At a time when a plethora of torrent websites are getting blocked in several countries, it is indeed troublesome to download free premium content. Getting free access to the latest digital content such as movies, music, games and premium software now requires hopping through restrictions imposed by your ISP, firewall and whatnot! Popular torrent tracker search engine Bit Torrent Scene or BTScene too met with a similar fate, and as of now, it is not working in many regions around the world because its main domain,, has been blocked. However, there are alternate ways to access the site with the best one being via BTScene proxy and torrent mirror sites. We will get into the ins and outs, but let’s first understand a few things.

What are BTScene Proxy and torrent mirror sites?

btscene proxy

For those not in the loop, proxy/mirror sites are mere clones of a torrent website and host its entire content albeit on separate domains that keep on changing in lieu of copyright takedowns. Thus, even if BTScene’s main domain is banned in your country, you can access its content via BTScene proxy/ torrent mirror websites.

The downloads are steady as they come and 100% safe to use. All together, you don’t need to search for any fancy tricks because these BTScene proxy and torrent mirror sites will be quite handy to get BTScene unblocked. What’s more, these domains host all the content of BTScene stacked in the same format with similar index, interface, database and torrent files so that user experience remains the same. So, even if BTScene is not working in your region you don’t have to fret no more.

btscene proxy

Now then, to save you the predicament of seeking out working BTScene proxy sites on the internet, we have done all the hard work on your behalf. We have manually checked all the links to ensure they are working absolutely fine. So, are you ready to scroll down below to find out the best BTScene Proxy and torrent mirror sites to download movies, music, and other premium content for FREE?  

20 Best BTScene Proxy and Torrent Mirror Sites List of 2020

S. No. BTScene Proxy and Mirror Sites Status Speed
1 Online Very Fast
2 Online Very Fast
3 Online Very Fast
4 Online Very Fast
5 Online Very Fast
6 Online Very Fast
7 Online Very Fast
8 Online Very Fast
9 Online Very Fast
10 Online Very Fast
11 Online Very Fast
12 Online Very Fast
13 Online Very Fast
14 Online Very Fast
15 Online Very Fast
16 Online Very Fast
17 Online Very Fast
18 Online Very Fast
19 Online Very Fast
20 Online Very Fast

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy. This information is for educational purposes only.

Should you use a VPN with BTScene Proxy and Torrent Mirror Sites?

btscene proxy

If you want to up your bypassing game then you need a VPN or Virtual Private Network which can simply encrypt all your web related activity and route your IP Address through its own servers. So, your ISP will never quite know what sites you have been visiting. Also, your computer’s firewall will view it only as traffic incoming/outgoing from the VPN server and not from a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) or torrent connection.

Besides, VPNs can also mask your IP by changing its address so that you can access sites restricted in your region. However, a VPN can slow down your Internet speed and put additional load on the network. Hence, to access a torrent site and download content from it, using BTSscene Proxy/mirror sites is a safe and reliable option. But, you can use a VPN for accessing these sites as well.

Now then, there are both premium as well free variants of VPN services. If you want  a free VPN then check out these free VPNs for Windows and Mac. Alternately, if you want a free VPN for iPhone check out these free iPhone VPNs. Android lovers haven’t been left behind either. They can use these free Android VPN services.

Bottom Line: BTScene Proxy and Torrent Mirror Sites List

btscene proxy

As I mentioned earlier, these BTScene proxy and torrent mirror sites are absolutely safe to use. The reason being, they are run and maintained by the official staff of BTScene and some big webmasters/cyber volunteers who espouse the cause of free internet for one and all across the globe. Henceforth, you can expect to explore fresh content on BTScene proxy/mirror sites on a daily basis to download movies, music, and premium software.

You can bookmark this page to remain updated with fresh additions on our list of the best BTScene proxy/ torrent mirror sites. We try to add them as soon as new links are available. If you want to find out more proxy and torrent mirror sites to download movies, music, games and even more premium content for free, navigate through the links below.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of BTScene proxy and torrent mirror sites? Stay posted for we constantly updating this list with fresh additions. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any new links!

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