites. However, we continuously update our list to provide you with the best working KissAnime proxy and mirror sites. Feel free to check back regularly for updates.


Now you have the power to access KissAnime from anywhere with a simple click on any of the mentioned proxy and mirror links. Say goodbye to unreliable software or scripts for unblocking KissAnime in your country. Feel free to bookmark this page as we continuously update the list with new KissAnime proxy links. If you encounter any trouble with other popular free Anime sites, you can also find helpful links below. Happy anime streaming, and enjoy your favorite content hassle-free!

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