Best Kodi Gaming Addons: Beware Of Those Dungeons!

Games are traction points for all the gaming communities around the globe; and Kodi, the most common and popular streaming platform that lets you view the content of all TV shows, movies and various other videos from several interface links, has vowed to not let censure peek through the door. 

With its gaming add-ons, Kodi brings forth a new horizon for all the gamers that ensures that the demand of the gaming community is met as well as they find their exhilarating outlet here. The main goal of the Kodi addons is that the gamers are provided with an identical environment to play games even in the addon files that they seek normally in the designated gaming rooms. 

Expanding itself to open its versatility to the highest ends, Kodi comes in a whirlwind of swirling gaming addons to please the gamers around the globe. Are you a gamer? If so, then here is a list of all the popular gaming Kodi addons that you can play in 2021:-

1. Retroplayer

As the name suggests, Retroplayer predominantly involves the long-lost classic games worth dying hard for. Now, with the positive retrofitting and inclusion of retro video, RetroPlayer has also found its place in the Kodi addons for gaming. 

This gaming addon has always been preferred more due to the following features associated with it:-

  • The classic console video games can now be easily installed
  • Emulators are readily available on the platform
  • The keyboard gets synced for better control on the game during gameplay
  • Some of the old games like Mario, Crash, Bandicoot and more than 50 games ranging in a plethora of themes are present to avouch

2. Netwalk Game

This game facilitator or add-on for gaming of the Kodi players lets the user stream games non-stop and unrivalled on the platform. Being an essential part of the repository of Kodi, Netwalk Game facilitator is well feted for the following aspects:-

  • It works best when the touchscreen gadgets and gizmos are under use
  • Netwalk Game sports high compatibility to be used by users of almost any device to play games
  • The best part about Netwalk Game is that if you certainly do not like to avail emulators or other third-party applications (like in the case of Retroplayer) in order to play games, Netwalk acts as a standalone addon. 
  • The huge library of games in Netwalk Game is quite addictive in nature. 

3. RetroMania

Possessing the highly in demand customised packages of Kodi builds (Kodi builds are those that contain various options for advanced settings, wallpapers and themes, addons and gaming software), RetroMania is a must-have gaming addon of the Kodi media player due to the following reasons:-

  • Its gaming build has high-quality addons, video softwares and emulators. 
  • In fact, all the addons in its build are easily launchable from the home screen itself to avoid the hassle of an additional step. 
  • A huge library of games present to avail. 

In order to install and use RetroMania, the player is supposed to have the membership of the site first. 

4. Steam Launcher

It is quite well-known that Steam is one of the biggest game retailers for PC. Therefore, to avail games, Steam Launcher acts as a bridge between the Kodi media player platform and Steam. 

When you download and install the Steam Launcher Kodi addon for gaming, it forges forth to open the games available on the Steam Platform. Now, your Kodi TV has been optimised and is suitable for playing the PC games streaming on the Steam platform via the Steam Launcher add-on. 

After exiting Steam Launcher, the TV shall shrink back to its original state. 

5. Kodi Blackjack

Mostly suitable for those who love to play simple card games, the Kodi Blackjack is a gaming add-on on the Kodi media player that comprises an uncompromisable interface as this add-on only consists of those games that are simple to play. 

Present in the SuperRepo repository, Kodi Blackjack can serve as the time pass platform if you are waiting for your downloads to be completed on the server. The games might be trivial but they are easy to play and ideal for mounting quick fun. 

6. Duck Shot

Instilled deeply from the ‘Duck Hunt’ classic, the Duck Shot Kodi addon for gaming lets you shoot the ducks flashing on the screen. The more ducks you shoot, the more points you garner. The addon is installed as third-party software and then played with the mouse. 

Additional to this simple game, there is a 2048 Kodi addon as well that too deploys similar simple games. In this, the user gets access to a plethora of mobile puzzle games. Surprisingly, both of these add ons can be found on the SuperRep repository on the Kodi media player. Another add-on called Word Find Puzzles shares the same static features of hidden puzzles and is supported by the same repo. 

7. Advanced Launcher

Considered to be one of the greatest Kodi addons for gaming, the Advanced Launcher has been celebrated for the following features:-

  • It is able to open gaming content of almost any app present on the internet 
  • Its high compatibility allows the user to open the kodi add from nearly any device available
  • Present in the Angelscry Repository on the Kodi media player platform, the Advanced Launcher has the richest content possible out of all the kodi addons present. Probably, your favorite game might be embedded somewhere in it!

Happy Gaming!

These Kodi addons for gaming have quite turned upright for the majority of members in the gaming community around the globe. The inclusion of gaming add-ons in Kodi has also saved the extra trouble of involving a third-party application for guidance, and download. 

Hence, it also saves the memory space of the device because one add-on can give you access to multiple games instead of downloading multiple games separately. 

So, these were some of the best gaming addons available on the Kodi media player. Let us know in the comments what you think and also mention your favourite game along with the addon!

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