Google Chrome is by far the world’s most popular web browser which makes it a hot-bed for hackers and other scammers to exploit innocent people. To date, Google Chrome has a total of two billion active installs and reportedly has a total of one billion users actively using the browser as of today.

Most of the users of Google Chrome use it to surf on the internet for several hours every day for various reasons every single day for a lot of different reasons. Google Chrome can also be accessed through various devices on a daily basis nowadays. There are hundreds of hackers and other malicious groups that exploit the internet to spy on the day-to-day activities of the people.

By spying on online activities, one can gain information on your personal and financial data present on the internet. If you are using Chrome, it is quite risky for you, especially in the context of cybercriminals and other hackers gaining access to your emails, private chats, or even any confidential files which you may have stored up on google drive, docs or sheets that are connected to a single account.

Taking all of these into consideration, it is obvious that you would want to stay secure while using the Google Chrome browser and hence you can browse the internet easily without any safety concerns.

This would also ensure that your documents and emails are safe. There are certain steps and actions a particular user can take to ensure that his/her experience of chrome is safe.

1. Get a Security Checkup

Google has its own tool to check security which would potentially notify you of any sort of security issues on your respective device. For example, a particular user may be logged into Google from a device that may not be used by the user anymore.

This particular incident will be flagged and a notification of the same would be sent to the user. This particular tool showcases the exact number of devices you have been logged in through your Google Account. The permissions that have been given to any other third-party apps that could potentially be a threat to your online security is also notified to the respective user.

These particular tools also help in confirming your identity and assist in recovery measures if any. This tool also highlights any security shortcomings if any have taken place in the past 28 days.

It is really a good idea to check the online health of the browser and ensure that the security checkup of the browser happens on a day-to-day basis. There could be some secret unresolved issues that may come back to haunt you at a later point in time.

2. Creating a Strong and a Unique Password

Chances are that you use the same password for almost all the sites you are a member of. By using the same password over and over again.

If it is difficult for you to remember all the passwords, you can surely use a password manager. These password managers will secure your chrome fully by letting you keep different passwords for different sites.

In a hypothetical scenario, if you use the same password for all your sites and the hacker manages to get access to the password for one of your accounts, this would mean that all your other accounts stand at a blatant stance to being insecure.

The best type of password would contain both the lower and upper case of letters, numbers symbols and so on. You can use various memory tricks to make the best possible safe password for your browser.

One can also use an automatic password generator to keep the password unique as well as strong which would make it seemingly difficult for the hacker to crack.

3. Setting Up the 2 Verification Process

It is certain that a smart cybercriminal or a hacker can easily crack any sort of password that you have put on a particular website on Google Chrome. Taking this into consideration, the 2 Step Verification process would definitely add an extra layer of security every time you or someone else tries to log in to their respective google accounts.

In order to set up the 2 step verification process, one needs to go to their Google account first and click on the ‘Security’ menu on the left-hand side. Once you have passed through the Signing into the Google menu one can switch to the 2 step verification. The user who has switched on two-step verification would receive a code every time they log in to their respective google account.

The only way the hacker can gain access to your account is if they have possession of their mobile phones. This particular step will definitely grant extra protection to your account.

4. Disabling the Extensions That Are Not Used

One needs to be aware of the fact that any developer can easily make their own extension and put it on the Chrome Web Store for other users to download and use them. In a lot of cases, these particular extensions are very harmful and steal the data of the users. It has been noted previously that the extensions have been trying to steal the financial information of the respective user who would then be cheated.

Taking all of this into consideration it is highly recommended that you do not use suspicious extensions and also disable the ones that are not being used by you on a regular basis. In order to turn off the extensions that you do not use, head over to the “My Extensions and Apps” and then once you have headed over there, you can use the Remove from Chrome option in order to delete the extension once and for all.

These are some of the tips and actions you can follow in order to ensure that your browsing experience on Google Chrome i.e, the most popular browser remains safe and without any issues. There are a lot of other actions as well that can be taken to ensure safety.

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